The URL address of the 5 elements of boosting the website ranking

URL? (writeup, for many years can skip

URL address you may know what it is, but you may not be able to make good use of. As the title says, use the URL address, can help us to improve the website rankings and included several, so I said that the URL address of the 5 factors are what? Let’s discuss below.


1, the URL address of the form


URL for dynamic URL, static URL and pseudo static URL, dynamic URL address for the site’s ranking as static and pseudo static, because too many parameters of dynamic URL, and too many parameters is not included, not included on where to talk about ranking? Static and pseudo static parameters are not URL and since there is no parameter on this URL address will not be so long, will not be so difficult to identify

the beginning, said the 5 elements of the URL address, I hope useful to you.

wanted to explain this path together and form, but to the individual or that is clear, for example. Like www.XXXX贵族宝贝/? App=contribution& amp; controller=panel& action=index the URL address is a dynamic path, each of which is equal to the number is a parameter given value, apart is app=contribution, controller=panel, action=index three parameters, so they represent: application to = submission, review, implementation of the administrator = the action of =index (this is not explained), the & character represents "and" meaning, such parameters are fairly small, but many parameters can make the browser’s address bar filled even more the address bar, hide the URL address is not conducive to the spread is not conducive to the spider crawling and included;


static url like Shanghai dragon jishu贵族宝贝/jiagou/296贵族宝贝 the same, but we have no parameters, Shanghai >

path What is

I don’t explain the URL English name Christine Fan and so on these things, the Internet is more straightforward and clear, I only tell you that URL is a path to access the site, such as the Shanghai dragon jishu贵族宝贝/jiagou/296贵族宝贝, this is an URL address, to remove the 296.html directory page is the URL address, and we can also be home called a url. Introduce you to search the Internet, too much, I’m just here to make the novice understand what is the URL address, what

, the 2 parameter analysis of URL address

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