From school to everyone’s perception of webmaster you need to use what mentality to face customers

to tell you the truth, I really didn’t use campus, happy, such websites, I’ve never been there before. Just understand, has only been concerned about the development of the internet. And do not go too much to study, some words may not in place or not, please don’t laugh at me completely.

this afternoon, I want to change the name of everyone on campus. I’ll go over and see it. When I saw the topic page of Renren, I was deeply touched when I saw the four videos. Yes, "change, persist, contact, trust", every step I feel is a deep shock.

only in the process of changing heart Fei will learn to grow up, learn to give up, the process of change is very painful, I think Chen Yizhou should be able to better understand the meaning of them than me, my "Shangqiu real estate network" has experienced three times of pain to the bones of a change, ready to make money now the work sold, concentrate on the real estate network. The process is tantamount to giving their children to others and walking on a road that does not know the future.

‘s second change is because the support doesn’t go down and needs more money to support it. I went to borrow money, that was my first time to borrow money, and that experience made me change my view of many things, friends, friendship, interests, all tangled up, which made me feel very cold. Instead, I felt the least likely person to help me, so that I could survive that sad day and move on.

third change is because of government pressure, but beat, and he is a friend, this is my current real estate network is facing the biggest problem.

each change is to hope for better results, if not change, then will remain the status quo. Change means that you need to make a bigger sacrifice.

for every change in your website, you need to bring new feelings to your customers and your visitors. Let him feel your efforts and your hard work in front of the computer screen show, I feel this is important, although you are changing, although you are trying, but others can not see, then you will fail.

insists that this is as a webmaster finally and the most basic principles, one thing we must insist, Chen Yizhou rich can insist, no money can financing, but as a personal webmaster how to do, it is a belief, belief although not bring you shining white silver, but can bring a lot of the way to you, because you have faith can do this thing, so you can think of a better way.

is because I have faith in my "Shangqiu real estate network" to do a good job, so I think every day, are considering how to put the customer to maximize, how can the effect be maximized, so to figure out some suitable conditions of products, such as train showings, sales. Advertising, promotion etc.. Only the things you consider for yourself are right for you. What others don’t mean for you. "


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