Two mistakes in website planning

is the first misunderstanding, many enterprises believe that the site planning and site construction is a very simple thing, and even do IT technology also think that the site is free, in his impression of a website is very simple, what the program does not difficult, so do not use money in his opinion it is a waste of money. But in fact, website planning and website construction is a systematic project.

once I heard him, I knew his eyes were on the web site. For him, these programs were pediatrics. He said he could fix a web site if someone worked with him.

first, we look at, I summed up the general function of enterprise website, that is the company web site is to do what, exhibition, information dissemination, direct sales, customer service, marketing, brand image and other functions, which is a combination of several general. This guy apparently thought the website is the display function, his thinking is still stuck in the emerging era of enterprise website, the website only as a name card enterprise.

but today, direct sales is belong to the electricity supplier website, this is not to say, many enterprises hope to have the function of marketing website, this website is simply used to make money, not to see the light, is also the marketing website. Then, the focus of the website is marketing and content, and even design is only one aspect, and thus placed in the next important position.

a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises, think of the website construction to the network company solely to Everything will be fine., but later found that Internet companies often to find their trouble, think it is pay for the sins. Because the site planning and site construction is not just part of the job you see the network company, in order to achieve the purpose of marketing, website construction is actually the marketing system of a company with the website system to appear and operate.

but the marketing system of small and medium-sized enterprises is not comprehensive and clear, and there are many defects and problems. Then, in the construction of the website, these problems are also unable to cover up, but also will clearly show. Therefore, many enterprises do a lot of trouble when they make a website. For example, there is a "media coverage" in the website column. The company has not dealt with the media at all and has not received any interviews. What do you mean by this column? Can Internet companies help you make real media reports? Does this involve the company’s public relations strategy and marketing strategy?

also, "customer case" column, some companies just set up, there is nothing to get the case, very poor, a few months, the column is still empty. Although there is a case, but make people doubt its authenticity, such as China Merchants join the enterprise, join the photos are in the headquarters as such, there will be lack of authenticity, if the franchisee stores pictures in your local, this is not more real, more persuasive? Tips: This article is from the network marketing actual person Liu Yutong original, want to see the author more articles, please visit Liu >

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