Since the media must guide how to rapidly and inexpensively into a dog mouth battle

Abstract: please remember quickly with low cost, accurate information as to what the incremental, valuable insight, this is not important. The important thing is: within half an hour. Up to an hour.



titanium media with the hot, this is all from the media operators are going to do. When combined with Uber China drops, and all fans with hot WeChat public number amount of reading over 100 thousand +; during the first week of the games, including the first gold Title produced 34 + 100 thousand; when Fu Yuanhui Shuabing, "light field force" the WeChat 13 thousand, and a wave of 100 thousand +; now, Baoqiang Wang event will produce a wave of 100 thousand +. Since the media people how fast, low with hot spots, grab the amount of reading, into the war of words, this article gives some guidelines.

foreign scholars, the news in accordance with the people and things to do the two dimensions of the cut, put together a total of four categories: good, good, good, bad, bad, bad things.

good and good things are generally less likely to attract eyeballs, unless something else is added. For example, the swimmer after a fight to get a card, the matter itself is not high. But if you take the cards in a well-known international event, then you can have some communication. If the player itself is very funny force, made a more than expected interview answer, the spread of the stronger.

bad things to attract the possibility of eyeball slightly higher, people naturally like to see someone else bad. Happiness is based on the misfortunes of others.

has good bad, can cause a series of conspiracy theory: this guy is so bad, I suddenly did a good thing? This can cause the secondary high point of public opinion, so as to achieve the communication effect.

is most likely to lead to the spread of good and bad, which is not the case. Good things in there may be a conspiracy theory (such as the good man is what triggered the formation of the bad things may be forced? Who do?), and evil itself is loved.

once the good and bad things appear, you do from the media, it should be in half an hour, oh, no, ten minutes, immediately to the post.

half an hour means: should be out of the text!


there is a media for slow comments, said one thing over the past few days, the facts are clear, and then review, will be more powerful.

don’t believe them.

because the media is Tencent, people rely on the game to earn a lot of money, you can not afford to play. Ignore it.

But the Tencent

royalties high, if you are going to make the thousands of small money, money, then you can play it.

with one hundred thousand plus three listed next to grand Albert lofty ideals and high aspirations.

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