What are the skills of food shop decoration

a physical store, if you want to attract consumers, often need to have a better decoration. However, how can we make the decoration effect is better, which is often a skill to speak of. So, what are the food shop decoration skills? Let Xiaobian for your simple analysis.

pay attention to the store space design

[Huli District, Xiamen City, Zheng Yufei food store]

my shop is small, a 40 square meters of space, but I was in the shop when the small ground of heart very attached to the space design.

first thing is the appearance of the shop design. People often say that the shop to attract customers, First impressions are strongest, the appearance is not to be underestimated. A lot of people open grocery store just outside the store to hang a simple shop trick, and I think it is not just hanging shop so simple. Of course, like those stores engaged in the door, with high-grade material is not suitable, the cost is too high. My first is to the whole shop for a cement paint paint, then please advertising company to design a flat signboard, fluorescent lamps and lighting peripherals, such as appearance, and manufacture of light shop to save a lot of money.

is the decoration of the shop. The high price of cement paint, so I just use some of the shop door, the shop painted on the use of cheaper price of lime paint. As for the shelves, I went to the flea market to buy, although the old point, but please paint the chef to decorate it, and the new no difference, but also calculated to save half the price of the new shelf. At the same time, I use the store in the store down the mountain shape shelf display, there is a little supermarket looks like.

Shop Lighting I think is not the province, let the customer feel the shop bright, so I installed three daylight lamps, so that customers in the night to the store and buy things will be comfortable.

to maintain the visual permeability shop

[Huli District, Xiamen City, a source of miscellaneous food store Qiu Zhi]

my shop facade is very humble, but there are still a lot of people patronize. It is important to keep others in the market. In order to attract customers, I think it is important to let people know what the shop is selling, so I am not like other people, put a small shop full of. My shop in the street location, so I did not put the counter outside the shop, just put a refrigerator on the left side of the door, the right side of a cigarette cabinet, as far as possible to maintain the visual permeability shop. This customer presence, there is the desire to enter the store to buy.

at the same time, I have three shelves on the shelf

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