19 year old foreign male rushed Changsha from penniless to earn 100 thousand monthlyOnline games sh

is too tired, sleepy sleep in the past, second days woke up already more than 9 points, the landlord has not got up, estimated overnight work overnight, suddenly feel life is not easy, living in a big city is not easy.

recently, the thunder beat to the webmaster alliance provides a share through a way of earning money: online gaming operations, simple graphic advertising links into the gaming platform to generate new registered members, new members of the amount of consumption in the web game inside the station to grow into; which is the latest game promotion mode, from the traditional monthly pay, pay per click model, divided by the online user behavior recharge, webmaster, will undoubtedly have a "life" temptation; webpage game also known for online games, has a great potential audience, Ai Rui 08 years of consulting booking web game users will reach 9 million in 2010 will exceed 20 million the main users of such games, and white-collar workers accounted for 60%, about 30% students, so it was more of a group with strong ability to pay the group, which is "tour An important factor in the rapid development of the play; and as a webmaster, thunderbolt alliance network operators share products, is also the first light.

When well, come!

got off the feeling very cold outside, under a light rain, although the train from Yongzhou to Changsha just 5 hours on the train, but

I’m alone took a lot of things slowly walked out from the station, outside are soliciting " ", a businessman; an uncle called me young man, to the

I was in Yongzhou, the 19 year old! Listen to the letter you write I wish you a happy voyage. computer professional, I graduated from technical secondary school to Changsha for almost 2 years, on the back of the pack, kicking 1000 yuan pocket money, from Yongzhou boarded the train Changsha. The first time I visited Changsha from Yongzhou was still fresh in my mind. It was at 1 in the morning of September 7th, and Changsha Railway Station was here.


"Chibi" told us: haven’t you heard of that desire makes people young? So, we should always keep the passion, because the station is still a long way.

08 years, major alliances are not much action, I think, as a webmaster is somewhat depressed; do really hard, we have nothing much to expect, is looking forward to the alliance can really for our sake, give us some real money to launch products, planning a win-win cooperation mode.

continuous film, feeling good.

A few days ago to see the two

thunderbolt alliance gaming operations share: http://s.cop.my.xunlei/action200807/

to the station, found a dense crowd, is to pick up, when I’m feeling someone with children really happy!

at the height of summer, it is time to online games the most crazy year, although the Beijing Olympic Games is getting closer, but for a large part of gaming enthusiasts, good game, is still the most crazy thing. So, the game makers is the one after another to launch their own part to use the Olympic spirit to make a; this time, the webmaster can not be missed, we are making, we have to make, can not drag the Olympic money forces back.

"Kung Fu Panda" tells us: no unexpected things in the world. So, we should put their hopes on yourself, not others;


on the train I was going to stay overnight at the train station, then go out looking for a house to live in, but it was just too cold, so a stranger in my heart shake, I asked the price, he said the 50 night, the room clean. I said 40, and later also half price, 45 yuan deal. He helped me carry the box, I carry the bag, walked all the way, my heart more afraid, thought not touching the midnight killing spree. Behind, led me into a small, open the door. The room really flattered, thought that it

after washing up the quilt, pick up the good stuff on the left, the morning rain, because wear less clothes can still feel cold, perhaps is a strange city to feel lonely. Aimlessly carrying a box on the street, feeling hungry, they found themselves in the evening they have eaten a meal, find a grocery store, asked how much money the noodles 5 dollars, he said, I want a box of instant noodles, ask the boss not boiling water, he said, 1 dollars a. No way, I want to forget it, maybe other people’s cities are like this, water and instant noodles are sold separately. I gave a 100 to the boss, the boss gave me the money, I took it to number, he immediately gave me 4 coins, I took the coin, and then continue to count the money, he suddenly grabbed said to me for $10, behind the change to I. I knew the first time he gave me less money for, even if he does not give me, I also compare buganshengzhang, alone. In the back holding instant noodles, do the underground passage to eat instant noodles, after eating instant noodles, want to find a place >

I asked the landlord if he had a toothbrush or toothpaste, and he said no.. I did not take these small objects, behind only use tap water in the face, wash gargle.

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