The 10 moments that have Cádiz one step away from Primera

first_imgUntil the break came, the Cádiz season was being framed. Solid leader of Second during 27 of the 31 days, he only dropped from first place on four occasions and in all of them being second classified, or what is the same: always in direct promotion. Throughout the League he has shown superiority that was absolute in sections. The base has been defensive strength and good numbers both at home (where the fans have had a fundamental role), whatever (They have only fallen in five games out of 16). All this is summed up in ten key moments. Ten situations in games, which have Cádiz one step away from First.8/18/2019. Day 1. Cádiz 3-1 PonferradinaCádiz started the season with a victory against Ponferradina (3-1) and against their people to forget as soon as possible the tragic end of the previous campaign, in which the yellows did not win any of the last seven games. This reason deprived them of playing the promotion playoff. Despite the fact that the Bercianos were ahead on the scoreboard with a goal from Trigueros; Javi Navarro, Perea and Nano Mesa, came back to leave +3 in Carranza.09/01/2019. Matchday 4. Racing 1-2 Cádiz.After chaining three consecutive victories and already settled in first place, Álvaro Cervera players went to El Sardinero with the aim of continuing in a positive line. The yellows had to sweat a lot to beat the Cantabrians (1-2). Perea put the visitors ahead in the first half and Barral equalized in the 85th after previously missing a penalty. When everything seemed to indicate that the tie would be the final result, Álex, from a penalty, and in the 100 ‘, put the 1-2.09-14-2019. Matchday 5. Cádiz 2-0 GironaOne of the great tests by fire came on the fifth day. Cádiz received Girona, one of the recently descended and favorites for promotion. However, those of Álvaro Cervera did not shake their pulse and with goals from Álcala, at his own door; and Álex, put 15 in the yellow dotted box. Stuani ended the game prematurely on expulsion. Cadiz began to present a firm candidacy for promotion.09-29.2019. Day 8. Almería 1-2 CádizThe game of the Mediterranean Games was, perhaps, the key moment of the Cádiz season. The yellows arrived at the field of the current leader (they had lost the first place two days before) and they recovered it with a flag victory in a difficult match. Despite the fact that Cervera’s men went ahead on the scoreboard with a goal from Lozano, Marcos Mauro saw the expulsion in the 76th minute and three minutes later the locals tied. However, in 88 ‘, Espino appeared to put the final 1-2 and thus regain the lead.10-18-2019. Matchday 12. Cádiz 2-0 Las PalmasOn day 12, Cádiz was a perfectly greased machine. Las Palmas visited the Tacita de Plata and those of Cervera added a new victory (2-0), which meant the fifth consecutive victory. Fali and Álex, from a penalty, put the goals and placed the yellows to the maximum difference with respect to the playoff of the entire season. A +11 with Fuenlabrada, which dispelled any doubts about the real objective of Cádiz. 11-24-2019. Matchday 17. Cádiz 2-1 LugoCádiz faced the match against Lugo on matchday 17, as a great opportunity to make good the two consecutive draws in two visits to Rayo and Tenerife. The yellows started with doubts after an early goal by Iriome, but recovered thanks to a double by Iza. In the first, the winger appeared through the center of the box to finish off a luxury assist from Mesa; and in the second, a tremendous kick was taken that entered the squad.01-04-2020. Round 22. Ponferradina 0-0 CádizOn the first day of the new year, Cádiz saved an important point from El Toralín, another of the complicated fields of this season. Álvaro Cervera’s did not show their best version before Ponferradina and Cifuentes had to sustain the team with seven stops. The yellows had to play the last minutes of the match with one less player, by expulsion of Quezada, but they were able to maintain the initial result.01-24-2020. Matchday 25. Cádiz 1-0 RacingDoubts begin to arrive in January, where Cádiz begins to weaken and loses part of the advantage with its pursuers. Against Racing, on matchday 25, The yellow team has no choice but to win again after a streak of four games without doing so. Everything seems expensive when the Cantabrians are left with one less player by expulsion from Olartúa, however, and despite the siege of the Cervera team, Cádiz does not manage to break the door down until the 92nd minute, when Cala takes an unstoppable kick from outside the area. Cádiz returns to the lead and will no longer release him.02-08-2020. Matchday 27. Las Palmas 1-2 CádizIn Gran Canaria, Cádiz shows again a version more similar to that of the first days of the League. The people of Cádiz took an important victory at the Las Palmas stadium (1-2). Perea and Álex put the score 0-2 on the scoreboard. The locals begin to tighten and manage to reduce distances through a goal by Rubén Castro, minutes from the end. Mel’s tried to tie on several occasions, but Cifuentes saved the team again with five merit stops.03-06-2020. Matchday 31. Lugo 1-1 CádizCádiz played its last game before the break, at Anxo Carro. Another match where things got difficult from the start. Cervera’s men played 65 minutes with one less player, by expulsion of Cifuentes, but managed to get a point despite being inferior. Lozano put the yellows ahead before the break; and in the second part the figure of David Gil was erected, with several interventions of merit. The locals overwhelmed the yellow goal until in the 81 ‘, Carrillo tied the game. Proud yellow tie.last_img

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