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on Saturday, 4.19, participated in the Chongqing computer news organization angel investment forum, there are also friends of the Chengdu, the friends of the company, thank you very much for your friends to keep a seat, or to be able to stand late. The meeting was held very successfully, the computer reported face is big, because the same day, there is also a webmaster conference in Beijing, especially Zhou Hongyi can come to participate is not easy. At the meeting, he was also the most talked about content. Cai Wensheng was depressed because he had to be told by Zhou Hongyi, and his poor Mandarin, which made the speech not very attractive. After the interaction because of the time to go back to Chengdu did not participate, it is said that the effect is also very good, there is a chance to speak in the past in Chengdu. The following is a record of the flow of the day trip.

1 on Friday night by train and time network and Yi want to two people together, I get off in Beibei, they go downtown. To the Beibei taxi to the Canton of the student apartments, shares of the city network Yang Yun has arrived. Guo Jijun’s daughter is particularly lovely, but she didn’t see how leer, the graph king husband and wife a little while to eat dinner, chat;

2 Figure king still shows his love for the Internet, Guo Jijun is not allowed to put the night off the wireless route, eager to understand their own webmaster network. Yang Yun is also the same place to open the door to open the computer connected to the Internet open stock city network, a blank. This is 1 in the morning, immediately call the partners in Guangzhou to ask the server problem, the website can be opened in 2 minutes. Do the webmaster are very hard, 2 in the middle of the night do not sleep;

3 second day ride straight venue, Galaxy and the computer reported bugs had taken our place. See many years to the hotel’s former colleagues Agui starry piano nets, he is very familiar with the map of the king. Figure Wang exclaimed, "the world is really small". Aki’s piano net because of the 265 owners will sponsor a piano in the webmaster world civilization. Development is very good, can be seen in the vertical industry site wide money scene;

4 noon dinner invitations, the way Cai Wensheng encounter, so we go to dinner chat with. Laocai very deep understanding of the Internet, with the original Chengdu also have some origins. The development of the Internet in Chengdu, Chongqing is also optimistic about the same, but also had thought about the General Assembly will be held in Chengdu to host;

5 Xiong Xiaoge came late, at the beginning of 3, the deepest impression on the meeting or the understanding of the business of Zhou Hongyi, the business plan has been an explanation of angel investment;

6 business plan, the ten step: the market introduction of how to solve the problem of the market size of the peer analysis of the core competitiveness of the profit model to develop the target funds how to use the introduction team;

7 to explain himself as an example of angel investors, not the rich investment are called angel investors, angel investors in the enterprise development stage has also served as a mentor role, but also an investment to assist entrepreneurs to develop enterprise strategy, clear development objectives and profit model;

The overall activity of

is very large, >

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