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2, the product is relatively poor opening. The chapter is the founder of a product, but the pursuit of the ultimate, this product is not thinking of the industrial age, the age of the Internet products thinking, an important performance is Meizu hardware software gene, gene deficiency, direct the performance is not good gigolo.

stood there for some time, as the saying goes, what we make a good, but actually do that, really not easy, a word to " ". Do stand, everyone from the garbage station over, want to do a normal station, want to to make a stand, want to be like a graph king to do so well station. But it is too difficult to.

recently saw Meizu founder Huang Zhang’s internal introspection record, very self dissection, very direct, and very self torture into the soul. Huang Zhang is a respected product founder, but in the Internet sweeping all the moment, he has OUT, why,

profit, ha ha ~ I can sell some of the hairdressing industry friends need something like we need stationmaster net sell things like ~ come to talk about future development, first of all, you are doing this, the station there is a 50% chance that you will stay here only ~ is a conservative estimate. You in this industry do more for a long time, not to say that the website is in reality technology. Then your technology is better, with good technique, you and the friends more. If you work harder, you entered the forefront of the industry. The value of this website you will follow your appreciation! Of course. Here you certainly need a little skill. Even if you do not enter a celebrity, you in this industry are mixed so long inside people are basically to meet you, too.

I’m doing hair, so I put my trash money invested to do my hairdresser www.mfs8.com above. What station is not suitable for long-term development. We have to look farther point. Because it is doing that, so the interest is there, are interested in many things. It would be much easier. The article. You also get good classification than the webmaster with, because you know what this person needs. The popularity of the word, I put down my friend, opened the 2 group.100 people. Popularity is also generally, because the hair busy, go to the Internet is not a lot, but the way is fixed customers. In terms of content, I only do technology related to this industry, do not do XX things. So from the search to the person, usually again. The membership registration is very high. Then, I also wrote a lot of Original, ha ha. I know well. Do not write their own, but also copy someone else’s ah, other people’s articles. They all look carefully. Modified. So that the search is better,

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, this is the founder of Huang Zhang’s injury, but also a lot of product founder’s transformation of the Internet’s internal injury: not enough to open to share.

3, users / fans are even worse off. Meizu is the 1 domestic fan of the economy, millet is 2 of the fans economy, where is the difference, is also open?. Huang Zhang Meizu forum said: "like to stay, do not like to go away.". In 2009, UC founder He Xiaopeng saw Huang zhang. Before meeting, Lei Jun reminds, you should notice communication means, do not face dry. But He Xiaopeng saw Huang Zhang still did not avoid quarrelling. He Xiaopeng said, Huang Zhang has a lot of views, is unlike the traditional product manager. The angle of the Yellow chapter is, if you don’t like it


has a lot of the founder of this product around, they have a common character, mostly products and technical origin, mostly paranoid. This paranoia is a good side, is based on product Sike spirit. This paranoia also has a bad side, that is, too believe in technology, do not believe in people, the direct point is that the lack of openness, sharing spirit. Huang Zhang also reflects on this time, "we will not persist for the sake of persistence."".

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1, the opening of equity is relatively poor. A yellow chapter, related news, there will be a lot of Lei Jun indeed, yellow chapter with Lei Jun has some PK, this PK is not the same concept. It is said that Lei Jun early want to invest in the Yellow chapter, but the biggest difference between the two sides is Huang Zhang is reluctant to open shares to share.

: what do what the first station will have future? This is very difficult to do so, stationmaster net station, you use Baidu Search, including a large. Many have not included. Today I do not say much, is the theme selection problem. What is the website future. Personal webmaster, first ability now, unlike some of the investment company, is the least. Hundreds of thousands, of limited funds, then we first minor. First, I think the station or to like to say, to do their own things, including work. Such as you do your programming. You can do a programming website, first of all, you can solve the problem of the content of the original ah what, popular, since you said to do programming. I think this should be a lot of friends. Slowly pull a few fixed customers is not a problem. Within a year. Like me, the last time I said .

this time, yellow chapter self reflection, "I do not understand the operation of the capital, profit sharing only stay in the hard-working rich in ideas, intelligent mobile phone and fierce competition today, continue to rely on the limited profit to the distribution of incentives for enterprises and employees are losers. I am not a thing of the past, greatly discerning and apprehending, has no regrets no hate. Of the company’s operation and development as well as the concept of capital operation has been completely clear, intelligent mobile phone as a mobile internet terminal all good, Meizu has good product concept, the introduction of financial strength and market operation of investors, the implementation of employee stock option system and accelerate the company’s listing plan, which will greatly release the potential of meizu."

recently because of the relationship between the Spring Festival, the update is a bit chaotic, I hope the first month after fifteen on track.


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