Novice webmaster must read Shanghai dragon optimization Daquan

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1. site outside the chain how to query

1 website frame is too large, you put in the staff is too small, Shanghai dragon optimization is the content of external resources and their feeding spiders, if you lack of preparation or adjustment, or give up. If you want a long-term development, suggested a layout and adjustment of the process, some useless sections and some of your update, no user experience there are plans to cut off all. And update high quality original articles and high quality chain. This early although love Shanghai is likely to K off your site, but it will soon resume included optimization. If only the normal maintenance, then I suggest you don’t just collect articles, write their own articles, outside the chain to catch up, each section of the article to be updated to.

on the site of the chain search there are many ways but has been controversial, in which there are two important instructions of link and domain on the link command in Shanghai love is just an ordinary words, search out the results are out of order. In Google is only a small part of the query can be found in YAHOO, but with http// on the domain for the love of Shanghai at present that is a good chain query command, but his nature is used to query all the web pages containing the URL and love Shanghai included, that is to say to the anchor text like he is not, it is because of this so this instruction can only query part. Domain in the other search engines are just one of the words.

: I love Shanghai

: a web site does not include this situation and the quality of your is a great relationship, suggest you continue to update high quality original articles and do some outside chain.

4. Web log grab all 301 display for

2. website always go to


website about more than 400 articles, but included only more than 60. The seven year old station. The content of the website is original, collected before a few, then I will go over all the articles will repeat the contents of the article, not to add keywords to modify an article, included the number increased from more than 30 to more than 60 today, can be included or too little. Shanghai love index also increased, but the increase is very slow, yesterday’s index is 66.


3.2 years before the domain name station, the ranking is very good, then by K, the website weight has been unable to recover before. Very good ranking was later K by K is the main website repetitive content is relatively high, there may be a waste of the chain site is now low weight, have been on the go. Seeking advice.


site log all be crawled, show all 301 this is why? On my website there? The page snapshot is the next day, as long as the release of spider will come back to visit, but only grab the home page.

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