New sites to quickly get traffic You may wish to do so

, in response to new station how to quickly get traffic before, I would like to ask you, where do you think the maximum flow, operation site of friends must know, it must be love Shanghai, and a few products in Shanghai, we love the novice site can use products but also love Shanghai and Shanghai Post Bar know love. So how to use love and love to know Shanghai Shanghai Post Bar to their new sites for flow? The question I know and I will use Post Bar divided by two parts to talk about specific.

In fact, read more

Secret BAT board survival rules unicorn company has suffered painful choiceMMS alliance and its his

will BAT as three mountains, is a latecomer insurmountable ceiling. Some people will get BAT investment as holding BAT thigh, landing BAT board".

so many entrepreneurs will face such a choice – whether to take BAT investment, holding BAT thighs

for entrepreneurs, whether you need to get BAT investment? When to get their investment? How to integrate resources? Use trade resources properly? These problems become more and more important, but has not got enough attention.

however, the other side of the coin, sometimes because startups will stand, but to help the other competitors get giant support. In addition, due to the scarcity of BAT resources, some entrepreneurs expect the flow of resources and business cooperation as expected, and even did not reach any cooperation. read more

Owners choose four methods of long tail keywords

two index of online search platform. The first step is to find the long tail keywords, if you do not see this, then you understand the words you choose have done some traffic? If no traffic, or just a few people occasionally search words, even up that have what use? So, can not be ignored in the two online index query the platform, they can provide you the day which words flow, what words mean flow stable for a year, which words have special long tail keywords and related search terms etc.. By using the two query platform, and more clearly understand the traffic trends you want to do the word how to establish a drainage scheme using long tail keywords so as to better. Love and Shanghai index can also be effective to query the population is mainly concentrated in what place, so it’s easier to make their own analysis of the words themselves have no use! So, the two query platform, make use of, get more than 1+1=2 so little. read more

Look at the website of Shanghai Longfeng outbound links from not only into the brave

to brave luck luck, increase the festive festive psychological understandable, but "not only" psychological law and the development of modern commercial society misfits, impossible to achieve the purpose of linfe.

site outbound links, refers to the web page with hyperlinks to other websites. Outbound links can guide users to access the site to access other sites; at the same time, the export link also became a landmark to guide the search engine spiders track access other websites related pages, leading to their web search engine to other site weight. read more

n 2011 the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love the most practical combat skills

Three, the text entry

entry form is also can through the entry form should note the following:

3, in line with the general style of writing. This should follow the general encyclopedia logic structure, advance level. From the general definition (Introduction) narrates, gradually expand the content, step by step, not abrupt.

2, in line with the general release of Internet content typesetting specification. Reasonable structure, arrangement of paragraphs of text attributes, with a unified style arrangement. To avoid the abuse of editor layout, layout leads to reduced to fragments. read more

How to fix Google included to achieve better rankings

Google for the website ranking has great difference with the love of Shanghai, such as the requirements of the new sites, Shanghai love is generally not to the railway station, what a good ranking, unless some of the more popular keywords, and Google is not the same, did foreign friends know when a new ranking is better than the old station perhaps, it is to be more timely and more quality content! Engage in foreign trade website also has a period of time, there is a certain understanding for Google, although not fully grasp its rules for Google included and ranking said his below to an understanding of this aspect of it: read more

Three of the ultimate brand by Shanghai Dragon

three: the ultimate soft area to spread

after selection and keywords ranking stable vertical field, seems to have done a part of brand building. But if you really want to build a brand, but also to walk very far, but also very much. Here on the last point, I recommend to you is the promotion of soft paper. Soft Wen promotion is a tool used by many owners, and.

two: the ultimate keyword ranking to stabilize

The development of

in Shanghai dragon matures, many owners are already familiar with the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon. In the forum, see some Adsense said the Shanghai dragon brand post, I am interested in this idea, actually I always agree, has been in use. So, for the use of Shanghai dragon to build their own brands, I also have something to say. I think we should do this thing need to put three things to the extreme, otherwise, brand building will be some resistance, are described below. read more

On the way to win the contents of the website optimization

?The relevant professional degree, the content of

as a full-time Shanghai dragon Er, and as many webmaster, will be faced with access to the web content, we all know the love of Shanghai website content higher, with Everfount content, website ranking will be very easy to do, but also have the one and only content, site of the long tail keywords will bring considerable traffic that is beneficial to the website ranking and website profit. Any site operators who know the most valuable traffic, you can put the cash flow, the difficulty lies in how to obtain the content. In Shanghai dragon why have such a sentence: the problem is that Shanghai Longfeng content sources, inheritance in return users. It sounds great, but it is the essence of. Below from my personal website operation and optimize the site experience to talk about how to create good content, to make the website optimization by content. read more

Law of everything system of Shanghai Longfeng existence malpractice

1. heavy communication cost

Shanghai dragon is never 100% can be made, this is it with the bidding difference, is not only money not to spend money, Shanghai dragon is a very not guaranteed to work, SEM is exactly equivalent, as long as the money, there is a row, click, and flow will follow, but the money is the problem.

1. long suffering

operation optimization


3. custom technology and

3. difficult competition


for Shanghai dragon, long cycle time, the greater the degree of competition and the cycle is longer, and even some keywords years cannot arrive at home, it is also very common, so in this slow process should be prepared mind and heart is expected to work. read more

How to get free outside the chain of high quality skills

many sites are the support of submission, submission of the channel will depend on you to find, find a place can contribute, do not contribute so, must make clear rules of the website submission submission, it can increase the pass rate of their own website submission, what all don’t understand, it is difficult to. And the article submission, the best is the original text, it is the love for many website original article, the focus is the search engine love.

submission way

than their sites high weight / high PR Links read more

Fish sharing resources outside the chain of four weight high


chain often do, but there are some careful friends find a phenomenon that some of the chain number is not much weight and website ranking than some of the chain number over a thousand million of the station is better, this is why? In fact, need quality more chain instead of single to pursue the number of.

is a new online just want to quickly get good rankings and the weight, the only correct way is to do the content and strive to build the chain, and the content of the construction of a fish have been in front of an article in the times mentioned today, a fish to share their often go to the top four high weight chain concentration ground. read more

Case analysis the medical industry of Shanghai Longfeng month summary report

: early included low, but gradually screened included good website, give up included not ideal site.

1. platform, have been found to depend too much on the publishing platform;

7. from the technology, equipment, services, experts point of view.


5. word class keywords to the home page, the main keywords and disease keywords pointing to columns and pages. General 2-3

;The release of

The lack of high quality

encountered problems in the process of

The middle of The content of 4.

content is king, people in the pseudo original also failed, a part of writing is relative to spend more time, but mostly in the order changes, not to the marketing of the anchor text pointing details are perfect, to spend time long-term rate difference phenomenon. The next will try the pseudo original, participate in editorial team training, more efforts to improve work efficiency. read more

Ten love Shanghai optimization of the common problems and Solutions

6, the website changed the title and description.

love Shanghai not stable in the influence of various factors, such as the site space is not stable, the chain quality is not good, has set up the website, the website content higher repeat. Tokgo in accordance with the wind feel or not high in weight website love Shanghai inside, as long as we release the original article, increase the site related to the reverse link, after a period of time, even if not update your website ranking is also in love in front of the Shanghai. read more

Rookie learning Shanghai Longfeng original writing experience

The first paragraph of article

page title "key words" on behalf of the entire page all the key words in the title set, most call page title is the title of the article, so set the title of the article is also very important, the title of the article to appear keywords. Changed some time ago love Shanghai algorithm, description seems to be so important to the previous article not included here, do not explain.

for the body is inserted in the picture, suggesting ALT attributes, and the keywords set in the ALT property. read more

Google confirmed that the new test module in search results

technology news (Zhong Tao) November 8th Beijing time news, according to the development trend of the industry attention to search the American technology blog SearchEngineLand reports, Google spokesman confirmed Monday that the company is Google search results page test called a "source of information" (Source) new content module.

Shepard provides screenshots show, when users search for the American pop singer "Rihanna" (Rihanna), in addition to Google search to the regular search results, search results are still on the right side of the page provides Rihanna related data and other information, such as the singer’s birthday, family members, popular songs and similar artists etc.. The information comes from Wikipedia (Wikipedia) website. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization break the normal procedure does not take the unusual way

set up their own website Wikipedia

I believe you have seen Tian Ji Horse Stories, Tian Ji three horse than the king’s weak, in accordance with the order from strong to weak obviously can not win, then took the advice of Tian Ji bin, in order of appearance to change the game, get the result of victory. Shanghai, too, now Shanghai dragon competition team, money and resources, if you do better than others, but also to optimize the main keywords – according to conventional hot word, long tail keywords sequence of words, but obviously than others, why not change the location. read more

Shanghai Dragon Technology novice research do not possessed by the devil

second: watch the search results click or click

website to see the weight of

?The first point:

always felt I can conquer some keywords ranking, always feel that if I try to do something that can go beyond it, but in the actual operation, but it also seems difficult to find beyond ah, the chain is also in the ah, the content is perfect ah, why still ranked no improvement in

third: go to the forum signature authority

I don’t know since when the browser is installed on the Shanghai dragon quake plugin, and this plug-in advantage is that we can see the basic information website, believe this plugin is no stranger to the Shanghai Phoenix staff, the website data analysis which can help us quickly, see see, see included quantity, weight Alexa ranking etc.. May I trust to see this website, I may be in order to accumulate their own the chain resources, optimization method maybe I want to learn this station. read more

Shanghai dragon Er novice website optimization we need to do the preparation before class

wrote the article you were writing now, but now we object of writing and writing is a very big change, especially the quality of the high quality of the article is to enhance the quality of the website and the user experience of reading is the most powerful weapon, the search engine attaches great importance to the original high quality article, we do not require each articles are original but the basic resource integration and discourse organization ability is a must. Our sole purpose of writing the article is through the website content quality to attract more visitors, bring more traffic so as to enhance the website ranking to get a good conversion rate. read more

Share the novice web space for various options

to become the "data control", is the most important right

web space is our "IT migrant workers" dream place to start, who have used the website space to do a website, but then again, although is the basis for our webmaster website space career, but few people pay attention to the importance of it. The general attitude is just choose a space on it, then focus on the content and the chain, because there are too many people that content is king, the chain for the emperor, but few people mention "the website space, website space but why" really so chicken ribs? Hehe that is certainly not, like the update events, most sites are K, a very important reason is that the site is not stable, and the direct cause of instability is the website space suck. In view of this, the choice of space is very important for development of the site, but for the space of choice for many novice friends is too amateur, today Susan will share the idiosyncrasies of new friends in the choice of site space, we have good. Oh, oh. read more

Shanghai Longfeng workers how to face the work of helpless

we did Shanghai Longfeng people know, keywords ranking if using a formal means in a short time is not so easily done, if we use some cheating means that website ranking will be up soon, but it takes a certain amount of money. As for the small business owner, they do not understand these things, they think that if I ask you to do site optimization work, how long do I let you home, you must do it. If you do not home or flow, it can only show you the ability. We have to do with formal methods, need time, but the boss who really can not afford us ah, they do not have time to wait for two months after the keyword row to the first page, this is our project in Shanghai Longfeng helpless: formal means the home page is slow, the cheating in the future will have a bad effect on our website, you say Shanghai dragon is a good worker how to do read more