WEB product manager will learn Shanghai dragon five big secret

4, finishing site long tail keywords


websiteProduct manager

3, the website program code


1, URL standard

website layout concept

is a product from the contents, Shanghai dragon ranking also cannot do without a lot of content, product manager to design a good website, the content page number no more than 10000 pages, but want to have 100WIP

2, no

suggested that at least 1000 of long tail keywords, analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of more than 10 competitors, will be effective for each word layout to your products, I believe 1000 product manager didn’t do this work.

such as JavaScript, CSS unified external files, duplicate content with uniform put

in the JavaScript file

C, less _, underline the hyphen – such as 贵族宝贝a贵族宝贝/car_0_0_49_0_1_1_0,0.html, URL, this is no way to competition, can be changed to 贵族宝贝a贵族宝贝/cara0b0c4d0e0f0g0h0j0

if you want your website to let more people know…… really want to put the product manager as the only life occupation, which you can not see the design of a WEB site must know the secret of Shanghai dragon. Here, I first revealed by rapid Shanghai Longfeng breakthrough site traffic, for you inside "technology, methods and practical experience in every unknown secret are likely to make your website by 10000IP, make your website accurate flow increased 100 times. The following is part of the cover (a part of the very small secret:

B URL, the shorter the better, the site capacity below 10W, recommended flat structure; ranking the best URL within three directory.

99% do not pay attention to URL site planning, this is not the fundamental reason of web page ranking, website search engine ranking is the first major obstacle! If there is no URL standard, from the natural flow of the search engine and you missed.

layout can be likened to the image writing, the article does not point, you need to consider your keywords appear in the title page here, many natural words, each web page title only.

5, the breaking point where the content of the website

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A URL, to avoid too many dynamic parameters, more than two page parameters is not easy to have ranking.

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