What should website design pay attention to use eyeball to follow improve webpage design

you’re looking at the machine, and the machine is watching you. Recently, eye tracking technology has generated many application cases. For example, Intel developed a 3D laptop camera that tracks the eye and reads emotions; Shanghai sees pure software, eye tracking, eye games, games and so on. Now EyeQuant is the use of advanced technology of neural eyeballs to see the page when the movement, so as to generate hot design elements and "regional (user focus area), and then study how to improve the web design. Here’s what they found.

What should

Web design pay attention to,

?The first discovery of

eye tracking technology is that Web’s F and E pattern layout design (using the layout of features most users like to watch on the left) is not necessarily right. As long as the content is eye-catching, not in the F or E pattern area, it will be subject to attention. For example, high contrast, central layout, and well arranged content. In fact, Web should pay more attention to 3W when it comes to design: what the web page says (What), why the user wants to pay attention (Why) and where to go (Where).

some of the best practices in Web design are challenged

also has some of the best practices in Web design that have been challenged by eye tracking techniques. For example, the conventional wisdom is that people always pay attention to the face. After studying thousands of different sites using eye tracking technology, EyeQuant found that faces and attention did exist, but people didn’t always focus on the face. Another idea from the Web design is that you have to enlarge the font if you want to make the text stand out. But the study found that although some pages have large fonts, they are ignored by users.

about the selection and use of gallery

for pictures to be noticeable, the most important thing is to have high contrast – not only the images themselves have high contrast, but also contrast strongly with other contents of the page. This is not only a contrast of color, but also a contrast in brightness. The picture should be in the upper half, in the center or in the sitting position. And don’t put it too messy, you should leave some space for the page.

How effective are

heavy image elements such as spinning banners and slides?


movement can really attract attention at the beginning. In other words, it can also cause interference, and these elements are often associated with only a portion of users who are browsing the web, so for commercial sites, these elements can have a negative impact on the conversion rate.


, like the popular big hero area used by apple, work well,


‘s Big hero area refers to the layout of large images with a small amount of text, and apple is especially good at using them. If the image is relevant, the hero zone is extremely effective, otherwise it will cause interference. If mining >

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