Six elements that ensure web user experience

The basic goal of

is to make your users satisfied. When you do SEO optimization for your website, you must not ignore the user experience. Otherwise, even if you optimize the better, but also can not retain users, and the final results, your site ranking will decline. I believe there are many webmaster have such experience. I was so, take my website to optimize the network, the biggest problem is that the link is not good, there are a lot of dead link, there are articles in this edition also has a lot of problems. This is my website operation in the middle of a big revision caused, so I now constantly improve the internal structure of the website, in order to improve the user experience, so that the site is valuable. Below I will say a few points to improve the user experience, and I hope to help new people, experts please pass by, do not shoot me, ha ha.

one, advertising should not be too much, try not to use pop-up ads, floating ads, plug-ins and so on.

the number of ads on a web page should be controlled, and there should be no more than 8 pictures advertised on one page. And the use of pop-up ads, plug-ins will seriously affect the user’s browsing, users are also very disgusted with this, generally will be considered a virus, the next time it will never come. So try not to use, do not have to use, but also control the time and number of pop-up.

two, site content

I think we all understand the importance of the content of the website. A web site with no content or all junk content, users will definitely not like it. Junk content refers to content that is highly repetitive and has no practical value. In fact, not only users do not like, search engines will not like it. So, not only to constantly update the site, but also to pay attention to the content of the site selection. It should be mentioned in the original, as to my station, my principle is the 70% original +20% pseudo original, add a little bit of acquisition. My station has done for more than a month, Baidu, Google included are normal, I think this is because I insist on the original as the main reason. Every day around 3 articles about the original, you can, too much can not be done.

three, site link

website content well, many users have value, if links do not, that is just like your website window does not do a good job, good content, no windows to display is not enough, so the site link optimization, have a great impact on SEO and user experience. As to my station, because the revision reason, left a large number of dead links. This directly affects the site’s search engine rankings, such as the words "," my guest Wangzhuan site from the first original dropped third. I’ve been doing it all the time and it will take some time to recover. I say this example is to prove the importance of Web links to website rankings and user experience.

four, web browsing speed


site is too slow, which can cause search engine spiders to grab web pages and fail to view your site as unstable

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