You do the chain in addition to the favorable ranking and other value

so we and other webmaster exchange Links, not only thought to rank and do this thing, the key words Links into target keywords. We should add some guidance or marketing of words based on keywords, the stone fish as an example, we can expand into 2013 new characteristics of stone fish. Compare will be found, such as user >

Links is one of the most important way for medium and small Adsense high weight links to the source, so the webmaster is very focused on this aspect. In order to general keywords ranking will be the webmaster to your target keywords in exchange for like, because I see the website statistics every day, this time I see every day there are several IP comes from the Links office, this Links to me a new thinking, can we do Links just in order to keywords ranking? Of course web site keywords ranking is very important for every website, there is no denying the fact that nobody. But today I want to say is Links value not only can bring a good ranking, that is supposed to bring traffic, and even bring the user (or customer). We need to play to the maximum value of Links. read more

Using the word segmentation technology makes the title keyword ranking before more

such as "Qingyuan site optimization", under the title "Qingyuan website optimization, first choice" Qingyuan website ranking to give priority to "Qingyuan Shanghai dragon _ website optimization, first choice" Qingyuan Website Title

1, the title, description words control

website keyword segmentation technology

1, the optimization principle of all keywords one prior to a keyword segmentation, and so on…

2, the title, key words to describe the word design

as the title and description of the same " Qingyuan Shanghai dragon ", than only appears in the title "Qingyuan Shanghai dragon" ranking also depends on the read more

Grassroots webmaster Shanghai dragon journey began in second steps how to choose the space

2. space support component

our space according to what procedures to select, 2 PHP or ASP basic.

(space server WD above is my choice.

website space service providers a grasp of a lot, we choose the space service providers must not blindly buy, but also look at the space service providers of credit, technical support, and brand and so on, whether the formal space service providers, with the stability of the server space need technical support is awesome to guarantee, service providers do not have space the strength, will not provide good service not to mention what the spatial stability. Even some of the space in order to save resources, deliberately shielding spider love Shanghai, don’t let him crawl, causing the site will not be included in the search engine love Shanghai, then you have a tragedy. read more

Cherish life away from the Shanghai Dragon

actually, I want to say is, Shanghai dragon has limitations too big, is not suitable for everyone, for example a lot of Shanghai Longfeng are technical training, obtain a ranking technique, ranking does not necessarily have to flow, the flow is not necessarily money, want to make money, or to rely on "Tao" Royal "operation" what is "Dao" is the essence?. The essence of Shanghai dragon is to reduce the cost. What is the purpose of Shanghai dragon? Free search engine accurate flow. What is the purpose of flow? To sell their products and services or others. A word or "sell", this involves marketing, is the conversion rate, conversion rate relates to many artists, customer service, copywriting, typesetting, layout and so on. This is your ranking, but didn’t have the reason why traffic flow, do not make money. read more

Personal experience of the love of Shanghai right down and restoration measures

analysis why love Shanghai will drop right on our website. From the point of view of the station, when the data is a purely commercial sales domain hosting website, not content oriented, and we have been collected, the article reprint of others against. So the website interior is no problem, the number is less than 300, and 99% are original. So, what is the reason for the right to be reduced? Through the analysis, it should be love in Shanghai caused by excessive chain optimization. We are looking for Taobao some of the hair of the chain of service, most of them are outside the chain of software group, the source of the chain are also some junk forums and various blogs. They were not related to a lot of mass and our website theme, then add the keyword and url. Further analysis we found that the site outside the chain is growing too fast, there is no natural increase, but the chain is not serious, to love Shanghai outside the chain of cheating judgment, so the website in this. read more

Look at the relationship between Shanghai and UEO from Shanghai dragon love angle

2, UEO is the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon

UEO, Shanghai dragon these concepts, many webmaster in practice put forward on the basis of summing up the. In the website optimization process, a lot of problems.

UEO is to improve the user experience for the principle, improve the site function, structure, operation, visual, and stick to visitors, improve site traffic. Love Shanghai website to enhance the user experience, we have to meet the requirements of the love of Shanghai, will also make UEO. Stand in love Shanghai’s point of view, we should be the purpose of Shanghai dragon UEO, only the correct direction of love, Shanghai will be more popular with our website. The UEO of the world factory, in the implementation of the 3 months later, the amount collected and site visits are greatly improved, without trying to send a chain of circumstances, the chain number two growth of 30 million. Shanghai dragon to UEO as the goal, so you don’t have to worry about search engine punishment, the website will also enter the benign stage of development. read more

The use of user experience to target the keywords ranking before the break 5


to share my experience, hope you can live in the present Shanghai dragon, also hope you please leave the original 贵族宝贝tangowood贵族宝贝.cn/ address, thank you support, please respect the copyright of

! !

I live in the present is currently engaged in the wedding photography industry of Shanghai dragon, you can see the word Beijing wedding photography search results quickly reached 6 million, wedding photography quickly reached 100 million, that how to bring their ranking a breakthrough? > let me introduce the case, I is the entry of new Shanghai dragon, as long as I have seen before on an article (to the old Shanghai dragon Er article: don’t look down on the new Shanghai dragon) I know, is the station of candy photography, in half a month ago the word into the Beijing wedding photography home around eighth ninth, why this week Beijing wedding photography which I occupy first place? And in the area of Beijing is also the first wedding photography I search it? Here’s what I experience? Please master Shanghai Dragon said the wrong point to read more

The practice of share Shanghai Longfeng analysis after single operation process planning

3, website production, is a dynamic website, or pseudo static, or static? Don’t doubt that the effect of

1, website development history: domain name registration date, and for the new domain, and the domain name registration institution. For the domain name registration date, and whether the new domain name, Shanghai dragon Er all that represents what, here is not to do that. Then the influence of the domain name registration institution is what? I want to say is DNS


here’s just ignore the first details on the industry analysis, the former must have a certain understanding, we just say some of the process followed by sexual problems: read more

Watch the search engine algorithm Bibi clouds calm

usually pay attention to more exchange links, link exchange standard, has decided to snapshot, PR, keywords ranking, the site correlation, we can according to their own circumstances and capabilities, but here we must understand, in fact, a site of good and bad, the weight is high, there is no much difference and our own people, if my friends are good, I also not bad, if my friends are businessmen, that we’re not far from the business at the same time, if we know the bad guys more, we go there or not. read more

The webmaster we want to develop your mind

we want to do it unique, to have a brand effect. For example, Lu Songsong, we all know, the beginning is unknown, slowly on the people know, slowly is omniscient. Although this time is a bit long, people have the ability to persist. Do imitation stations are basically siwuquanshi, can do new in order to be different based, what people have Internet, what can be done, to see is to understand the development of.


Shanghai, the most important thing is to have good analytical skills, I said yes, do not believe you look down. Should first turn to lay the foundation, your website can not code out of order, but website should be concise and clear, prominent theme, code clear, probably is the base of these. read more

Webmaster forum station love Shanghai DZ plug in to upgrade

finally attach plug-ins use and operation steps:

. This is an advertisement, but the ad without consumption, but can help you get more traffic. First, think about the following questions:

2, such as has not been deployed love Shanghai station search user, click the "login" can be completed at the same time to realize the functions of data submission and 4> forum.

if you are not aware of the love of Shanghai DZ plugin, but please you know: the above problem this plug-in can be easily achieved. read more

The search engine is how to look at the reverse link below

page retention time: if the user clicks on a link and >

changes: changes in content, especially the change of the subject, then the effect will reduce the reverse link. General web content is increased without change, especially the large scope of the theme of change, will be on their own ability to vote is changed.

link duration: Overall, the long link has more advantages. In general, a link at least 4 weeks or more to play a role, so the longer the more links can play good role. If the time is very short, it may disappear in the search engine has not been calculated. read more

Why hackers attack website

website right down topics:


solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

– Money: in January 23, 2008, the Sohu of Beijing Internet Information Services Limited found more than 80 game account abnormal "Denon eight", aware of hacking immediately to the public security organ IP addresses belonging to the Wuhan city police. The public security organs cracked, two Wuhan "hacker" Xiamou, Fumou from December 2007 to March 2008, the company has repeatedly invaded Sohu media server and steal "Denon eight points in the game" 2 million, after sales, the illegal profits more than 76 yuan. read more

The weight of BR from 4 to 1 optimization webmaster can think of

now is a ten, shopping festival, rich life, poor owners are still struggling in the first line! At this moment, dare not think small balance on Alipay, but the recall of a website, it is a unforgettable story. Yes, love Shanghai BR weight from 4 to 1, leading the optimization webmaster can think of what things? Please listen to me carefully……

do not think, because of programming, immediately contacted a programmer, 800 yuan to do a website. At the same time, thinking about the trouble, buy a space in Hongkong. 2014 is a year of struggle. What no new basic station promotion, all in the plateau and the update. In addition to the Spring Festival or special things, keep 4 more every day (late 2 or more). There are efforts to return the love of Shanghai weight eventually rose to BR4, many tea industry ranked first. read more

The link anchor text links more than URL

first, the effect of link page in the search engine rankings in effect, but the effective degree of the link anchor text and a good result is better than the URL link;

Da three: construction site outside the chain, the anchor text links than the pure URL link.

Da: in the same situation, personally feel that in process of construction site outside the chain, anchor text link link better than pure URL. The anchor text is the essence of Shanghai dragon, and it is in the search engine ranking algorithm are more important, generally applicable to large website. The anchor text is actually the keyword plus the form of a hyperlink, URL, spider climb to another and the relevant page through the anchor text links. This web page and the page keyword importance has improved, so as to improve the keywords ranking. read more

These years the excavator algorithm these reflections

in fact, the so-called algorithm, personally, I have a colleague said is right: the so-called algorithm, is not to say that the mathematical model of the complex is the algorithm, even a simple formula for you to write, as long as can solve the existing business pain points, with the model of their own ideas. It is an algorithm, but it may not be universal, can only solve specific business needs.

in large-scale data under the premise of many complex algorithms, but the effect is not so good, or that we will find ways to simplify the process. read more

CNNC81% net civil vertical search main search video news music

with China Internet users increasingly mature, Internet users is still in search engine users at the same time, more differentiation demand through the vertical search engine to meet in 2011, this trend is more clear.

fell in love with the sea with its rich product line, still plays a leading position in the market, in 2011 the market concentration trend is more obvious. Love Shanghai to six large groups of high permeability. At the same time, other search engine companies is on the rise, but in the traditional web search, is not easy to fall in love with the sea more than. But with the rise of micro-blog, SNS, community content component is increasing, whether the community search will become the highlight of the search engine, who will occupy the initiative, is a mystery. read more

Brush love Shanghai promotion ranking nearly ten million debt what is enlightenment

an hour is not to be able to run out of 5600 yuan, a year at least 50 million yuan. Mr. Song is his account to calculate the cold sweats, and he has not received any from first to last a customer call business phone. The results of the company day to Mr. Song’s bank card refund 1200 yuan, then gone below.

some time ago broke the news online, two men using a cheat, click to click simulation, the customer increases, thus improving customer search rankings love Shanghai. Shanghai love affect the search results, affecting other users love to love Shanghai Shanghai search experience, the company also caused direct economic losses, damage to the love of the brand image of Shanghai, the two people were sentenced to the crime of destroying computer information system. read more

f you want to succeed you should be an industrial StationHuang chapter internal reflection recorde

2, the product is relatively poor opening. The chapter is the founder of a product, but the pursuit of the ultimate, this product is not thinking of the industrial age, the age of the Internet products thinking, an important performance is Meizu hardware software gene, gene deficiency, direct the performance is not good gigolo.

stood there for some time, as the saying goes, what we make a good, but actually do that, really not easy, a word to " ". Do stand, everyone from the garbage station over, want to do a normal station, want to to make a stand, want to be like a graph king to do so well station. But it is too difficult to. read more

Discussion on how to establish their own new Wangzhuan Wangzhuan interestUser’s conversion rate of T

The word "

everything has its own development ideas, and in this group of practitioners are by their own goals, Wangzhuan industry is no exception, if its practitioners can set up a good Wangzhuan target must be able to help themselves establish a good interest in the industry, no target practitioners like a person without soul. So set your goal is very important for the novice Wangzhuan Wangzhuan is, after entering the Wangzhuan industry should not hurried to think one day millions, but should think they can get what in Wangzhuan industry, what can be learned, through thinking and their Wangzhuan goals established goal and reality, their combination. read more