Personal experience of the love of Shanghai right down and restoration measures

analysis why love Shanghai will drop right on our website. From the point of view of the station, when the data is a purely commercial sales domain hosting website, not content oriented, and we have been collected, the article reprint of others against. So the website interior is no problem, the number is less than 300, and 99% are original. So, what is the reason for the right to be reduced? Through the analysis, it should be love in Shanghai caused by excessive chain optimization. We are looking for Taobao some of the hair of the chain of service, most of them are outside the chain of software group, the source of the chain are also some junk forums and various blogs. They were not related to a lot of mass and our website theme, then add the keyword and url. Further analysis we found that the site outside the chain is growing too fast, there is no natural increase, but the chain is not serious, to love Shanghai outside the chain of cheating judgment, so the website in this.

love Shanghai 628 event must have a lot of stationmaster are heard, there are many owners affected by the site is down right or removed from Shanghai love. When the data in the algorithm to adjust the site also love Shanghai in the storm is right down, but fortunately, by our efforts, September 22nd has been fully restored and ranking, a popular keyword "web space" is also restored to the previous eighth rankings. Customers here and share, the past three months, we try to restore the site weight.

to describe love, Shanghai algorithm adjusted, bring what a bad influence to the daily data website. First of all, ranking the most serious is the loss of all popular keywords, estimated in the top 1000 that is not found in our website, or even search for a full page title can not find. Secondly, "when data search this site name, or to find the home page, and in the first row. But the display URL is not WWW, this situation continued until September 22nd to restore the site. This phenomenon shows that love Shanghai included not only with the WWW domain name, is a strong sign of a web site is down right. Again, we update the original articles have included love Shanghai. The web site is down right after we still keep the original articles a day schedule, these original articles using static HTML address URL new generation, also can be in 24 hours by Shanghai included love. Finally, in Shanghai love to use the site command to query site collected, included the number is still good, there is no significant reduction.

The following

is more than 628 incidents in Shanghai love give me some change when the data of the company’s website, I believe many sites also have similar experience. But there are also some sites because of the large number of acquisition, the mass of the chain, Shanghai expelled more than love tolerance, love is the website of Shanghai removed a command, information search does not come out with site. Like our site conditions, to be right down, but not removed, so the possibility of a large recovery.

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