Law of everything system of Shanghai Longfeng existence malpractice

1. heavy communication cost

Shanghai dragon is never 100% can be made, this is it with the bidding difference, is not only money not to spend money, Shanghai dragon is a very not guaranteed to work, SEM is exactly equivalent, as long as the money, there is a row, click, and flow will follow, but the money is the problem.


1. long suffering

operation optimization


3. custom technology and

3. difficult competition


for Shanghai dragon, long cycle time, the greater the degree of competition and the cycle is longer, and even some keywords years cannot arrive at home, it is also very common, so in this slow process should be prepared mind and heart is expected to work.

There is no guarantee of

to do in the early stage there is a station, and station good words can solve the problems such as the website user experience. If you can solve the operation team with technical personnel, such as checking personal operation, the process of the estimation of the degree of difficulty is one of the most difficult stage in the operation, relates to the technical and functional disorder, although some fool station, such as the template function can solve some problems, but the custom operation for some friends may give up or seek to overcome the dilemma of choices.

2. long long time

2.Long term

in the prepared preparatory work, need to do is to buy a domain name and host record, during 2016, the Ministry once again to strengthen the record audit ability, audit time is prolonged, from the previous half extended to 20-30 days. (of course not record it can directly skip)


preparatory work.

is so popular in Shanghai Longfeng some industry pursued, low cost is the huge stage of late, but in the early stage, but must pay a lot of drawbacks, and more difficult than good.

need to coordinate the various departments of information channel frame system in the early stage, sorting out the information system, such as design, product, technology, operation, market, public relations, service department, communication with all departments to collect information structure, making the system outline, Jane Shanghai Longfeng think this is a pretty heavy high cost operation.


is ranked Shanghai dragon both before and after the different strategies and demonstrate its advantages and disadvantages, is like the well known, though, can do the ranking is can do, can not do is still not ranked. Of course, the advantages of needless to say, of Shanghai Longfeng simple talk about Shanghai Longfeng survival disadvantage.

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