Editors vs Art Directors Part IV

first_imgWith that said, let’s take a little break from all thetension and focus on an art/edit team that works together—or at least one that appearsto:Since September 2006, Esquire has been defying theprinciples of Coverlines 101 with its type-heavy and largely illegible copybarraging almost every cover. Design director David Curcurito says the concept,the “Vietnam Memorial” approach, was editor David Granger’s, butCurcurito is the one who has been executing the design and refining the stylemonth after month-a clear signal that it’s working. According to Esquire, themagazine is consistently seeing stronger newsstand sales since implementing thenew cover design. The editor vs. art director battle on FOLIOMag.com started with this Mark Newmanblog post, continued witha follow-up and has been seepinginto unrelated blog posts ever since.Here’s one of the more diplomaticcomments, posted by a “Mr. McGuinness”:A magazine that has a staffthat sees ‘editorial’ and ‘art’ as separate, opposing forces is a poor, poormagazine indeed. To be a great magazine the art director and editor must haveequal power-but only of course, if they are completely on the same page. Ifnot, the solution is a ‘Creative Director,’ who is equally qualified in thevisual and narrative, who has the best interests of the editorial whole in mindand who can reign the disjointed impulses of the art director/designer and theeditor.last_img

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