Guangdong mobile stop Sina Sohu and other well known websites SP services

January 5th evening news, sources revealed to the TechWeb, CCTV exposure of telecom operators are related to the interests of the chain after a yellow ring, the move began to rectify the WAP business. Recently, Guangdong Mobile has stopped the air network, Sina, Sohu SP services.

last year, CCTV exposure involving Hwang mobile website, unprecedented efforts. CCTV pointed out that the telecom operator is an important part of the chain of interests related to the Yellow phone. After CCTV exposure, China Mobile decided to stop charging all WAP sites, the recent mobile Guangdong branch has stopped the air network, Sina and Sohu SP services.

it is understood that the cessation of WAP access will have a huge impact on China Mobile’s revenue. According to China Mobile in the first half of 2009 earnings report, the current period of WAP revenue growth of 39%, is the fastest growing mobile value-added services, revenue reached 7 billion 313 million yuan, accounting for the proportion of total revenue continued to improve.

Guangdong mobile is the largest subsidiary of China Mobile group, because Guangdong is a big province of communications, so the status of Guangdong mobile in the group is very important. According to the movement in the 2007 results, China Mobile group with the first half of 2007 revenue of 166 billion 580 million yuan and 38 billion yuan in profits compared to Guangdong mobile a province’s income close to group 1/5, group 1/4 is more than profit.

China Mobile to suspend WAP billing, is broken a lot of SP source of income. Almost all SP WAP business, or on the WAP business promotion, but also a high proportion of WAP business." IResearch analyst Liu Liang said.

industry insiders believe that China Mobile’s practice really destroyed the Yellow phone site, but it will also have a fatal blow to the entire industry chain.

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