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using the WordPress program to build a blog is always Huo reason, this app is more conducive to Shanghai dragon, but we are in the process of using, but also need to have some details need to pay attention to, to remember, the details determine success or failure! Let the page elements enrich

You can check the

chain arrangement

makes full use of a variety of

2, add a picture watermark, now the Internet environment is not ideal, there is no direct ownership, so you should do for the "signature" of the picture watermark is a very good way, this is your upload pictures, must do.

Tags You can

source file, as shown above, from the title to the h2~h3 label, is very comprehensive, so in the eyes of the search engines, more standardized. In the process of writing articles, the label is representative of the size of the title, the name may have specific relationship with your template, but not a lot of difference. The title of different grades, not only the user can see, search engines can also see.


in addition to the label, the label is also often seen, in the eyes of the user, is bold text meaning, or that sentence, not only the user can see, search engine is the same as.

in the chain, is a commonplace talk of an old scholar topic, but until now, there are still a lot of friends do not quite understand this, the generalized internal chain is the site of a link, but want to add to the Shanghai dragon effect, can not simply add a chain of OK, need to have correlation.

of course, if you feel trouble, I suggest you use Windows Live Writer editing tools, Microsoft products, not always in advertising to Huo software, but he is very convenient, can directly add image watermark.

page includes many elements, broadly speaking, where the user can see the page, all can be classified in the page elements for Shanghai dragon Er, page elements that can be directly reflected the quality of editing staff in Shanghai longfeng.



. This may have been the details of many of my friends do not think a commonplace talk of an old scholar, what need to introduce, in fact, upload pictures, but also the need for at least two tasks:

1, add a picture of the alternate text is in the eyes of the search engines, to the picture of a name.

in WordPress, also has the function of the label, but this section, not the WordPress label, and labels in Web design.

One of the

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