From the Alibaba domain name case acquisition or arbitration

I saw

on Ali micro-blog four spell domain name arbitration in micro-blog Sina, also surprised at first, the "Ali" can be understood, but Ali + micro-blog combination not infringing ah, later from the original domain name owner micro-blog to see some content, that is to copy the Alibaba website links and logo, this is the use of tort.


domain name dispute is actually a part of investors need to pay attention to, because according to the domain name registration and character combination rules, there will be a lot of domain name character repeated phenomenon, the domain name itself is not disputed, the key lies in the use of the domain name and trademark, based on the many arbitration is confusing for existing trademark in the use of domain names on.

author from the dispute center query, in 2010 to nearly 70 domain name dispute cases, Alibaba arbitration dispute domain name only 4 cases, including the Ali micro-blog domain name case, Taobao buy case and so on. The other two domains have been returned to arbitration because of the controversial domain created by the disputed domain name, which is profitable for commercial purposes and the result is a more firm approach to the enterprise.

In fact,

, Alibaba, the domain name in the strategic layout, the acquisition of more than the case of arbitration cases, such as the 2010 March acquisition of and four containing "Ali", "Tao", "Yun" Pinyin domain name, the September acquisition of the domain name shuangpin. This indirectly explains: as long as the domain name itself is reasonable registration and use, the enterprise generally does not choose the road of arbitration.

I see other investors such suggestions at the Forum: already registered or purchased with other enterprise trademark domain name, domain name in the application, and text using logo and website style, the direction of the operation and try not to apply for the existing trademark by playing "ambiguous" a mother or father, thus misleading the user’s vision. The actual direct evidence of business arbitration.


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