Distribution of Indian Immigrants 2005

first_imgIndia is now the second largest immigrant source to the United States after only Mexico. In 2005, 84,681 Indians immigrated to the U.S. compared to 161,445 Mexicans. California attracted almost 17% of all Indian immigrants followed by New Jersey and Texas. Here is how the Indian immigrants fanned out across the United States. Indian nonimmigrant visitors to America are also on the rise, currently ranking ninth.Distribution of Indian Immigrants 2005 REGIONNUMBERPERCENTCalifornia 14,724 17.4%New Jersey 9,624 11.4%Texas 7,139 8.4%New York 6,693  7.9%Illinois 5,978 7.1%Florida 3,714 4.4%Georgia 3,671 4.3%Michigan 3,595 4.2%Pennsylvania3,3624.0%Massachusetts 3,100 3.7%Virginia 2,776 3.3%Ohio 1,9842.3%Maryland 1,7852.1%North Carolina1,7742.1%Washington 1,747 2.1%Connecticut 1,5711.9%Tennessee 9001.1%Wisconsin 876 1.0%Minnesota 8301.0%Missouri 786 0.9%Arizona 7390.9%Indiana 621 0.7%South Carolina5290.6%Colorado 516 0.6%Kentucky 5110.6%Kansas 460 0.5%New Hampshire4590.5%Delaware 439 0.5%Alabama 4310.5%Oregon 405 0.5%Oklahoma3730.4%Louisiana 318 0.4%Iowa 315 0.4%Nevada2530.3%Mississippi 2240.3%Arkansas 2150.3%Nebraska 1680.2%Rhode Island 1650.2%New Mexico 1500.2%Utah 147 0.2%West Virginia1330.2%Maine 108 0.1%Idaho 75 0.1%Vermont 740.1%District of Columbia600.1%North Dakota 49 0.1%Hawaii 28 0.0%South Dakota230.0%Alaska 15 0.0%Montana140.0%Total 84,681100.0%Nonimmigrant admissions 2005United Kingdom5,087,096Mexico4,774,161Japan 4,400,386Germany1,711,425France 1,309,830South Korea 876,554Italy810,137Australia 702,097India665,202Netherlands 642,256Brazil636,111Spain507,545China505,462Ireland469,869Colombia 412,256Venezuela396,828Sweden345,708Taiwan340,759Israel339,448 Related Itemslast_img

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