Share the novice web space for various options

to become the "data control", is the most important right

web space is our "IT migrant workers" dream place to start, who have used the website space to do a website, but then again, although is the basis for our webmaster website space career, but few people pay attention to the importance of it. The general attitude is just choose a space on it, then focus on the content and the chain, because there are too many people that content is king, the chain for the emperor, but few people mention "the website space, website space but why" really so chicken ribs? Hehe that is certainly not, like the update events, most sites are K, a very important reason is that the site is not stable, and the direct cause of instability is the website space suck. In view of this, the choice of space is very important for development of the site, but for the space of choice for many novice friends is too amateur, today Susan will share the idiosyncrasies of new friends in the choice of site space, we have good. Oh, oh.

now buy space, some beginners to some of the more authoritative space providers to buy, but this is no ground for blame, stable products of large space provider, no access to the peak of the ball dropped, a good solution to the environment stability issues, but I also do not want to black which website, just want to say a few experience in large space to buy their own space to see are not very happy (is not named), I may be small customers, may I not long-term orders, while the other promised 7*24 hours customer service, but did not timely answer my questions for the customer service, technical adviser.

a lot of new friends in the choice of the space, pay more attention to the data attribute space, we like to buy a mobile phone more concerned about the resolution, the processor frequency and memory size, like what is not limited to the flow, not limited to IIS, can bind several sub domain and so on, many of these friends naturally no immunity, but we want to calm down. Think, do we really need these data a space, I think there is no need. Some time ago heard a friend said he spent several hundred dollars to buy a 2G space, I froze. You know this friend is an amateur, but he used to entertainment website, and if so much space to do a simple Taobao customer is a waste, do not hide from you, for some of the more simple Taobao guest website, I was renting 200M around the Hongkong space, simple and practical, no need to spend that time and money. Because when the service provider does not limit your space, also will not limit other people’s space, a server can afford the flow of IIS is limited, when most of the web server traffic and IIS exceed the standard, the server will not run, there will be the site open, open very slowly and even the downtime. So you don’t become "data control", in fact, the most important right.

is also an important customer preference authority,

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