Winter stall vendors should pay attention to what

winter arrived, put a stall and more up, but the winter stall in the end what to sell? Put stall stall vendors do small business, we must look for a big market, high profit products, and find a good sales method. Nothing can go shopping, turn around the wholesale market, think more about what to sell stall, you will find that there are a lot of useful things to learn from the store purchase experience.

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Self made millions of sales legend

with the development of economy, more and more opportunities, many people do not want to work again, began a career. But also a lot of self-made, starting from scratch is not easy, are hard to get success. Let’s listen to the story of dongsheng.

on Dongsheng brothers home 8 sisters, he was more than and 10 years old when he wanted to go out to do business. 1991 to Han, he was only 57 yuan, spent $30 rented a house, began in Hanzheng Street. Now he turned into a company with annual sales of over a million bosses, seemingly impossible things, he succeeded by virtue of their own efforts step by step! read more

Recommended brand of snack food

now people in the house there are a lot of people, so in particular for this group, the network called Indoorsman Indoorswoman. What can you do at home playing games, playing mobile phone, reading, watching TV, the leisure time is so sent, but do not look at this boring life form there is a huge wealth of business opportunities, because this group is not for what the company, that is to eat. The leisure food of these consumer groups to start, absolutely profitable.

leisure food is always very hot to join the industry, many small and medium-sized business investment in this venture will choose to join the leisure food! So many snack food brand and you know how much? The following lists a small part, may help you to join. read more

Shanghai wonton why good business

belongs to the clan and wonton dumplings, looks like, making process are similar. As we all know, such as dumplings, noodles, wonton and other pasta is a favorite food in northern china. The dumpling is . The wonton, thin filling more, delicate appearance, high nutritional value. Consumers are the most favorite food. Usually, a bowl of wonton production costs 2-3 yuan, the price is generally around 10 yuan, gross profit is still very high. Many investors optimistic about the prospects for the development of wonton, sprouted a wonton shop ideas. Then, wonton to join what brand is good? Today Xiaobian to recommend Shanghai wonton. read more

How to reduce the operating costs of food and beverage investment

food and beverage industry is a field of preference for many investment franchisees, because many people think that the food and beverage industry does not need too much business skills, less investment costs, higher returns. But early entrepreneurs do not know investment in food and beverage industry if you do not pay attention to capital controls, you will likely lose everything, so how to effectively reduce the cost of investment management is a necessary condition for food catering business success. read more

Five retail profit maximization model to help

is the retail sales terminal directly with the customer contact, numerous tentacles is like enterprise, sensitive and lethal, because demand in the rich society consumer more and more personalized and diversified, modern circulation enterprises to establish a distribution system widely and most close to the customer terminal, can use this to provide value-added services.

except financial mode, retail profits mainly through the following five ways:

expand into the sales price of

centralized procurement, plus additional services to certain storage and transportation and other simple, into the sales price can obtain the purchase price and price. This is the most primitive circulation industry profit model, now is still the basis of the circulation of enterprise profit. The larger the size, the more the bargaining advantage of procurement. However, the only way to obtain income is not competitive, this is because a single source of profits, the lack of core competitiveness, higher transaction costs. It can be predicted that the future of this way can not become the main source of profit for modern circulation enterprises. read more

What are the skills of food shop decoration

a physical store, if you want to attract consumers, often need to have a better decoration. However, how can we make the decoration effect is better, which is often a skill to speak of. So, what are the food shop decoration skills? Let Xiaobian for your simple analysis.

pay attention to the store space design

[Huli District, Xiamen City, Zheng Yufei food store]

my shop is small, a 40 square meters of space, but I was in the shop when the small ground of heart very attached to the space design. read more

The analysis of investment and operation of slimming ice cream shop

believe that many people are very love to eat delicious ice cream, but want to lose weight woman can not touch the ice cream, in fact there are many kinds of ice cream, for children’s services is a cute cartoon ice cream, focus on healthy people for slimming cream. Today, small make up to talk about thin ice cream shop investment analysis. If you are interested in this project, you may want to know in detail.

thin ice cream product features

1. security. Pure natural raw materials, no added, green food, nourishing the body, healthy food! read more

Crane ordered the evacuation of Huangpu River in Shanghai the whole

Huangpu River is not only a symbol of Shanghai, and it plays a significant role in transport, won recognition. ) in order to eliminate the pollution risk of Shanghai drinking water sources, to promote the planning function adjustment on both sides of the Huangpu River, Shanghai municipal government in accordance with the requirements of the upper reaches of the Huangpu River floating remediation work, the existing 196 Huangpu River floating crane ships shall be withdrawn in March 20th before the Huangpu river. read more

The investment can be C in fruit and vegetable juice D warm you and me

daily necessities, how can it be less juice? Today, the advent of summer, it means that the ice juice market, began to heat. Can C D fruit and vegetable juice? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship.

C can be D fruit and vegetable juice is a fancy to this market, the introduction of aerobic hot drinks. Let you warm you and me. C can be D fruit and vegetable juice drinks main fruit and vegetable juice, the perfect combination of vegetables and fruits, so that more nutrition, more conducive to people’s health, to provide the necessary vitamins for the human body. read more

How much money do you need to invest in a makeup shop

beauty industry entrepreneurial projects are very exciting for businesses, but different join mode, the funds needed is not the same, so the size of the general cosmetics shop business, how much money? Now follow Xiaobian together to understand.

for the cosmetics stores, money is certainly not the more the better, but sufficient budget for cosmetics franchise days after the operation, has a key role in this world not only the harvest does not pay for things, cosmetics franchise investment is the same, only the reasonable investment and distribution the use of funds to make money can make a cosmetics shop. read more

Take you to eat the most Korean cuisine

Chinese Korean wave has been for many years, the Korean China received young people warmly pursued at the same time, South Korea also features a variety of culture in the subtle influence of Chinese, which is one of the influential delicacy of character. In China Korean snack varieties, single on full and authentic well is this one.

kiumi Korean rice cake hot pot

delicious is king. To bring the menu, it is rich and diverse, with a variety of series, such as rice cake kangjiaai Hot pot series, Korean cuisine dishes series, Korean miso soup series, dolsot bibimbap series, a series of lucky meters and delicious fried cake series, Fu Yun Korean pancake series, Korean kimbap series and so on. This small series made a difficult, what to eat good? The waiter seemed to see my doubts and said, "would you like a copy of our flagship product, it will taste rice cake Hot pot? China Korean rice cake with the Hot pot together, both to ensure the authentic Korean rice cake, and Chinese special elements the people eat very satisfied." That being the case, it’s read more

Meat products ten brands list the whole

on the market for a variety of meat products demand is still very large, so that the market by the birth of the brand is also very much, here, let Xiaobian introduce meat ten brands list, let the market of meat products in China brand can have more understanding, and can choose to the real needs of the brand.

meat products ten brands list NO.1, Shuanghui: founded in 1958, national technology center, won the national Chinese brand, trademark protection, meat processing of large food group, Henan Shuanghui group. read more

Why do you choose to open a bedding store

than the older generation, the younger generation is more inclined to buy a set of bedding, both beautiful and convenient. So the business is getting better bedding. In a good market environment, the opening of a bedding retail stores can get the desired income. Today, the market demand for bedding industry has increased year by year, of course, to join the industry investors are also increasing year by year. Under the premise of such a market, investors can grasp how to operate the bedding industry? May wish to choose to join the model operating bedding, which will have a lot of advantages. read more

How to open home stores to expand the source

for Home Furnishing franchisee, the key lies in the rich source of development, how to successfully expand customer base determines your profit margins could become more broad, small sums up some feasible way from Home Furnishing supplies demand larger area, open to Jiezhuang companies, and Internet platform mode, for you find the best extension off skills!

first, the depth of the community, seize the interception from the retail terminal to the customer’s life terminal interception. Especially the New District, the completion area, has become the main battlefield of many Home Furnishing brand. There’s no war on the battlefield. How to promote in the community, how to find the target customers in the District, how to deal in the District, how to grab the volume in the District, has become a compulsory course for many home sales clerk. read more

Shop can not do business with two

Now the

network is faster and faster, and the intelligent mobile phone is more and more high, so the mobile phone becomes a tool for a lot of people can not be less, many shopkeepers more because of too much attention to ignore the mobile phone shop. Since the phone WeChat added a few groups, every day there are friends in the group to grab red envelopes. One night, the group is rushing to red envelopes, the store came to a customer to buy two bottles of wine, and then bought a pack of Chinese cigarettes, is preparing to checkout, the customer and the 5 bottles of drinks. read more