The gold stand binding of higher operation instance of my marketing needsWhy did Ali’s mother stop a

if you think that after verification, the phenomenon is normal and in accordance with the actual situation, please provide proof within the time limit data corresponding to my website, if not available, or the information provided can not prove your claim, we will terminate the cooperation with you to click on ads. But it does not affect your regular trading in the Ali mother market, on time, advertising placement; at the same time, your past click ads expected revenue will be in accordance with the principle of payment of Ali mother normal extraction.

thank you very much for your advertisement! Sorry, we have to click on the ads on the monitoring data on your website is abnormal, in order to protect the interests of buyers, we suspended your account please click on ads; verification of the phenomenon, and please after receiving this notice within a week of the phenomenon and make a written explanation.

congratulations, your release on Ali’s website has been approved!"

, a, at my site, I started a new site,

I recommend more than one host, so I have done the novice site tutorial also many copies, for writing new tutorials, tutorials in this regard, I think it is quite learned. There used to be >

1, host referral – start from the new station,

July 3, 2008, this is their answer, but I know I didn’t cheat on anything, so…

why do I have to write two versions of tutorials,

fool tutorial purpose is to let you cannot do without me, out of the host I promote the course based on what I have written, you go to buy someone else’s host, in my tutorial you cannot be built station, and give up my tutorial you could not. The purpose of the extended edition tutorial is the potential value of marketing. After a novice webmaster can build a website independently, what they need urgently is to absorb new knowledge constantly. And I’m writing extension tutorials that are based on this.

June 27, 2008, when I received Ali’s mother’s Email, I was so excited, this can try this legendary Alibaba’s advertising trading platform.

dummies tutorial, some conceptual questions I do not explain. But the advantage of the tutorial I wrote is that you can build a web site in full on the tutorials I have written. I see now online sh419 shlf1314 out of 20 several new site tutorials, are split up, do not have continuity. And the most important thing is that as a person who writes a course, or as a teacher, it is a common mistake to inadvertently ignore something that you think everyone will do. I finished this tutorial, I called my mother and sister, according to the tutorial to do a web site. My mom and sister just have basic Internet knowledge. I will be in the process of building some problems encountered, and then added to the tutorial. Repeated trials, continuous improvement.

you can in the "my mother" – Ali main site "on the right side of each registration site, find the entrance for the."

we all know, to the old webmaster other host suppliers pull over, his side is a difficult thing, transfer server, this is related to ranking, weight. If the site visit is not what big problems, in general, the webmaster will not transfer, even if the price is much cheaper. Then, we have to seek new resources, new Adsense is undoubtedly the first choice. And how to win over novice webmaster? I’m accustomed to starting from the demand.

was very angry, so according to their prompt submission of the application of

my site is the regular site absolutely, the flow is from sh419, and the webmaster Wangzhuan I has nearly 3 years of history, is not possible to do the advertising, since the retarded point of each other things. This time I said "clicking on advertising data anomalies" was really unexpected.

"honorable member: Leadweb hello."!

. "

, I was surprised when I received the second Email from Ali’s mother in July 1, 2008! I can’t accept it. What’s the matter?

"honorable member: Leadweb hello."!

, C, I wrote two versions of the tutorial: one is a fool’s edition, not to delve into it, but as long as the steps down, everyone can build. Two is extended version, basically all types of more representative sites, I have done a tutorial, and for some of its details expand. However, the two versions of the tutorial are based on the host I recommend.


Ali, the staff will verify the information you provided again. If you have any questions, please submit them on the online message page, and the customer service staff will reply you within 24 hours."

look at the title may not understand what it means, do not worry, I am under a few operating experience on the operation of the following ideas, processes and key points:

B, in the new site column, I wrote a complete set of tutorials based on the host I recommend, for novice hosts how to use my host to promote the site of the tutorial. Here, let the novice and I recommend the host firmly tied together.

I’m sorry, after a review of the site the existence of abnormal data, do not give closed, if there is with official statistics show that in the next time please submit the application, fill in the detailed statistical data submitted in the entrance available statistical tools, or with data. Note: do not accept the attachment to provide data that are for reference only, not for judging whether the basis.

"Dear member: [email protected] Hello."!

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