Social search and so on is love Shanghai Terminator

is single user level

this is the biggest characteristic of polymerization topic, the user search keywords are gathered to form such as topic, I search the mist weather, then search out the results, there will be a lot of haze weather on health, transportation and other aspects of the impact, not only that, so the social characteristics have been fully reflected in this timeliness strong event, which many users search results for users to provide a more personalized comments.

users can directly interact with the information, for example, do you think this information is useful, then you can praise or forwarding, dissemination of information and real participation, this feeling is like you play mobile phone like root, there is a transformation of the feeling, and this innovative experience is clearly more in line with the slogan: ", and so on the search is no longer lonely.



before I introduced so.

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said that if such social strategy is a kind of wisdom, then we can also say that it is because of such defects, widespread use of social information makes such oriented groups is relatively single, which tend to younger age groups, because this part of the group is the main supporter of social media, and so on close to this part of the population has gradually lost its business in areas such as the right to speak.

since this search on-line, the author has been concerned about it, hoping to see the future from him or kill the love of Shanghai is another trend of development, and since December 17th on the line so far, I also considered the use of nearly a month’s time, the overall feeling and so on in social do indeed well, a lot of social media, such as the micro-blog search results, which makes the user feel the search product is different from the love of Shanghai, Google, the credibility of information is obviously higher, the author also summarizes several important features such as:

search categories more general

social media, so that the entire search results is very lively, there are celebrities or comments of friends, to a certain extent make up for the information content, to the greatest extent to solve the search queries. Not only that, the search results and so on but also through the platform like evaluation, in a sense can also help to select the better information search engine.

and so on as a new product, there must be some shortcomings, if you just give that must constantly, and not appropriate for such criticism, I think the future will be very slim, because although the Chinese search market is a huge cake, but fell in love with the sea and the 360 powerful enough, and want to from their mouth to grab enough market share, unless you have a strong enough service, which so obviously do not have, so have to do now is to get rid of their own shortcomings, and constantly improve.

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