shlf1314 official clarification about the rumours of shlf1314 AdsenseThe cost of start up is getting

you can use the cloud service without having to build your own data center

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human cost, the cost of getting higher and higher

With the help of these technologies,

you can buy ad clicks instead of buying "super bowl" ads

in this case, you might think entrepreneurship is getting cheaper. But in fact, on the contrary, at the start of the venture, start-ups are raising more capital and burning money more vigorously for the next round of financing.

you can use open source software instead of paid developer tools,


app store is very efficient in distributing products around the world and it’s easier for users to touch your product,

This article is ?With the growing use of cloud services, applications, distribution and other technologies, the cost of entrepreneurship has become lower and lower:

may be reduced, but at other costs it has become higher and higher. Compared with ten years ago, now to gain a foothold in the price has become increasingly high, at the same time, along with the fierce competition, platform integration and market saturation, facing startups growth pressure has become more and more big.

for startups, cost >

creates a new product that starts to become very cheap and even costs a lot of time to build near zero. In the cloud computing arena, for example, companies that offer cloud computing services are not only cutting prices sharply, but even offering free cloud services.

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Uber Andrew Chen for user growth in the personal blog article, the topic of discussion is: now with the outsourcing of technology, cloud service technologies mature, entrepreneurial companies hatch a product cost is low, but the promotion and operation of a good product to spend is money more and more, it was off the cost considerably high what is the reason behind this? The reaction of the market trend to

this afternoon, at the invitation of the shlf1314 Adsense China team, we attended a small seminar in shlf1314 China, which benefited from the shallow philippines. shlf1314 officials responded to some of the widely rumored online news about shlf1314 Adsense.

rumor 1: when your shlf1314 Adsense account in the dollar is close to $100 will be K.
shlf1314 official said absolutely no such thing. shlf1314 will not easily judge the user is evil, shlf1314 disable a shlf1314 Adsense will be detailed, strict forensics, so as not to hurt. Even if they are accidentally injured, the shlf1314 Adsense team will issue detailed complaint channels to the user’s notification mail, and the user still has the right to appeal.

shlf1314 official again mainly according to the user’s address to check whether the account, and not because of the two shlf1314 Adsense users accidentally login on the same computer and other reasons to simply determine the related account.

2 is the shlf1314 area dedicated to meetings and leisure areas, such as gyms, yoga rooms, massage rooms, and large refrigerators filled with drinks and food. It is reported that every floor of the shlf1314 office building has a small leisure area.



you can use the ready SaaS an office tool that does not need to be downloaded without creating the

also, as cloud service providers scrambling to create new data centers compete for market share, entrepreneurs will find that the cost of computing and data storage in the cloud is getting lower and lower.

Citigroup data show that in the past three years, the price of cloud services has fallen by about 1/4, and there may be further down. Vendors such as Microsoft have begun offering cloud services free of charge to start-ups, hoping that these start-ups will grow into paid subscribers.

The cost of developing applications for

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