Several popular free building site system simple analysis

I started contacting station construction in 2008 and wanted to be a webmaster. At first I bought some HTML books to study, and I found a station friend who taught me something basic. How to buy and set up domain names and servers, and then he recommended Discuz to me and taught me how to upload files to my own space using FTP and eventually build a good site. After coming back, I tried to think for a few days, bought a domain name server, downloaded and installed Discuz, made a failed website and finally closed it.

until this year, suddenly want to start doing web site, before the experience of the past, I began looking for other sites system. Do not find, do not know, and now the free building site system is rich and plentiful. There are specialized gateway dedecms/phpcms, there are special forums to do discuz/phpwind, there are specialized blog LxBlog/zBlog, there are specialized online shop ECshop/Shopex, as well as Wikipedia HDWiki, and so on. Maybe there are more popular, I did not find. Now, these new owners for the difficulty of starting a simple comparison. I’ve used this on my local server.

dedecms portal system: the latest version of V5.3.1, into the background management will feel at a loss, although column column division is clear, but the factor column, I am dazzled. The template style is relatively simple to change; the column is simple to build and easy to manage; the background can access and manage FTP files directly; a key update website is convenient and quick. The interactive member center feels like chicken helps, and probably I’m not good enough to use it.

phpcms portal system: the latest version of 2008SP1, phpcms, I only used once, the first time after the completion of the station, the home page needs HTML update. The default template layout is more popular and looks more comfortable than dedecms. The background management is as complex as dedecms, and there is no more than that. Beginners need to spend more time researching. Because they don’t use much and don’t do much explanation.

discuz forum website system: the latest version of the 7.0.0 forum, time-honored, believe that many forums are used in this, the use of simple, not too much attention to layout issues, almost a kind of forum structure. Advertising banner management is simple, detailed, and provides a variety of ways of advertising management. It’s easier for beginners to get started.

phpwind forum portal system: the latest version of 7.3.2, you can combine the forum, the portal circle as one of the integrated site system. You can follow the webmaster like to open a variety of combination forum + circle, BBS + portal, or three. Novice station Nagato, don’t look at him complete function, but in use before considering good website theme, make full use of its function. The portal web site is based on the content of the forum.

Z-Blog blog site system: the latest version of 1.>

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