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– Money: in January 23, 2008, the Sohu of Beijing Internet Information Services Limited found more than 80 game account abnormal "Denon eight", aware of hacking immediately to the public security organ IP addresses belonging to the Wuhan city police. The public security organs cracked, two Wuhan "hacker" Xiamou, Fumou from December 2007 to March 2008, the company has repeatedly invaded Sohu media server and steal "Denon eight points in the game" 2 million, after sales, the illegal profits more than 76 yuan.

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want to show off: on the night of March 8, 2012 at about 9:30, the portal website of the Ministry of education 贵族宝贝moe.edu.cn/ open after the corresponding page does not appear, but there is a like a white screen page, which only a few words with grammatical errors English: " Hello i’m helen.I from Nanchang.hacker is; Me.Hacked by:Helen QQ:305536XXX".


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– make practical joke: 2013 01 month 21 noon, users found that Jingzhou City Land Resources Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources Bureau directly under the site was "black" leadership meeting was replaced with photos of young men wearing black glasses photos, the right hand man than a "V" shape and gesture, smile at the camera, on the side "I’m 2Bhelen" text. The same evening, the official website of the government returned to normal.

"is for money, show off, general dissatisfaction or want to make practical joke." A white hat hacker (refers to the network technology defense people) told the Beijing News reporter, perennial hacker hidden in the corners of the Internet, the behavior rules of their elusive, but almost all outside the above four.

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– dissatisfaction: · the evening of December 28, 2011, Mengniu’s official website was once the "black", in order to denounce the recent "Mengniu Dairy Quality", claiming to be members of the SIT team to hang out in the official website 14 for Mengniu to denounce, which wrote "Mengniu had Chinese strong, once let Chinese proud. China their milk prices, but now their own pit." Then, Mengniu has always been in the official website can not open the page ".

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