This problem don’t ask 10 thousand and 3 words to tell you how to do the operation

this is probably the most valuable 29 minute

you’ve spent


Ms. Yang Jiang, in Qian Zhongshu’s "Besieged City" title of the sentence, "surrounded by people in the city want to escape, outside the city want to rush in, for marriage, career, life aspirations are most like this."."

marriage is besieged city, school is besieged city, occupation is besieged city. Enter and out, map the life, philosophy and realm, become the normal life. Before you change careers, you need to think about what you want in your career and your life,

Why does

want to switch to operations?

maybe you see a lot of people selling your experience to switch on a forum, from various industries to operate, but your heart, see their experience, then you have to change your resume, the interview, into the pit, well, very tall on the job, you are very excited.

is concerned with hundreds of public numbers,

has entered hundreds of industry exchanges,

has been involved in a variety of WeChat related online classes,

all the information in the media is finished……

feels like he’s going to be a new star in the industry right now,

Chukouchengzhang, senior emperor Tucao, seven step into the poem, taste warm male · · ·

threw himself into the tall job with confidence and thought he was the next one, and the next one…… But I was educated in minutes.

, or the company doesn’t have a good growth system, such as

1., the whole company has only one operation…

you are not wrong, at least 20% of the operation is the case, the whole company only one operation, hope you can lead a month to three months of fans on the broken million, six months of sales doubled

2. the company has many operations, but you find that your work is out of

guide data for visual reports

data search, content auditing, content filling,

disguised as a small beauty with the user

sends red envelopes with small ads every day in WeChat

drives official micro to Sina and Tencent around micro-blog

register several vest, amuse oneself on the stick / watercress /QQ space / circle of friends / know human flesh promotion

builds hundreds of communities, questions and answers in groups every day,


, you finally found that, whether it’s operation, product manager, technology or technology, BAT>

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