Enter the tool type website Explanation and typical case


said the tool type website, we will first have a question: Daqian network website people, what kind of website is the tool type website? What are its characteristics, what is different with other websites? Search related information from the Internet, learned about the noun specific explanation and no clear statement.

in order to facilitate follow-up research, in this connection with the previous research results of students, comprehensive finishing, providing tools of the definition of Web site version, for reference:

– the so-called tool type website, as the name suggests is to build the tool on the Internet, is provided to help people complete a particular field goal needs, operation process, in order to complete the objectives and tasks for the main purpose of the work out method based on network application.

its main feature is:

– for the purpose of completing one or more tasks,

– focus on operating processes to boot

– emphasizes quick completion of tasks

– the only way to accomplish a goal is to help the user accomplish the target more efficiently,

At the same time, many tools

sites are also equipped with an independent portal, which is mainly based on information display, dedicated to the value and dynamics of tools, and provides login or download portals. Because of the high degree of integration that this portal and tool page point to, we also incorporate it into the category of tool type website, call it "tool type website portal" (or tool website home page).

In order to help us to form a more intuitive concept of tool based websites,

can differentiate websites into content based and tool based sites according to its functions. About the tool type website and the content type website contrast, has already made the more detailed elaboration (if wants to further understand, may examine the related article), does not explain in this.

typical tool sites are: Google series (search, translation, document, reader)… ), TenPay, Alipay, salesforce, data cube, Xero, TA, DNSpod;

typical content websites include: Sina, Tencent, Tianya forum and so on.

below, from the point of view of experience, I would like to introduce some of my favorite tool website typical case.

Google –

website, the most widely used should be very familiar with the Google series of products, such as Google search, document translation, etc., mostly with the new Google search tool gradually after launch. These tools provide great convenience for Internet users.

expected so many product lines, it would be great!

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