The use of user experience to target the keywords ranking before the break 5


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I live in the present is currently engaged in the wedding photography industry of Shanghai dragon, you can see the word Beijing wedding photography search results quickly reached 6 million, wedding photography quickly reached 100 million, that how to bring their ranking a breakthrough? > let me introduce the case, I is the entry of new Shanghai dragon, as long as I have seen before on an article (to the old Shanghai dragon Er article: don’t look down on the new Shanghai dragon) I know, is the station of candy photography, in half a month ago the word into the Beijing wedding photography home around eighth ninth, why this week Beijing wedding photography which I occupy first place? And in the area of Beijing is also the first wedding photography I search it? Here’s what I experience? Please master Shanghai Dragon said the wrong point to

is the first thing I have to say we all know, Shanghai dragon is most often say a word, user experience, right, is this sentence, some people ask, how can I control the user’s search? Listen to live in the present Shanghai dragon is how to understand in the said so! Are you standing target words to enter the Shanghai love home, we have to remember that the article below I will no longer refer to the user’s search! We can not control, but we can allow users to search for a word, for you to stand on the search results! You know what I mean this will mean that this! To speculation, like some time ago special fire LY Shanghai Longfeng, began his ranking is to enter into a home, not ranked in the top three, we all think this is a free, many people through the hype, discussion Why he can get to the home page, you have to love the sea search Shanghai dragon, to see his ranking, and then went to his station to study his station, he will do this effect, we all love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, and then click the LY station, then it does not love Shanghai for the second time search, love Shanghai that you find the website you want, it is this station is the users want, the user experience is so large that! In search, and then went straight to his station, search Shanghai dragon word almost into his station, so that the love Shanghai station user experience is good, then his station directly over Shanghai dragon why then more than love into the Shanghai encyclopedia first! And then K is because he means black hat! If your station is the regular army, then use this The way into the top three should not be a problem, depending on how you

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