Together 139shop today landed Yiqifa Essay low threshold high income network industry a few people

everyone wanted to discuss the low threshold high income Internet industry several people smile, a few people quietly exit today! The morning of January 12, 2010 7 at the beginning of the sh419 event is black Internet to become the number one news, by the widespread concern of Internet users. Followed by the senior vice president of shlf1314 GG and Chief Legal Officer David · Drummond in shlf1314’s official blog posting said, shlf1314 group shlf1314 website and Chinese Chinese consider closing the office, shlf1314 exit China market news on this rumor spread like wildfire. Exit rumors completely cover up sh419’s "dark" limelight, becoming headlines at the time.


2., the choice of space providers, whether domestic or foreign, there are many space agents, some of the space is cheap, people can not imagine, anyway, prices vary. Newcomers should not seek small profits. Because of the service quality of the space quotient, the stability of the space has a great influence on the website.

network industry is a low threshold for high-income industries, a lot of people want to crush the head into his dreams which make million webmaster, so buy space, note the domain name, construction site, do the promotion…… busy awfully. Easy money better, money into it, trouble came, why not promote what effect? Why Pastebin so little? Why not go to the ranking of PR or 0? Why? Why? Why? Why so many so many owners abandoned, leaving fought did not hold down the place.

yesterday, private and share how to use the hot news of his promotion website, mentioned in the article how to use hot news promotion; how to design the website promotion soft Wen title, published after the users of this uneven attitude. Oh, I believe that many writers have encountered such a thing, I hope you laugh, but need to pay attention to the users of the message, the experience and lessons to the rapid increase in. A friend named 99 Dragon www.99dragon is very kind and thank you here,

        Hello! 139shop today landed Yiqifa! About
        139shop www.139shop mobile phone is Asia’s largest e-commerce website, dedicated to mobile phone B2C and B2B business. Provide e-commerce services. At present, the site registered users over one million, the amount of millions of day visits,   Alexa ranked highest when the world’s first 500 . In 2005, B2C sold fifty thousand units in one month, and B2B transactions amounted to tens of billions of transactions annually.

by 139shop and Chinese Electronic Commerce Association Co sponsored the "Chinese mobile phone marketing e-commerce development conference,   2004 and 2005 successfully held two sessions, by the mobile phone industry and CCTV and other media attention, has become the mobile phone industry’s annual event.

        believe that knowledge of digital products, I will think 3% Commission is very high. In the digital products generally low profit today, 139shop 3% Commission, really shows the company’s strong strength and confidence. Not miss the good program Oh!!

More information on ?

League address: eqifa

analysis of 1. types of Web sites now stationmaster net, news station, port, portal, online shopping, entertainment and other many, the kind you choose to do? That one is interested in you? It is a kind of promising…… these are the new owners need to consider the problem.


With GG pulling out of mainland China, a large number of webmasters who have done a lot of work based on shlf1314, will have a sharp drop in traffic. At the same time, with the disappearance of shlf1314 advertising alliance revenue platform, their advertising business has received a lot of impact.

network industry threshold is really low, but to do a good job, also need sharp observation ability:

indeed, GG’s departure leaves more engine revenue "non". But what about grass roots,

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