How to break through personal movie websitesThose who did not graduate technology heavyweights appl

and Bill · compared to Gates, Zuckerberg was definitely bring forth the new through the old, Gates was founded in the garage of Microsoft, Zuckerberg is in the Harvard dormitory; Gates 3 Zuckerberg 4 entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship.

copyright problems after the nature of the entertainment, many movies, music websites have been closed, I love the e7w, 51dy and so on, in addition to the movie content restrictions, used by visual, auditory or temptation movie station seems to come to an end for individual station long movie website appears to be even more the winter is cold winter. How to break through the personal movie website? Personal movie sites in small cracks in how profitable?

is another year of graduation, and this is happy, but some of the bigwigs in the tech world may be quietly depressed for the simple reason that they have never graduated.

1. personal movie site how to break through it?
in order to write this part, I interviewed some of the new movie website personal webmaster, and the free movie website www.yqooo yqooo talk the most, say his site is rough, or without a design aesthetic taste, but his movie website updates very quickly, "confession", "I was a battle of wits" movie where he saw. Talk to the subject:


, take the initiative to give up only to go to the

1973, Gates admitted to the Harvard University’s performance is good, Gates in the SAT American college entrance examination a standardized test score of 1590 out of 1600, but after the third dropped out, 1590 points is the entrance exam ashes to ashes.

Business School

and Bill ·: like Gates, Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, also dropped out of Harvard to start a business. At 31, he was the youngest billionaire in the world with $42 billion 800 million worth of personal equity.


personal movie breakthrough 1: film is not much, is the essence of
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2, Mark · Zuckerberg: Harvard dormitory founded, Facebook drop out, wholeheartedly entrepreneurial

3, Paul · Alan: Gates’s seniors drop out, it must be

said, "how about dropping out of the big brothers," said. "How about Bill, ·, Gates, Bill, ·? Gates dropped out of Harvard and everybody knows.".

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September 2002, the 20 year old Zuckerberg entered the Harvard University, after two years at Harvard dormitory opened a site called Facebook, in order to fully create Facebook, Zuckerberg from the world’s top universities – Harvard University Harvard University dropped out, and Facebook · co-founder Dustin Moskowitz Dustin; Moskovitz, Eduardo · Mr. Saverin; Eduardo Saverin and Chris ·; Hughes Chris Huges business together.

although Gates never got his bachelor’s degree, Harvard University awarded his honorary doctorate in 2007. "I’m a negative textbook, and that’s why I was invited to your graduation ceremony."." Gates said when he graduated from Harvard University.

1, Bill, ·, Gates: 10 off the entrance exam, out of the top 3,

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