The link anchor text links more than URL

first, the effect of link page in the search engine rankings in effect, but the effective degree of the link anchor text and a good result is better than the URL link;

Da three: construction site outside the chain, the anchor text links than the pure URL link.

Da: in the same situation, personally feel that in process of construction site outside the chain, anchor text link link better than pure URL. The anchor text is the essence of Shanghai dragon, and it is in the search engine ranking algorithm are more important, generally applicable to large website. The anchor text is actually the keyword plus the form of a hyperlink, URL, spider climb to another and the relevant page through the anchor text links. This web page and the page keyword importance has improved, so as to improve the keywords ranking.

third, the anchor text is the key skill, increase the flow of the keywords, can guide the user to understand the anchor keywords.

anchor text:

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"content is king, the chain for the construction of the chain of the emperor" is the webmaster every day job, stationmaster people have not considered the form of the chain, the chain form is more conducive to the operation of the site, the common anchor text links and pure URL links, the chain that way better?

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second, next to the anchor text for the link text if there is URL that is better, better user experience, users see the anchor text, you can see the text points in the address of the

Talk about the benefits of


2, the anchor text link next to the text in the best place on URL. Next to the anchor text links if there is text that is URL better, the more effective the "vote" action, as one vote and a family vote as. And better user experience, users see the anchor text, you can see the text points in the address. In summary, the link anchor text links more than URL.

1, a link to search engine is the "vote" vote the size and degree of authority directly affects the ranking page in the search engine’s Web site, the anchor text voting is direct and effective, the URL link is effective, but the effectiveness and reach the effect was not as good as the anchor text link.


link anchor text links are better than URL

Da two: anchor text and the chain needs to have a pure, anchor text has a high quality, but it is difficult to query, the chain through the search engine instruction queries to facilitate statistical records. In the anchor text and even have advantages and disadvantages, for example: for the anchor text in the soft, increase the reader’s experience, link for exposure, for example: the soft end from a certain website.

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