GTUC urges Govt, Opposition to ensure calm, stability

first_imgThe Guyana Trades Union Congress Union (GTUC) is calling on Government and the Opposition to ensure that the matter regarding the no-confidence ruling and the deadline for elections is addressed soon and treated as a matter of urgency, while maintaining calm and stability.The GTUC has recommended that both parties return to the table to work out their differences and modalities. “The GTUC holds both sides equally responsible to get this right and not seek to benefit from what might be perceived as dilatory or aggressive tactics,” it said on Sunday in a missive.The trade union body has also called on society not to examine the Constitution in isolation but to be guided by the acting Chief Justice Roxane George’s ruling which should be upheld.“This issue is not about the President or Leader of the Opposition. It is not about the respective political party’s interests. It is about we the people, the working-class people, who deserve justice in every aspect of Guyana’s governance, for this in effect impacts on our collective wellbeing and our way forward as a united and productive nation,” a statement from the Union added.In addition, the GTUC has called on the international community, business, people, civil society and all others interested in Guyana’s well-being and the application of justice to respect the ruling that not only upheld Article 106(6) but in equal measure upheld 106(7).“Individually and collectively we cannot afford to let Guyana down at this crucial juncture. In the midst of uncertainty navigating this period and the acting CJ’s ruling, society will continue to rely heavily on the media, the fourth estate, to play a pivotal role in averting undue tension by bringing credible understanding that would aid the ensuring of calm, stability and appropriate behaviours.”While acknowledging that the no-confidence case was the first of its kind for Guyana, the GTUC noted that the determination is not guided by any local precedence, clear guidelines and law as to how the nation proceeds, and as acting CJ in her ruling stated, “functions.”Constitutional duties“It is that ‘how’ which we must as a nation determine that is important to our stability. The Guyana Constitution places the President and Leader of the Opposition as part of the Executive (Title 5). Irrespective of the circumstance at this time, the holders of these offices will have to discharge their constitutional duties and seek to engage each other on issues pertinent to our national character and well-being,” the GTUC added.Further, the GTUC said it has taken note of the Opposition which said it would protest the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) and the Government if elections are not held within three months. While the GTUC said it respects the constitutional right to protest, at the same time, it wants the Opposition and Government to carry out its duties and responsibilities to ensure that they proceed through this period in constructive not destructive manner.“Both sides must continue talking and working together because governance has not stopped. Either, in the interest of the people whom they serve, can initiate engagement to proceed in putting in place relevant guidelines, legislation or written convention that will establish parameters to deal with Article 106 (6) to expressly give meaning to the “functions of office” stated in the ruling of acting CJ,” it also added.The acting CJ ruled on Thursday that the No-confidence Motion was validly passed 33-32 in the National Assembly and the Cabinet has to resign in keeping with constitutional provisions of Article 106 and 106 (7) respectively.Consequent to the declaration that the 33-majority meant that the motion was carried, CJ George observed that the President and the Ministers cannot therefore remain in Government in accordance with Articles 106 (6) and 106 (7) after three months.Meanwhile, the Government in a statement on Thursday evening said it notes and respects the rulings. “The ruling is not in favour of the Government’s position with regard to the vote on December 21, 2018; however, due process continues and the Government will file an appeal in the Court of Appeal. The Government continues to believe that the full adjudication of this issue is in the national interest,” the statement said.last_img

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