How to maintain your E web site copyright

there is nothing more irritating than the fact that you found the article you’ve been working on for hours and without permission. Even more intolerable is that the article published on other websites is ahead of your own in search engines. Fortunately, copyright law protects the copyright of the original works, and if your works are stolen by others, you can seek legal relief.

legal interpretation:

Once created, the works of

are protected by copyright law. You don’t have to go to the U. S. Copyright Office to register or register your works, and they can be protected by law. Of course, you can also take the initiative to the U. S. Copyright Office registration, publicity, so that your work credibility. If you believe that someone has "stolen" your work, you can sue the actor for "copyright infringement". The law made strict liability of this tort (no fault liability) imputation principle, that is to say as long as you have proof of copying occurred, and the subjective existence of willful infringement in the matter. Most successful litigation not only receive pecuniary compensation, but also prohibit the subsequent infringement of the perpetrator.

the key to the problem is not whether you win the lawsuit or not, it’s not worth the lawsuit. Generally speaking, it is impractical to make such a lawsuit in developing countries, although you can sue the other party, but expensive litigation costs will exceed your benefit from the suit.


1) don’t make a hasty speech about someone stealing your work. You don’t have to go to court to claim your rights, but you can at least send a notice of "stop wrongdoing.".

2) note the copyright protection of your web site at the significant location of your site, such as copyright:, so that potential infringers can be reminded.

3) compare the benefits you may have and the costs you need before you decide to file an action against you. If you The loss outweighs the gain. words, clever, try to remedy non your right to make their own interests to maximize the realization, such as reporting the infringer to search engines, or simply let the infringer plus a return address.

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