n Shanghai dragon combat page optimization

based search engine technology "" mentioned in this book, the search engine returns query results according to the calculation results of three aspects: content similarity, results of data quality assessment, user preference. The "content similarity" in Shanghai dragon’s point of view, is through the realization of the optimization of the page. In order to highlight the relevance of web page, after I have a practical summary, six key points:


basically, page optimization can do the six, enough! Do not need to spend too much time on the other hand page optimization. If you have time rather than spend in improving the page "content" and "page"

third, keyword density and complete appearance. Keyword density was once the object of the black hat Shanghai dragon cheating, although the search engine greatly reduced the weight of the keyword density, but is still a reasonable keyword density optimization page must do a key point. (PS: true keyword density is the Chinese segmentation, get set, lexical entry hypothesis of words is a lexical entry, the number divided by the number of words appear all the lexical entry available. Keywords complete appear directly) and show the correlation integral.

first, the page title. I think this needless to say, as long as the Shanghai dragon knowledge knows the page title is one of the key points will not ignore page optimization. How to write a page title, there is not much to do about. Generally speaking, a title not put more than three words, more important place in the front. Remember to stack keywords, and pay attention to the title ".

fifth, the deviation of the theme. This is the middle school composition "theme to focus", is to try to avoid a digression". Because the search engine to find the page from the inverted index, still needs to be inverted index document and forward index document lexical entry vector, the cosine similarity calculation.

second page description. Page description (description) is the main role reflected in the improvement of web page relevance, but directly affect the search engine ranking click rate. Do know for friends, write the page description is actually equivalent to the bidding to write "creative". So, I totally refer to "creative" to write a page describing the way.

fourth, bold or underlined. Key words bold or underline is to help the search engine Chinese segmentation easier to detect the keyword as a lexical entry, avoid segmentation.

finally, I want to say is, to improve the relevance of web pages, but also consider the users’ information needs". The search engine to search.

sixth, import anchor text. Including the introduction of the anchor text inside and outside the station. The anchor text can be written as the target keywords of the page, can also be extended semantically related words. It is the two, most can manifest the related pages and page title is very important!

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