Crane ordered the evacuation of Huangpu River in Shanghai the whole

Huangpu River is not only a symbol of Shanghai, and it plays a significant role in transport, won recognition. ) in order to eliminate the pollution risk of Shanghai drinking water sources, to promote the planning function adjustment on both sides of the Huangpu River, Shanghai municipal government in accordance with the requirements of the upper reaches of the Huangpu River floating remediation work, the existing 196 Huangpu River floating crane ships shall be withdrawn in March 20th before the Huangpu river.

in order to protect the evacuation work safety, smooth and orderly, Shanghai maritime sector in Huangpu River throughout 8 were set up to evacuate the waiting area, which are located in Yangpu, East Fuxing island Min Hangyuan Qin ferry, Minhang maritime, the downstream Wuqiao ferry, Songjiang king Min Hangyuan Bay, Songjiang to Hong Kong, Zhang Jing bamboo Songjiang Shanghai Hangzhou high-speed railway Qingpu bridge downstream, Mao Tong East West port.

in the evacuation of the waiting area, crane has been completed, the ship sailed the ship lashing and other preparatory work, and the crane dismantled according to the situation to the port of destination along the bridge. The crane will enter Shanghai and some neighboring shipyards to be dismantled, some will be transferred to the Yangtze River and its tributaries, are in accordance with the different situations of marshalling, ready to obey the maritime department instructions, according to the weather and hydrological situation in batches to evacuate the Huangpu river.

in order to protect the 196 ship crane can be safely and timely evacuation, maritime and port authority is also widely contact the tug company in Shanghai and its surrounding area, arranged for the use of the tug ship list, ensure that there is enough tugboat towing unpowered crane and long not sailing crane.

crane is an orderly evacuation of the Huangpu River is underway, they will enter the Yangtze River Basin, therefore, along the Yangtze River Maritime departments also decided to carry out the maintenance of the crane segment, in order to ensure the safety of floating crane ship arrived at the port of destination. At present, Jiangsu maritime bureau and Shanghai have set up a joint working group, unified arrangement of crane departure plan, and along the way from port information bulletin of the maritime agency.

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