Men are afraid to vote wrong brand of small and medium sized Web sites from the beginning of positio

both Baidu "search engine optimization guide" 1 version and 2 version, the last is the end with "website brand", it warned grassroots webmaster, including small and medium-sized Webmaster: "continue to strengthen the brand concept".

Baidu warned the vast numbers of SEOER and webmaster said: "constantly strengthen the brand concept,


SEO even the biggest beneficiaries of search engines in the "search engine optimization guide" in this remind the webmaster, SEOER, which have caused us to ponder, especially in the face of Baidu, Google building its own "credible", "authority" content system plan promote netizen comments "everything in good order and well arranged, Baidu is building the world’s largest search target more and more become a reality on the occasion, the brand is important for small and medium-sized sites become more prominent.

unfortunately, Baidu gives "continue to strengthen the brand concept" is too simple, the next few days, I and everyone from the brand positioning, brand value system structure (structure content, service system, brand promotion) (how to form a word) etc. discuss Baidu "search engine optimization guide" the small website how to realize the brand of this problem.

China has entered the brand era, webmaster, are you ready,

?What is the

brand? Is the user for a product service (enterprise) sure, this is certainly the way to spread the reputation of the user, exaggerated a target product (service) and similar products (services) between the content and different temperament, the more not used the product (service) consumers have trust and interest in it.

brand products (or services) as in the past not only through the quality service (content) to meet the needs of consumers, to win the trust of users more; and brand products and services that is out of the ordinary content, temperament is more memorable, let more consumers do not need "he found the degreeses, experts do not need Ariadne, easily serious similar products and services from which identified numerous homogeneous products of special identification of their target.

What is

small website brand benefits? For small sites, grassroots webmaster, even if you are not the brand may soon become Google, Baidu, Alibaba; nor can quickly make a lot of money; also do not say when you have no difficulty; and that you have a high degree of recognition fixed user groups, while other small sites, for the grassroots webmaster website survival and do nothing, airan every day by "cheat at a loss, the chain", "cheat flow", "cheat" ad barely the occasion; small brand website can rely on themselves to target customer groups, to obtain a normal profit, can use the brand effect the broader industry resources and more opportunity to show his face, as in the past to maintain the unique style and operation of their own ideas, to follow their dreams business network Station, further strengthen and enlarge your website – enter a website development >

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