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to be honest, this figure is not counted. However, to subscribe for life blog to recommend mainly, to flow for the life of the site to click on the main, of which the truth is self-evident. Recommendation is a troublesome thing, the general business will not let you get money at a time, you need to do after-sales work. That is: if the user is registered with you, you have the opportunity to increase the skill of earning money to help users who register with you so that you can get the recommended dollars. In order to flow the website, copied to copy, only short-term behavior, once the search engine K out, his Wangzhuan life will end. That flow down a few years, and there are rankings of the site does not seem to see much. Overall, a blogger or webmaster in the current network environment to make the house and car, the beauty of the condition is not too mature, I estimate the bold: two years on average earn 6000 yuan per month to master class website or blog is the arena in the. But this kind of person can run the website to this kind of degree commonly, the pay in real life won’t be less than 5 digit.

on January 11, 2016, Zhang Xiaolong revealed that WeChat was working on a new form called "application number"". After six months, there is no more official information about the application number, everyone’s attention to the application number gradually decline. Until September 21st, the small program officially opened beta. In November 3rd, WeChat opened a small program interface, and many people speculated that this is a new wave of traffic bonus. According to earlier reports, nearly 200 thousand of developers flooded applications.

Where does the user of the

November 3rd small program after the beta, the implementation of the Internet has more than 40 companies released a small program development needs. Wang Longhang said his team is looking for experienced small program developers through various channels.

, a part time platform for engineers that he founded, implemented online, and some developers quietly updated personal data and added WeChat applets to the skills section.

I used it in 06 years, when money was really good, sometimes a click is 1 dollars, but now there is no, and this may be related to my blog positioning. No matter how to say, rely on Adsense to buy space, buy a domain name, broadband rent money is enough, in fact, one day an article can give me such a return I have satisfied, so I suggest that we have no better way to make money to Adsense front, as long as you don’t cheat, do not violate the shlf1314 Adsense launch policy, general situation can not be K.


in accordance with the original development cycle, product planning on-line time is July 2017. PaaS is a generic business form that has a long development cycle and needs a lot of preparation. Small procedures beta, we expect the official conference at the end. Only two months left for the Liu Zhicong team.

some people blog is to name, see the same name after the money; some people just love to talk, the minority; most can adhere to the blog, is actually for money. Who is not a saint, in the market economy today, understandable. Here, in fact, I really want to thank shlf1314 for his Adsense support and catalyzing the operation of a considerable portion of the world and China’s blog. shlf1314’s 1 billion 100 million Adsense revenue connects blogs with persistence and features to maintain the biological chain. Now the trend of blog marketing is more and more heavy, believe Wangzhuan prospects will be getting better and better, of course, will be more diversified.

December 29th, Zhang Xiaolong in WeChat open class to share, clear not to the entrance, can’t share these restrictions, entrepreneurs began to calm down and think.

network is to maintain a profitable website or blog chain

was on the move, and the team discussed it for two weeks. "In the direction, team members are not divided, mainly worried about the time may be missed."." Liu Zhicong says.

at the beginning of October 2016, Wang Longhang found a change.

, etc., is the state of the vast majority of entrepreneurs, but everyone is secretly help.

shlf1314 Adsense

after leaving the thunder, Liu Zhicong in 2016 August set up a new company, do universal PaaS platform. After the end of September a small program beta version, Liu Zhicong’s team decided to make PaaS a small application cloud platform to serve the direction of transformation of small programs.

applet come from? Where is the entrance? How will the search be open? And how far can the interaction be?…… The answers to these rules are only available when a small program is released.

Ali mom ad alliance

webmaster is most concerned about is the website after doing, how to put advertising, maintain the survival of the site, here the younger brother sum up a few experiences for your reference.

Liu Zhicong, one thing unfortunately, is that the company’s angels are closed too soon. After the emergence of small procedures, Liu Zhicong had seen investors, many have called to ask: "you end this round? Can you go further?"

"at this point in time, we are likely to make mistakes, after all, the preparation is not long.". But in the Internet field, the first mover advantage must be yes, we have to rush this time." Liu Zhicong says.

I used four online ways to make money

actually thanks Ma Yunting for the idea. The platform is well built. I think TOM and SOHU started doing this kind of thing 04 years ago. Why not?

small application cloud function is to simplify the development of small programs, background, platform to take integrated development, developers >

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