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station network (www.admin5.com) November 14th news, 12, Youku potatoes group, Sohu video "bitter rivals" together, staged at the end of rights drama, accused Baidu, Nora piracy, and said it would sue Baidu, claims 300 million yuan. Sohu video CEO Zhang Zhaoyang said that Baidu, Nora zero cost to play but to other platforms to undertake content procurement and bandwidth costs. Baidu responded that it has been attached great importance to copyright protection.

the joint action of sponsors also announced that Baidu, Nora has sued to court piracy cases were filed and one hundred, involving Baidu hotlinking piracy mobile video copyright works more than million, Baidu claims the resulting loss of 300 million yuan. At the same time, the combination of video piracy and hotlinking to counter, from now on a total ban on Baidu video crawler access. According to reports, the China network video anti piracy joint action was initiated by Sohu video, Zhang Zhaoyang lead organization. Zhang Zhaoyang since 2009 has been on many occasions to fight against piracy loud cry. Zhang Zhaoyang took the recent heated debate between Wang Feng and the love to describe the urgency of the fight against piracy: if you do not fight against piracy, the film will be the same as the music and the music of the money, like the same as the money, the same as the money, the same as the music of the music, the same as the music of the money, the same as the music of the money, the money is not the same as the music of the money, the same as the music of the same as the music of the same as the." Zhang Zhaoyang pointed out that involved in piracy hotlinking video industry losses of at least ten billion China. "A video came out we began to pay attention to, now they both piracy of content, but also with our bandwidth and the server has reached intolerable." Zhang Zhaoyang pointed out that the video site in 2 months ago decided to take action, and began to communicate with the company.

Youku potatoes group CTO Mr. Yao said at the meeting, both in the PC client, web client, mobile A PP terminal, the companies involved are much more than the normal search engine boundary belongs to tort hotlinking. Yao Jian pointed out that the search behavior should be a regular according to user search link, and then jump to third party websites, but some video is video website content directly nested in its own search page, a serious violation of the rights of video website." The anti piracy party also pointed out that some companies are also on the use of "light" CMS system establishment of pirated video website group, provides a support system for traffic and revenue, and the user through video search, video search, video APP and shadow stick video content will be directed to link these piracy sites. Zhejiang Tian Zhang law firm Chen Xianfeng lawyers believe that someone with a clear relationship between the company’s cooperation with these sites, and therefore can not be safe harbor principle to avoid infringement liability.

yesterday, Baidu released a response in the first time, the disclosure of Baidu in the fight against pirated video content to take four initiatives: first, through independent research and development, the development of pirated video automatic filtering system. Once identified as pirated content, Baidu video will be automatically filtered, will not be displayed in the search; second, for manufacturers and users to open a green channel complaints. After receiving the report, Baidu video special >

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