SOSO ask promotion know more about quality than Baidu

Baidu know as to ask the biggest exchange platform, the platform management than any inquiry platform must strictly, the webmaster in Baidu know to promote your site has a certain degree of difficulty. Although Baidu is very strict audit mechanism, can curb the advertising content, but to improve the quality of QA content is not much, I often know in Baidu and SOSO ask these two platform to promote their own websites, for Baidu success through the examination of the answer, can explain the purpose of promotion has been reached, but the SOSO ask is not the same, even has been approved, and was selected as the best answer, the promotion you may not be able to achieve the desired results, the reason is that SOSO launched a platform to ask more healthy development mechanism, the promotion of the webmaster may at any time to other users of the content covered, I personally experienced.

I also recently found this mechanism, I have to ask for a successful SOSO users to answer the relevant questions about the rebate site, and with his return now your site as a reference, the answer has been selected as the most users must give good answers, but yesterday just browsing the answer to their own, found above he was selected as the best answer and the new answer their counterparts, and finally also brought advertising references, soso put this new protocol to answer "netizen perfect answer", see this immediately to understand, understand after that, the best answer is selected, other users have a better answer to answer this question, if the new signature is more perfect than the best answer, it will be audited by the administrator and to display Above the best answer.

SOSO ask for advertising review although there is no Baidu so strict, but this mechanism can strict audit mechanism than Baidu play a better effect on the quality of answer content can be greatly improved, even if you cannot answer Baidu is not comprehensive, as long as is selected as the best answer can have a good display the location, but not how to SOSO, if your answer is not complete, the content is not comprehensive, even if the answer to choose is the best answer, but the best display position or at any time may give other users answer preemption, so in the promotion of quality SOSO ask answer than in Baidu know more about not free.


is here, hope to make more novices understand the mechanism of SOSO in the promotion, we must carefully and fully answer the question, so as to guarantee the best display position of their own, this to return now. Website: http://s. welcome to reprint, please retain the copyright link. Thank you.

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