Watch the search engine algorithm Bibi clouds calm

usually pay attention to more exchange links, link exchange standard, has decided to snapshot, PR, keywords ranking, the site correlation, we can according to their own circumstances and capabilities, but here we must understand, in fact, a site of good and bad, the weight is high, there is no much difference and our own people, if my friends are good, I also not bad, if my friends are businessmen, that we’re not far from the business at the same time, if we know the bad guys more, we go there or not.

…We usually do

only keep a good attitude, a calm state of mind, can not get lost, remember in the search engine algorithm in search engine change unpredictably, regardless of profit point where it is heading for the majority of users of the service, so long as the right of Shanghai Longfeng, our ranking will get a good result.

finally, we must pay attention to the construction of the chain in Shanghai, we know that the dragon "content is king, the chain for emperor", this sentence is not without reason, but also to strengthen the construction of internal links, so as to form strong internal links, let stand inside of the weight of each other, step by step to improve the search engine rankings, finally realizes the network marketing plan.

search engine optimization, must be a good choice for their own words, not popular keywords, long tail keywords is not good, to combine their own site size is decided, don’t try to coverage, concentrate on doing a keyword, not only can quickly see the effect, while increasing their in Shanghai Dragon’s confidence.

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adhere to the update of the original or false original article writing, every day only one original articles, setting up a blog, add more living community, through the soft Wen recommend own site, increase the chain number and related domain information, improve the site’s weight.

in Shanghai Longfeng actually and playing the stock and foreign exchange are similar, with the experience of the heart to play, sometimes sometimes wrong, tread on air, to the change in the status quo, we can do is to watch a calm, maintain a good attitude, wait, for many beginners, this experience the process is simply metamorphosis, piercing hard, to believe that as long as the Kung Fu deep… ~_~

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