56 com station can not open all kinds of speculation

recently, the domestic video sharing site 56.com can not be accessed, the official so-called room failure argument does not eliminate all the speculation in the industry.

in the afternoon of June 3rd, 56.com access failure, the company said it was caused by the engine room line failure. However, according to the site server where the relevant person in the room, the computer room is not a fault, but they will be a domain name to a local area network IP, making a few days from 56.com traffic is almost zero.

according to a domain name analysis, due to the 56.com domain name registrar in foreign countries, at first he suspected that the domain name was hijacked. However, the domain name of the clientDelete (delete), clientRenew (update), clientTransfer (transfer), clientUpdate (upgrade) are Prohibited (Forbidden) state, but also ruled out the failure of the domain name.

at present, there are still some industry insiders suspect that 56.com was shut down is not a technical failure, but they can not specify specific reasons.

as of press time reporter, 56.com has not yet returned to normal. (end)

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