How can foreign trade B2C websites improve their conversion rate through non technical means

Mr.Hua thinks it’s easy to be a foreign trade B2C mall. You just need to use a few open source programs, and there’s hardly any difficulty. B2C foreign trade website optimization, there is an advantage is that the amount of your site is generally large enough to enterprise B2B site, if you will take advantage of this, then bring high quality traffic should not be a big problem. And I don’t mention the search engine optimization, SEO is what, for overseas promotion, website optimization is only one term. Of course, today we do not talk about this, I would prefer to overseas users from the psychological, human nature to talk about how to improve the foreign trade mall site conversion rate.

online shopping blind obedience

Mr.Hua believes that people make shopping decision reference love the opinions of others, when you see everyone to buy, the subconscious will think this thing is good, everyone bought will not have what problem, this phenomenon English a word called ‘Social Proof’, I also like this in the shopping. When shopping at Taobao mall, I will search in order to sell the most product sellers, so you remember to have one of the following points do foreign trade B2C Mall:

‘s most popular product (most, popular, item)

people who buy second products also buy them… (customers, who, bought, this, also, bought…


best selling products (top seller)

other customer evaluation (testimonials)


the picture above is a wedding B2C mall to improve their website sales and style through the display recently sold wedding style, but also help some women do not know how to choose to make a reference, after all others are bought, should not be bad to the right, so people are thinking about the problem.

user evaluation (Reviews)

Highly evaluation of online shopping mall

foreigners, Chinese people is also very important, every time I go to the Jingdong to buy something, I would look at the evaluation, evaluation will be good for the foreigners to buy, review really pay special attention to, do not believe you can put your product name +Review Google search to see, domestic do comparison the cattle trade B2C mall Lanting Pavilion in the box Light set of potential on the good use of the Review to reduce the strangeness of customers, is also the largest online shopping mall Amazon has also used the system customer evaluation allows users more intuitive understanding of the products.



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