Electricity supplier shopping guide website refers to the limited prospects the majority of goods fr

shopping guide website, who carnival?

shopping website operators are full of confidence to face their own market. But the view of the third party is not so optimistic

Lin Jianrong

[in the fragmentation of time using the guide terminal may There are plenty of people who is browsing, but mainly, mark, making it an important part of the shopping guide system, not every user through its shopping, this is just a habit of reading]

from the shopping guide website data show that the electricity supplier shopping guide industry is in a stage of rapid development, but also contains many so far seems to have not found business opportunities; from the first user experience feedback is displayed on shopping guide website is not sticky, components of shopping guide website in their mind seems to be "nice to have you, not you what not; from third party view is that the market share in the field of electricity supplier shopping is relatively limited.

so, from the experience of the above three parties, whether to show a relatively complete electricity supplier shopping guide market panorama shopping guide website, who in the carnival?

most shopping guide goods from Taobao

mention e-commerce, not to mention is Taobao. Since the establishment of the Alibaba group in May 10, 2003, Taobao has gradually developed into the largest retail network in Asia Pacific, the business spans C2C, B2C two. Data from Alibaba, Taobao currently has more than 800 million product messages and more than 370 million registered users.

as a well-known electricity supplier shopping guide website, mogujie.com’s data show that the shopping guide website and inseparable business relationship between Taobao.

mogujie.com website shopping guide products mainly from Taobao, Dangdang, Jingdong mall, but most from Taobao." Mogujie.com Marketing Manager Yan Yongbin told the first financial daily "financial" said in an interview with mogujie.com, belonging to the UGC (user generated content) website, for the goods from taobao.com shopping share and is consistent with the current Chinese electricity supplier market share, which electricity supplier website user more corresponding to mogujie.com’s content will be more some.

three-dimensional era network CEO Shao Yilei told reporters: in the company’s existing shopping guide products, from Tmall and Taobao on some of the more good shops accounted for about 70% of the goods." A PR catch a tiger (a pseudonym) told reporters: "now from the electricity supplier Amoy network includes more than 5 thousand shopping sites, more than 1 billion of product information. In addition to Taobao, Tmall, but also including Amazon China, Dangdang and other independent B2C sites, public comment, handle, the United States and other group buying site, mogujie.com, LC style and other social networking sites."

Amoy network shopping search is not covered by the commodity information is not comprehensive, but according to China’s existing electricity supplier pattern, from Taobao’s products may also occupy a Amoy network search knot >

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