Weah, Africa’s only Golden Ball, does not succeed as president of Liberia

first_imgUn Tebas vs Rubiales also in Argentina. The anger between Rubials Y Thebes He has created a school. Argentina He is faithfully replicating the dispute in Spanish football. The two top Argentine leaders, Claudio Tapia, president of the AFA, Y Mariano Elizondo, holder of the Super League, They are on the lookout. The last discussion is because Elizondo refuses to delay the start of the championship to favor the Argentine national team in the Pre-Olympic Tapia accuses Elizondo of putting the interests of the clubs above those of the albiceleste. Anyway, that the anger Tebas-Rubiales crosses borders.Eurocup with facial recognition. The next Eurocup it will be held in twelve European capitals, but the stadium of Wembley, in London, it will host the two semifinals and the final of the tournament, which will be held on July 12. The British police have a new facial recognition technology available to control the ultras. The system is going to be tested today in the wales derby that will dispute the Cardiff and the Swansea If all goes well, it will be one of the police control systems that will be implemented in the Eurocup 2020. Demonstrations in Monrovia. Thousands of people have demonstrated during this week in the streets of Monrovia against the president of Liberia, George Weah, the only Golden Ball that has given Africa (nineteen ninety five). The opposition to Weah accuses him of corruption and claims him for the indeterminate destiny of 22 million euros of public funds. According to the prestigious The Guardian, the president George Tawlon Manneh Oppong Ousman Weah he responded to the protesters with a disturbing challenge: “Whoever thinks he can walk freely through the streets of Monrovia insulting his president, is ready …”.Gento wanted to sign him for Real Madrid. Weah was one of the most accredited scorers of his time, and one of the most sought-after strikers. Paco Gento López, today Honorary President of the Real Madrid, He tried to sign him when he worked as a sports advisor to the former president Ramon Mendoza But it was not possible. The Milan from Berlusconi, then in full boil, he took it on a heel. But Weah was left wanting to play in the Bernabeu because he never hid his admiration for Real Madrid.last_img read more

The fans question Simeone

first_imgAtletico elimination of Atlético at the hands of the Cultural Leonesa, rival of Second Division B, has left the team very touched. A tournament where there were many illusions put in and that goes to the first change. According to the survey conducted by AS, the defeat in the Kingdom of León, together with the prick in Ipurua and the final of the Spanish Super Cup against Real Madrid, where he fell on penalties has caused Simeone to have lost credit in the club. AS ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>AS survey on Simeone.ACE El Cholo is the visible head of Atlético and its project and therefore for 74% of AS voters the Argentine coach has lost credit with that elimination copera. Almost 38,000 people They wanted to participate in the survey on the state of Simeone, which is probably at its most delicate time as a mattress technician. Since his arrival he had always lived many more lights than leftovers, taking Atlético to the highest levels, but in this year defined by himself as of transition after the losses of very important players like Godín, Juanfran, Filipe, Griezmann, Rodrigo or Lucas, at the moment he has not been able to take flight despite the signings of players of the level of João Félix, Felipe or Herrera.However, another current of the mattress hobby came out to face its coach, who changed the history of the club with his arrival in December 2011. The hastag en Twitter #tequeremoscholo became a trend in Spain during yesterday afternoon. Hours before Gil Marín reaffirmed Simeone in the institution with a statement where he asked fans to join, although he said he understood his discomfort. Atlético is third in the League, tied for points with Sevilla (fourth) and will play the knockout stages of the Champions League against Liverpool, current champion of the tournament and leader of the Premier League.last_img read more

Official: Eriksen is already Inter

first_imgChristian Eriksen is already officially a new Inter footballer. The interist club, which yesterday completed all the procedures, wanted to wait another day for the announcement to go big, and chose one of the most prestigious stages in the world for its highly anticipated signing. The Danish posed in the Scala Theater, which for the first time hosted a football event like this: it was possible, according to ‘Gazzetta’, thanks to the help of Mayor Beppe Sala, who never hid his Nerazzurra faith. The midfielder (who chose the number 24) signed this morning until 2024, with which he will charge around 8 million euros more variable net, while Inter will disburse about 20 million euros, which has demanded the Tottenham from the beginning despite the fact that the player has only a few months left on his contract. This afternoon Eriksen lived his first meal with his new teammates, before the training led by Antonio Conte: in Italy they do not exclude that tomorrow, for the Cup match against Fiorentina, the new signing is already available on the bench.last_img read more

Brexit arrives today at midnight: this will affect football and F1

first_imgThese measures are seen as a delay in a league that until now was the most economically powerful, since they will make them lose financial power and will have a priori weaker templates than the current ones, taking into account that the cracks will prefer to go to the countries that belong to the European Union (or to the European Economic Area) rather than to their leagues.Finally, soccer players with criminal record they will have much more difficulties to play there, since in theory they would be banned from entering the United Kingdom.F1, the big hitF1 would be one of the disciplines in which Brexit will most impact. Seven of the ten teams that make up the current ‘Great Circus’ grill have their factories in Britain, as well as Honda and Pirelli have an operations center in the United Kingdom. The new measure will affect 4,200 people and It will force championship leaders to negotiate a new border policy.With regard to MotoGP, Brexit will not cause major damage, since most of the headquarters of the teams are divided between Italy (with Ducati and Aprilia), Holland (with KTM) and Japan (with Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki). Brexit arrives at midnight and there is no turning back. The exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union can radically change the future of British countries, something that will affect the world of sport. These are the consequences of Brexit both in football and in the motor world.Loss of competitiveness and money in footballA large part of foreign soccer players will be considered foreign. This will not only affect new arrivals, but also those who already played in the Premier League or in any of the other leagues regulated by the FA. The Federation of England will require from now on and until it adapts to the regulation to the new law, which foreigners who hire the United Kingdom competitions belonging to the Top-10 of the FIFA ranking have played a certain percentage of minutes with their selection in order to sign.They justify it by explaining that the development of young talents in England will grow exponentially, even raising the possibility (so far rejected by the Premier League), that the quota of national players is more than 50% (13 players of a team of 25 they should be nationals).As for transfers related to minors, they will also be one step below the major European leagues, causing them to lose competitiveness, since They will not be able to trade abroad in the case of 16 and 17 year old players. Now they will have to wait until they reach the age of majority to negotiate, something that does not happen for example in Spain. In addition, UK players should be trained in national territory until they are 18 years old so as not to be considered foreigners.last_img read more

The eleven of the 28th day of the Diario AS in LaLiga SmartBank

first_imgAgain, the charrúa in the eleven of the day of LaLiga SmartBank, but the Girona striker is the best striker in the category. Girona came out with a draw from his visit to Riazor thanks to Stuani’s double: one at the exit of a corner and another penalty. Where would Girona be if it wasn’t for the Uruguayan …Luis Suarez (Zaragoza) Lugo takes a breath after his important victory against Fuenlabrada in Fernando Torres (0-1). Cantero’s performance was essential for the team to win. The goal had a lot of work. To highlight, a good shot of Hugo Fraile from outside the area. Three stops, one with fists and four clearances, their numbers.DefensesIribas (Fuenlabrada) It is not usual in the initial lightning onces, but when it comes out, it complies. The work of the left-handed side against Tenerife was tireless throughout the game. Luna helped keep the goal to zero, saving under sticks and with the left leg, one of the clearest chances of Tenerife, in a shot from Suso.Juankar (Málaga) The player yielded by Atlético de Madrid has been a fundamental pillar of the Coruña in the crisis and in the good times. Now he has to collect the honeys of success in this great moment of those of Fernando Vázquez. He scored the first goal of the athletes with a good shot to the opposite post of the goalkeeper of Girona.StrikersStuani (Girona) In the absence of Higinio, good is Curro in Los Pajaritos. The midfielder saved his team from a defeat with a goal in the 90’s by taking advantage of a center from the right wing. However, it was not the only carat action that the Huelva signed in the duel. A large number of dribbles, quality passes and danger plays came out of his boots.Gizzard (Sports) The other miura of the competition, Luis Suarez. Zaragoza striker saw the door again and was also the goal of the Aragonese victory. A goal of superior category, facing the goalkeeper and defining calmly in front of the Elche goalkeeper, Edgar Badía. The Colombian already has 15 goals and is the main trick of Zaragoza to get the coveted promotion. The category is too small for Mikel Rico’s good. His great game against Almeria de Gutierrez is a fact. The middle center was the best of the Oscenses: blunt in defensive tasks, fast and intelligent with the ball at his feet and accurate in attack. He also scored two goals coming from the second line. One of its virtues.Manu García (Sporting)center_img The magic of Sporting this season and, luckily for the rojiblancos, for many campaigns. The Under-21 is a talent in abundance and in El Sardinero, a throne stadium in Spanish football, he gave a class on how to lead a team from the midfield. His was the assistance in the first goal of Murelo: tense, measured and space.Curro (Numancia) Despite the defeat against Lugo, Iribas was among the most prominent players in Fuenlabrada. For his band he solved all the danger that came with two clearances, a blocked shot and an interception. In the face of the rival goal he had a chance, but his shot was cleared by Djaló.Moon (lightning) Stoichkov is in his best season as a professional scorer (he has 12 goals). Before Oviedo he scored his second double of the season, which was worth taking the three points of Carlos Tartiere. In his first goal he had some fortune: his shot was deflected by the defense before entering. The second came from the penalty spot (which he himself suffered).Mikel Rico (Huesca) The twenty-eighth day of LaLiga SmartBank He had eleven protagonists that we detail below. Doublets of Stoichkov (Alcorcón), Mikel Rico (Huesca) and Stuani (Girona). Cantero (Lugo) kept his goal to zero. Great performance by Juankar (Málaga) against Cádiz and Iribas (Fuenlabrada), against Lugo.GoalkeeperStonecutter (Lugo) Juankar played against Cádiz, one of his most complete matches of the season. His performance was total in both attack and defense. He completed 19 passes, with 70% success and won all the duels he entered (two aerial and six on the ground). He highlighted his beautiful confrontation with Salvi.MidfieldersStoichkov (Alcorcón)last_img read more

Christian gives the throne to Mbappé

first_imgThe Portuguese player believes that PSG French will be the best player in the world in the near future, which is not surprising considering that it is beating endless records and that it has a world with only 21 years, being the star of his team and eclipsing teammates the likes of Neymar. In what we have of course is on the way to improve your records last year and so far total 24 goals and 16 assists in 29 games. There is still much to catch up with Messi or Cristiano, but something starts and the French striker does not slow down. 7 7 During the last decade there has been a debate about who was the best footballer of the moment. The world was divided among those who considered Leo Messi (Barcelona) as the best footballer on the planet and those who thought that place belonged to Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus), especially when the delivery of the Golden Ball. However, the end of both races is approaching and at the same time new players are emerging ready to inherit the throne of the Argentine and Portuguese. Precisely Cristiano Ronaldo, in a promotional act of Nike, one of the many brands that sponsor him, has spoken about the player who thinks he will be a worthy successor: “Mbappé is the future and is the present. He is a fantastic player and he is also very fast. It will be the future.”last_img read more

De la Hoya changes the gun for a cannon shot

first_imgAFP ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>AFP Oscar de la hoya, former world boxing champion and promoter, is also very aware of football since he has a participation in the Houston Dynamo of the Major League Soccer. Before the first game of the season, before Los Angeles Galaxy, did not use a gun to mark the beginning as is done in other sports. He used a cannon.last_img

The shoulder complicates Adama

first_imgAdama Traoré is facing her best season as a professional. The Wolverhampton end accumulates six goals and seven assists among all competitions and even Robert Moreno came to include him in one of his lists for the Red although, in the end, he could not attend due to injury.An injury is precisely what is beginning to complicate the season of the extreme speed of L’Hospitalet and is that his left shoulder is giving him problems. Adama had her shoulder dislocated up to three times during the last 16 games: against Tottenham last week, against United in January and again against the Spurs but at Molineux in December. This last occasion, after a little less than a month since the second injury, the alert has jumped and according to the English press, the possibility of having to go through the operating room is being assessed. The player, they say, wants to avoid it in order to fight for a place in the list of 23 for the European Championship. Nuno also fears losing him to the final leg of the season with the Wolves qualified for the last 16 of the Europa League and with the qualification for the next continental competition in play, tied with United (5th) and three points behind Chelsea, which marks the Champions zone (45 points, 4th place). “It’s happened before and I was worried about him. It’s something that hurts him. It hurts a lot. He is a strong boy but he suffers like any other, “said the Portuguese coach after the match against his compatriot Mourinho, in which Adama had to put his shoulder on the band in a rather painful operation.These inconveniences will not deprive you of being next day against Brighton (Saturday, 4:00 p.m.) or Olympiacos (Thursday 12, 9:00 p.m.) in the first leg of the Europa League round of 16 but the Wolves star must be careful In the remainder of the season with his ‘weak point’.Richard Heathcote & nbsp; (Getty Images) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Adama Traoré suffers while her dislocated shoulder is placed.Richard Heathcote (Getty Images)last_img read more

Diego Capel: “In Malta I have been received as a king”

first_imgThere are times when to meet again it is necessary to travel thousands of kilometers. It is the case of Diego Capel (Almería, 1988), whom soccer toured in Europe – he played in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Belgium – and has now led to Malta. “I’m very happy. I have been received like a king And after several months without a team, I have managed to feel important again. The most valuable thing for a footballer is to feel valued and here I have noticed it from the first moment. I had a galactic presentation … I can’t ask for more, “reveals the Sevilla squad to this newspaper.After spending the first part of the season without a team, Capel received the call of the Birkirkara FC. “At first I was a little reluctant“, remembers the soccer player,” but I ended up accepting. “” Then other more interesting possibilities came up, like going to Greece, but I had already given my word. The Birkirkara showed a lot of interest and that for me was essential. I prioritized continuing in Europe because I know that I still have a couple of years of good football, “completes the Andalusian, who has left behind” difficult months “in which” people believed that he would be physically ill. ” I still have a lot to contribute. “In Malta, Capel has found peace. “After trying so many things, you are looking for a place where you feel comfortable. Only in this way will you manage to give your best. Here they have given me all the facilities and that has made me find myself.” The Andalusian, who played almost 200 games with Sevilla and has in his record a European Under-19 and another Under-21, two UEFA Cups, a European Super Cup, two King’s Cups, a Spanish Super Cup, a Portuguese Cup and a Belgian league, he confesses having been surprised by the reception he has had in Malta: “I thought that nobody would know me, but everyone knows who I am and have seen my videos”. “There was a great stir with my signing. It is a pride to see that people recognize my work. That they expect so much from me gives confidence and improves my expectations,” he completes. In the locker room, Diego Capel is getting used to dealing with all kinds of questions about his past in Spain. “They ask me about my time in the national team, what it’s like to play in LaLiga or what it means to have Messi or Cristiano in front of me”, two galactics with whom he was compared in 2008: “I was in one of the best moments of my career, but it is not my fault that a cover compares me with such footballers. It was very strong, but I was always clear that they were somewhere else level. In Spain they put you on a pedestal very quickly, but it did not affect me at any time. “Last weekend, Diego Capel scored his first goal for Birkirkara, something he felt “like a release” after “a difficult stage”. “There is nothing better than scoring and feeling in a good moment. I am 32 years old, but I keep the illusion intact”, reveals the Andalusian, who is at the moment when he most values ​​being able to continue doing what he likes most: playing soccer . “The death of my brother José Antonio Reyes changed my perspective. You never expect that life, which has already taken me from Puerta, can take another partner in this way. So you have to take advantage of every moment. In Malta, yes, but I appreciate being able to continue enjoying this profession, which is beautiful. Hopefully we can do it for many more years, “he says.last_img read more

LaLiga and AFE will meet next week despite the salary taboo

first_imgThe fact that the economic negotiations are broken between LaLiga and AFE, does not mean that they do not meet again in the next few hours to analyze the crisis that Spanish football is experiencing and to debate the measures to be adopted so that its effects harm the least possible to clubs and footballers. Because, Both institutions plan to reschedule a telematic meeting next week. There is still no specific day. There, as AS has learned, the agenda will revolve around the different calendars on the table (up to 10, according to LaLiga) and ranging from ending the season with different start and end dates, to assessing that there can be played. But what, above all, will be discussed will be the health protocols for returning to work and competition, where the union wants to provide proposals that the players are sending them once it already seems clear that there would be matches every 72 hours and not every 48 as the clubs wanted. What, in principle, they will no longer talk about and it is a taboo subject, it is the subject of the percentage that clubs and players should be responsible for in the event of losses due to inactivity, as there will be. Thebes already calculated that the players should bear about 50% of the losses in any scenario (1,000 million if it is not possible to play and 150 if they end up playing the remaining 11 games), while footballers stand at 20% if canceled, recovering 10% in the following season, without having to reduce their payrolls in case of playing, either behind closed doors or with the public.After the meeting that LaLiga and AFE have held this Wednesday with the CSD, the RFEF and the CEOE, their agendas are not going to stop these days despite being Easter. LaLiga will continue with its meetings with the different national and international organizations and is already preparing its Delegate Commission for Monday, where six First-tier clubs (Madrid, Seville, Betis, Valencia and Villarreal) and six Second-tier clubs (Levante, Depor, Cádiz, Las Palmas , Alcorcón, Almería and Lugo meet to update the situation regarding ERTE and individual negotiations with each staff to reduce wages.The Mixed Commission will not meet for another two weeks.For its part, AFE continues to meet with political parties to analyze the situation together. Today is the turn of the Popular Party. In addition, David Aganzo will participate in the Board of Directors of the RFEF that is also held this Wednesday.last_img read more