UN envoys for Côte dIvoire peace to meet African Union mediators

The UN Operation in Cote d’Ivoire (UNOCI) said that before the two left for Pretoria the Secretary-General’s Special Representative (SRSG) and UNOCI chief, Pierre Schori, and the UN election representative, Antonio Monteiro, met yesterday with the Forces Nouvelles in Bouaké, north of the capital. Both envoys have scheduled meetings with Mr. Mbeki in Pretoria to discuss the implementation of the peace plan and the preparations for the elections, which are scheduled for 30 October. Early last month the Security Council noted the Declaration on the implementation of the Pretoria Agreement on the peace process in Côte d’Ivoire, signed on 29 June in Pretoria under the auspices of Mr. Mbeki, the African Union (AU) mediator. The agreement was an effort of the Ivorian parties to revive a peace process after talks faltered in April on setting a timetable for elections and disarmament. The Council also affirmed its readiness, in close consultation with the AU Mediation, to implement individual sanctions in a resolution which gave Ivorian parties one month to get the peace process back on track, or face a travel ban and asset freeze. Fighting erupted in Côte d’Ivoire in 2002 when rebels seeking to oust President Laurent Gbagbo seized the north, dividing the world’s largest cocoa producer in two. The Security Council set up UNOCI last year to help maintain a ceasefire between Government forces, ruling the south of the country, and the Forces Nouvelles, controlling the north. read more

Quick hits Midweek news and notes from Ohio State football

First-year Ohio State football head coach Luke Fickell held a press conference Tuesday and discussed everything from his strategy for calling timeouts to redshirt senior quarterback Joe Bauserman’s smile, as well as the Buckeyes’ Saturday game against Colorado at Ohio Stadium at 3:30 p.m. Timeout indecision against Miami Trailing by 11 points with 9:21 remaining in the fourth quarter, Fickell elected not to use a timeout during Miami’s 14-play drive, which lasted 8:48 seconds and ended with a touchdown that increased the Hurricanes’ lead to 24-6. The Buckeyes finished the game with all three timeouts remaining. “We were going to call a timeout right there, I think, on (Miami’s) third-down play that they converted,” Fickell said. “I think there was still a minute and a half left to go. They actually ended up calling the timeout.” Fickell, who was asked five questions during the press conference about the late-game timeout situation, said he planned to save the timeouts for OSU’s next drive. “We decided, ‘Hey, we’re going to need to save these unless we get in a situation because we’re going to need two scores,’” he said. “It ultimately didn’t end up hurting us.” Players Gotta Play Numerous freshmen, including Miller, freshmen wide receivers Devin Smith, Verlon Reed and freshman defensive back Bradley Roby, among others, have received significant playing time through the Buckeyes’ first three games. Despite their occasional struggles, Fickell said he’ll continue to field a team that features young, first-year players. “You got to get out there and do it to do it,” Fickell said. “That’s no excuse that they’re young. We’re not going to give them that excuse.” Smile, you’re on camera During ESPN’s national telecast of the Buckeyes’ loss to Miami, redshirt senior quarterback Joe Bauserman was captured on camera smiling toward the end of the game. Fickell said that he received an email about the incident after the game. “I didn’t see it,” Fickell said. “I haven’t talked to (Bauserman) and I know that Joe hurts every bit as I do. But, no, that’s not something you want to see. “We try to tell (the players) that nothing goes unnoticed.” Captaincy carousel Junior defensive lineman John Simon and junior fullback Zach Boren will act as team captains for OSU’s Saturday game against Colorado at Ohio Stadium. Boren, who is roommates with Simon, said that “John and I have a great relationship. It gets competitive (between us) with video games.” Nay-saying the boo birds Bauserman threw the ball away in several instances during OSU’s Sept. 10 win against Toledo, and members of Buckeye Nation sometimes greeted his tosses into the stands with boos. Boren said that if he were in the crowd watching the Buckeyes, he wouldn’t boo. “I know what this team goes through on a yearly basis and I know what we’ve done in fall camp,” Boren said. “I would never boo our team.” Fickell acknowledged the passion of the Buckeyes’ fans, but said that he doesn’t give a whole lot of thought to the crowd’s reaction during game. “They pay their money to get in,” Fickell said. “They love Ohio State, Ohio State football. If they don’t like something, they let you know. “That’s not what we’re going to focus on. Hopefully, that doesn’t affect us mentally in any way.” read more

Lydian lines up suppliers to produce Armenian gold

first_imgLydian International Ltd’s wholly owned Armenian operating subsidiary has signed key equipment supply contracts for its 100%-owned Amulsar gold project in Armenia. These contracts, signed ahead of the 2017 construction season, will provide all significant components of the mining fleet, materials handling system, gold-recovery plant, electrical systems, and worker accommodations.Zeppelin International has been contracted to supply Caterpillar mobile mining equipment, including haul trucks, shovels, tractors, loaders, dozers and other units of mining support equipment. Zeppelin has committed to initial deliveries starting Q3 2017. Mine production is estimated at approximately 25 Mt of material during the first year of operations. Later equipment additions will increase average mining capacity to approximately 35 Mt/y (total) of material thereafter.The materials handling system for Amulsar will be supplied by Sandvik. Major components to be supplied by Sandvik include the crushing and screening plant, the overland conveyor, storage reclaim and truck loadout feeding system. The crushing and screening plant will include a vibrating feeder, a primary jaw crusher and three secondary cone crushers, with a nominal design capacity of 10.5 Mt/y at a crush size of 80% passing 18 mm. The Sandvik overland conveyor will extend approximately 5.6 km with an elevation drop of 700 m from the crushing and screening plant to the truck loadout facility. The conveyor is designed to transport crushed ore at a nominal rate of 13.1 Mt/y. Initial deliveries of components for the overland conveyor are expected to begin during Q2 2017, with other conveyor, crushing and screening deliveries to continue through Q3 2017.AZMET Technology & Projects has been contracted for design and supply of the adsorption, desorption and recovery plant (ADR plant). The ADR plant is being designed to treat up to 1,100 m3/h of pregnant solution through a five-stage adsorption circuit. Four tonnes of loaded carbon will be eluted twice per day in a pressurized elution circuit, which will be followed by zinc precipitation. The gold and silver bearing precipitate will then be smelted in a gas fired furnace to produce doré bars.ABB is under contract for design and supply of equipment and materials for complete plant electrification. This will include the main substation and distribution grid, integrated automation and process control by optimized solutions, motors and drive systems, as well as premanufactured electrical rooms to house the whole plant electrical infrastructure.Contracts were also entered into with Renco for design, supply, construction and assembly of a 680-bed residence camp immediately adjacent to Amulsar. Renco mobilized during Q1 2017, with initial occupation of the camp planned for Q2 2017. Renovation of a local-area hotel has also been completed and will be used for accommodations until supplemented by the Renco camp.Howard Stevenson, Lydian’s President and CEO, commented, “Execution of these key contracts is a major achievement in the development of Amulsar. We are very pleased to have partnered with Zeppelin, Sandvik, AZMET, ABB, and Renco. Each is a leading equipment supplier in the mining sector and have committed to supporting our development plan for Amulsar.”Lydian is a gold developer, focusing on construction at its 100%-owned Amulsar gold project, located in south-central Armenia. Amulsar presents an opportunity for a large scale, low cost operation with production expected to begin in 2018. Open pit mining and conventional heap leach processing contribute to excellent scale and economic potential. Amulsar will be Armenia’s largest gold mine, with estimated mineral resources containing 3 Moz Measured and Indicated and 2 Moz Inferred. Gold production is targeted to average greater than 200,000 oz/y over an initial 10-year mine life. Existing mineral resources and open extensions provide opportunities to improve average annual production and extend the life of mine.last_img read more

Do you know where the adverts on your phone about the Eighth

first_imgDo you know where the adverts on your phone about the Eighth Amendment are coming from? Every impression designed to appeal to the emotions of its audience is gold in the coffers of the advertising platforms, writes Davis Morrison. David Morrison Share241 Tweet Email4 Feb 14th 2018, 12:06 AM IT’S MONDAY MORNING, four days before the 2018 referendum on access to abortion services in Ireland.Margaret is on the train to Dublin. Scrolling through her social media feeds, a promoted image appears of a young woman, just like the women Margaret volunteers with. She has a desperate plea. It feels like a punch to the gut.Monday evening, Padraig is home and browsing phone reviews. Between the paragraphs, a different image appears featuring a young boy. He stops cold.When they ask their friends what they think of the images, Margaret and Padraig get blank stares. Their friends haven’t seen them, and they won’t. They have visited different websites, followed different pages, liked different bands, commented on different posts and revealed different information about their relationship status. Combining this information, each of them falls into a demographic and psychological profile that advertisers can target.The images that Padraig and Margaret saw were designed for their eyes and for the eyes of those with a similar profile only.Psychometric advertisingThe advertiser knows their region. Knows how it voted before. Knows the demographics from the recent census. And knows how that information correlates to soft ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘don’t know’ positions on whether to repeal the Eighth Amendment. That’s traditional geographic and demographic targeting.The advertiser doesn’t know Margaret or Padraig, but they do know people like ‘Margaret’ and ‘Padraig’. They know which interests, websites and behaviours fit different profiles. They also know which images and messages resonate best with the emotions of their ‘Padraig’ and ‘Margaret’ profiles.This is psychometric advertising, coming soon to a referendum near you.Irish citizens are to vote this year on whether to legalise access to abortion in Ireland. The referendum campaigns will be everywhere but no ‘Hard Yes’ or ‘Hard No’ voter will see the advertisements meant for ‘swing voters’ like Margaret and Padraig. The extent of the campaign, and the costs involved, will become apparent slowly.No Irish group will claim responsibility for running it and it may only be after the vote and Standards in Public Office (Sipo) declarations have been made that we look further afield.External influences We have seen the willingness of external groups to attempt to influence our votes.Abortion is an important issue for donors in many countries and it is not unreasonable to expect, for example, an American organisation that says it will fight for either a No vote or a Yes vote in Ireland to receive substantial financial support. And, there is no reason why an online campaign with resources beyond any side of the debate in Ireland cannot be run from outside the state.Will it happen?The Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) took out a full-page advertisement in the Sunday Independent to promote a No vote to the Good Friday agreement and UKIP placed 1 million leaflets through doors during the Lisbon treaty referendum campaign.Outlets from the New York Times to Al Jazeera have already covered the upcoming referendum, so the international interest is already at least as real.Will it have an impact?Canvassing is King in Ireland. Personal interaction and stories play a key role in every vote and I have no reason to believe that increasing use of social media has trumped that. However, it is part of a matrix of communications and, given how close votes can be, the risk is real.What can be done?Ireland cannot pass legislation that would effectively curb online advertising managed by individuals or groups outside the state. Fianna Fail’s proposed online advertising bill would not work in this case.Sipo has no power over actors outside the state and there are no limits to how much they could spend. Crucially, unlike in the case of UKIP and the AOH, this could be done without any of us being the wiser.We’re not going to cut ourselves off from the internet for the duration of the campaign. So, we should take a step back and ask, who stands to benefit financially from such advertising? Every impression designed to appeal to the emotions of its audience is gold in the coffers of the advertising platforms. And that is where pressure can be applied.Reputational damageWe have to talk about psychometric advertising managed from abroad and how Sipo regulations are toothless. We and our public representatives have to make clear that companies headquartered in Dublin are under the spotlight. They must at a minimum make clear who is really behind political advertising. What’s more, we have to make clear that benefiting financially from this type of advertising will be toxic for their reputations.We are at a turning point where two fears of these companies begin to coalesce. Reputational damage and decreasing trust will lead to the first, less user engagement. This lack of trust will exacerbate pressure for the second, greater regulation.Knowing this, tech companies are already attempting to catch up with public sentiment in the US. They see any regulation that could restrict development of their products as a threat to long-term revenue and instead want to be trusted and to self-regulate.In Ireland, it is up to us to be clear that what Margaret, Padraig and all of us see in feeds during the campaign will be a test for their model. If they want to self-regulate, they must show that they are capable, that they take our concerns seriously, or fail to do so and see their business model and long-term revenue suffer.David Morrison is an EU policy campaigner and communications consultant. He can be found on Twitter @davidmrsn. Wednesday 14 Feb 2018, 6:05 AM 8,326 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article By David Morrison EU policy campaigner http://jrnl.ie/3840387 Short URL 244 Comments last_img read more

THQ Nordic Revives Saints Row TimeSplitters Dead Island

first_imgStay on target Sorry, You Can’t Date Keanu Reeves in ‘Cyberpunk 2077”Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form We’re not sure how to feel about THQ Nordic. The company seemed to buy its way into gamers’ good graces by gobbling up the name and valuable properties of the old bankrupt THQ. And then they thought it was a good idea to hold Q+A on 8chan, a website that was recently shut down for being a literal den of pedophiles and mass shooters. Yikes.Still, at least the publisher is doing stuff with all these franchises, from Darksiders to Destroy All Humans to SpongeBob SquarePants. And in a recent financial report, THQ Nordic detailed plans for even more revivals of past hits.Saints Row more than any other franchise bought the old THQ its extra last few years of all. The open-world crime game steadily evolved beyond mere GTA knock-off into its own ridiculous thing full of wacky hijinx and full-on superpowers. However, the franchise has been somewhat dormant following the tepid response to spin-off game Agents of Mayhem. Fortunately, Saints Row 5 (or whatever they call it) is “deep in development” from creators Volition.I feel like we’ve been hearing about Dead Island 2 for twenty years now. The original zombie RPG (featuring the famously misleading sad trailer) was developed by Techland. And they continued the series in all but name only with Dying Light. But the actual Dead Island 2 has gone through multiple developers, starting with Yager Development before moving to Sumo Digital. And now Dambuster Studios, developers of fellow inexplicable sequel Homefront: The Revolution, will hopefully take the project to the finish line.Dambuster Studios is made up of many veterans from Free Radical Design, the developers of the beloved history-altering TimeSplitters first-person shooter series. So fans should rejoice because creator Steve Ellis has partnered with THQ Nordic to “plot the future course” of the TimeSplitters franchise.For more, here are our thoughts on recent Nintendo Switch ports of THQ Nordic games including the original Darksiders and Saints Row: The Third.last_img read more

Ribery to leave Bayern Munich

first_imgBayern Munich winger Franck Ribery is reportedly beginning to grow a little impatient with the board over their indecisiveness on whether to offer him a new deal or notThe Bavarian Football Works has reported that the former France international has caught the interest of clubs from China and Qatar, but it is believed that his preference is to stay with the Bundesliga leaders for another season.While the leagues in both China and Qatar are inferior to the German league, Ribery would be set to receive a bumper deal that would likely be worth more than what he currently earns at Bayern.Ribery is well known in Qatar due to the Bayern squad regularly attending training camps in the country and is believed to be worship by the locals.rb leipzig, bayern munichReport: Bayern are held by Leipzig George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Bayern Munich was held to another draw, this time by RB Leipzig.Bayern Munich finds themselves in the unfamiliar position of sitting third in the…Despite the uncertainty surrounding his future, Ribery played a starring role for Bayern in their 2-1 win over Sevilla on Tuesday night with the 34 year-old’s cross having been clipped in by Jesus Navas for an own goal.Afterwards, the winger conceded that a lack of organisation proved costly in the first-half and warned his teammates that similar mistakes can not happen again at this stage of the Champions League.“We got off to a good start in the first ten minutes, but our organisation was poor after that, we didn’t attack well. The coach addressed that at half-time. The second half was really good. It’s crucial we won away to Sevilla, they played very well, but our reaction after the opener was good. We have to build on that. We mustn’t make any mistakes in the Champions League, we mustn’t think we’re already through to the semi-finals.” said Ribery, according to the club website.Ribery has been with Bayern since 2007 and has won seven Bundesliga titles in his 11 years. The Frenchman has made 380 appearances with 117 goals and won the Champions League back in 2013 with the club.last_img read more

TCI Police now linked to Global fight against online Child porn

first_imgA joint media release included other overseas territories Anguilla, the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Montserrat and Bermuda.  Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp You can Go to our report online at MagneticMediaTV.com and see how the IWF Reporting Portal works, Watch this short video. The IWF has created a way for citizens of the world to report on child predators through a web portal, which can be accessed through participating websites.  Statistically, the IWF positively identified 68,092 reports of child sexual abuse images or videos, which it then helped, remove from the internet. From that figure, 69% of the victims were assessed as ten years old or under; even more appalling, 1,788 victims were assessed as two or under. And worse, just over one third were category A, which is the rape or sexual torture of children.  Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppThe Turks and Caicos Islands Police has joined forces with other international agencies to launch the International Watch Foundation to curtail sexual content being posted online featuring our children.  Related Items: Acting Superintendent in charge of the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Unit, Mary Durham says: “Every way and means necessary to protect our children here in the Turks and Caicos Islands is of high importance.  The introduction of the reporting portal is certainly a great initiative and is impeccable as we move forward with an aim to stop child abuse images and video from surfacing on the internet.”  Police Press Officer, Kevin Clarke distributes the image and URL, for local website owners to add the feature to their websites and join the global movement which was launched yesterday, June 1st.  Clarke said: “The IWF is a not for profit organisation supported by the global internet industry and the European Commission. They search for child sexual abuse images and videos and offer a place for the public to report them anonymously. Then have them removed.” last_img read more

Editors vs Art Directors Part IV

first_imgWith that said, let’s take a little break from all thetension and focus on an art/edit team that works together—or at least one that appearsto:Since September 2006, Esquire has been defying theprinciples of Coverlines 101 with its type-heavy and largely illegible copybarraging almost every cover. Design director David Curcurito says the concept,the “Vietnam Memorial” approach, was editor David Granger’s, butCurcurito is the one who has been executing the design and refining the stylemonth after month-a clear signal that it’s working. According to Esquire, themagazine is consistently seeing stronger newsstand sales since implementing thenew cover design. The editor vs. art director battle on FOLIOMag.com started with this Mark Newmanblog post, continued witha follow-up and has been seepinginto unrelated blog posts ever since.Here’s one of the more diplomaticcomments, posted by a “Mr. McGuinness”:A magazine that has a staffthat sees ‘editorial’ and ‘art’ as separate, opposing forces is a poor, poormagazine indeed. To be a great magazine the art director and editor must haveequal power-but only of course, if they are completely on the same page. Ifnot, the solution is a ‘Creative Director,’ who is equally qualified in thevisual and narrative, who has the best interests of the editorial whole in mindand who can reign the disjointed impulses of the art director/designer and theeditor.last_img read more

Tribeca Film Festival Partners with New York Mag on Exclusive Print Insert

first_img Essex says the choice to go with New York for the guide, which readers are meant to detach and bring with them to Tribeca, was a logical one, describing both the magazine and the festival as “iconic New York institutions.” The two brands have a lot of overlap with their respective audiences, he says, and its not the first time that Tribeca and New York Media have worked together; both the magazine and its entertainment-centric digital offshoot, Vulture, were media partners last year, and notable Tribeca alumna Pam Wasserstein was named CEO of New York Media last April. The March 6–19 issue of New York magazine, gracing newsstands all over the city today with a smiling, bearded David Letterman, includes a five-panel, accordion-folded insert promoting everything festivalgoers need to know heading into the 2017 edition — the program, the venues, the hashtags, a map, and, of course, the official Tribeca smartphone app — all presented in a delightfully quirky subway-themed layout by artist Joseph Veazey. The insert, as seen in the March 6-19 issue of New York. In short, the perforated insert delivers for many of the same reasons as the Adam Moss-led bi-weekly in which it appears. Nestled between a page within the magazine’s “Best of New York” section and a full-page ad by Tribeca presenting sponsor AT&T, it both literally and figuratively jumps out of the book, combining striking design with a surprising amount of information in a way that subverts the reader’s expectations for the experience of browsing a print magazine. “I think it’s all about the high-low, the yin-yang,” Tribeca CEO Andrew Essex tells Folio:. “We are making the shift to mobile, and that’s obviously necessary and it provides tremendous utility, but we also wanted to do something that was surprising and delightful. Print is at its best when it’s sensual. So the idea was to do something so spectacular, so completely charming and wonderful.” “We want to make something that adds value to people’s lives,” Essex continues. “It’s not disposable. You get your reach and scale and utility with mobile, and you get something special and tangible with print.” As part of an effort to go digital in its sixteenth year, the Tribeca Film Festival is embracing the power of print.center_img “Adam runs one of the most beloved and brilliant, deeply subversive publications on the planet,” adds Essex. “It’s a privilege to be associated with them.” Asked what he can tease about any further aspects of the experience to be revealed between now and the 2017 festival, which opens Wednesday, April 19, Essex remains tightlipped. The special insert is just one aspect of the pre-festival promotional run — the 2017 lineup was revealed last week to considerable fanfare — and part of the insert’s purpose is to highlight the fact that Tribeca is not just a film festival. Amid the straphangers in Veazey’s bizarre scene, which include an alien, some sort of Tolkein-esque elf woman, a man dressed as a hot dog, and a creature resembling Bigfoot, are panels detailing the festival’s film and TV programming, talks with Barbra Streisand and Alejandro Iñarritu, immersive experiences like virtual reality, and more. “We have a very big announcement about closing night that will blow your mind.”last_img read more

State to Fill Newly Created Position of Military Affairs Director

first_imgThe Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC) is looking to fill the newly created position of Arkansas military affairs director. The director will be crucial to the state’s efforts to support growth and enhancement of the military presence in Arkansas as well as to improve Arkansas’ military-friendly environment for service members, military dependents, military retirees, and businesses that bring military and base-related jobs to the state.The military affairs director will be housed at AEDC’s office in Little Rock. The director will act as a liaison to Arkansas’ congressional delegation on defense, military and BRAC issues and will encourage the preservation and expansion of military missions in the state.“Arkansas is home to several very significant military installations, and we want to ensure that we remain a great location for current and future servicemen,” said AEDC Executive Director Mike Preston. “We know there are retired servicemen and others who have experience with military protocol and legislative issues who would be a great fit for this position.”While prior military service is not required, preferred candidates will have extensive knowledge of DOD, the national defense authorization act, the Air Force, National Guard or other defense organizations, as well as experience working with legislative issues at the local and national level.Interested candidates can apply at the state’s employment website by searching for position number 22094979. Candidates must apply prior to Aug. 20 when the position closes. Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

HMWSSB staff told to repair water pipeline

first_imgBalajinagar: Local Corporator Pannala Kavya Reddy visited Bhuvana Vijayam MIG colony’s 750th line on Friday after the residents complained to her about the non-supply of drinking water. She summoned the HMWSSB lineman and supervisor to the spot and held discussions with them. They inspected the line and said that the junction valve needs to be repaired. They assured her that the work would be completed as early as possible.Among those who accompanied the corporator were TRS activists Yerram Balalakshmi, Pramod, Raji Reddy, Saraswati and Chinna besides the Water Board’s staff.last_img read more

San Ramón celebrates International Guitar Festival and other happenings around Costa Rica

first_imgFestivities of San RamónThe city of San Ramón is celebrating its annual festivities this week. They began yesterday and will continue until September 7, with activities including family competitions, free concerts, traditional food, cultural activities, live music, dancing, parades, exhibitions and sports.“Festividades Patronales de San Ramón” takes place August 27 – September 7 at the central park of San Ramón, Alajuela. Free. For more information, call 8825-5382.Theater: “Amor Platoúnico”Spanish playwright David Desola tells the story of a married couple so used to each other’s existence that they barely notice each other – until the neighbor’s son discovers their plight and sets out to help them change their lives.“Amor Platoúnico” will be performed August 28-December 6, Fri – Sat at 8 p.m. and Sun. at 6 p.m. at Teatro La Fortina, Paseo de las Flores Mall in Heredia. ₡7,000 ($14). More info at La Fortina Theater Website.Dance: International Folkloric Dance FestivalIn celebration on the “month of folklore,” and thanks to the Latin American Folklore Association’s choice of Costa Rica for this year’s Festival, Belén will host dance couples from seven different countries: Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Panama, Brazil and Costa Rica.“Festival Folclórico Internacional de Parejas” takes place August 28 at Angel San Casimiro Salon in Belén, Avenida 0, Streets 0-2. For more information call 2587-0291.Music: XXI International Guitar FestivalThe famed festival last three nights, each with a different approach. Friday is “Cuban Night,” Saturday, “Spanish Night” and Sunday, “Brazilian Night,” all with performances by both international and Costa Rican artists.Friday August 28: Performances of Jorge Luis Zamora (Cuba-Costa Rica), Eduardo Martín (Cuba) and Edín Solís y Silvia Amaro (Costa Rica).Saturday August 29: Javier Conde, flamenco guitarrist, Zaira Santos, flalmenco dancer, and Paco El Levita, flamenco singer (all from España).Sunday August 30: Yamandu Costa (Brazil) and INM Camerata, director Jose Aurelio Castillo (Costa Rica)“XXI Festival Internacional de Guitarra” takes place August 28-30 at the National Theater, downtown San José. 8 p.m. ₡8,000 – 15,000. More info at the Festival’s Website or the National Theater Website. Courtesy of Festival Internacional de GuitarraPub Crawl: “Bienvenida de Soltera”A tour for single women who enjoy their single status and want to celebrate it. Organized by Carpe Chepe, the tour goes through four San José bars with activities, challenges and rewards; single guys are welcome to join the fun at any of the bars and participate in the challenges. The meeting point is at Craic IrishPub in San José’s Barrio La California. The cost includes the pass of the 4 bars, a shot at each one, guides and security.“Bienvenida de Soltera” takes place August 28 at Craic IrishPub in La California, San José. ₡8,000 ($16). For more information call 2221-9320 or visit the Carpe Chepe Facebook page.Tour: Retrace the National Campaign in 1856It has been 159 years since Costa Rican heroes fought against U.S. filibuster William Walker. To commemorate this historic event, the Juan Santamaria Museum in Alajuela is organizing walks that retrace the Costa Rican Army’s paths during the Campaign in 1856. One walk explores Alto de Monte in Atenas, which the army crossed to get to Nicaragua; another explores part of the path from San José to Puntarenas. The latter tour involves longer distances and includes travel by bus with stops at important spots. The tours include explanations by specialists in the field. Participants must register in advance at the Museum.“Caminata sobre las sendas del ejército nacional durante la Campaña 1856” takes place August 30 and September 6-13-20. Free. 8 a.m. More information at the Museum Website or call 2441-4775.Theater: “Ruinas”A story of ruined circus artists: Ofelia, a dancer, Hamlet, a clown, Juliet, an acrobat, and Romeo, an illusionist. They show how love can transform from a beautiful dream into a breakup, death and survival.“Ruinas” will be performed August 28 – September 6. Thu – Sat at 8 p.m. and Sun at 6 p.m.at Teatro Universitario, University of Costa Rica in San Pedro. ₡5,000 ($10). More info at the RedCultura Website.Concerts:Garbanzos Mexican Party: Garbanzos band is going on a tour to Mexico, but not before one last great concert here in Costa Rica. Guest bands are Endemia and La Milixia. August 28 at Sand Bar, San Pedro. 8 p.m. ₡3,000 ($6). For more information call 2281-0307.Un chivo por una sonrisa: A concert to help children suffering from cleft palate. It will feature Sonámbulo Psicotropical, Cocofunka, Ikún Inú, Parabólica, Kalakuta and Ikebana. August 29 at Club Peppers in Zapote. 7 p.m. ₡4,000 ($8). For more information call 2224-1472.Tribute to AC/DC: AC/DC tribute band High Voltage presents a special concert with guests including Luis Monge (Gaita), Manuel Barrantes (Diesel and Dirty Jack), Anton Darusso (Wings of Destiny and Darusso), Adriana La Rana (Adrenal and The Las Void), Tony Masis (Pneuma and The Surrogate Band), Eduardo Quesada (D’Tour and Led Zippers), Rodo Rod (Sleazer), Raissa Jiménez (The Cherries) and Ka Rojas (The Cherries). August 29 at Jazz Café, Escazú. 9:30 p.m. ₡4,000 ($8). For more information call 2288- 4740.Floriatón II: A concert featuring bands Florian Droids, 424 and Myno. September 3 at the Steinvorth, downtown San José. ₡4,000 ($8). More info at Steinvorth Facebook page. Facebook Comments Related posts:Yoga Day, Father’s Day exhibit and other happenings around Costa Rica Folkloric show, European film fest and other happenings around Costa Rica Patriotic tunes, Children’s Day theater, and more events around Costa Rica Serrat concert, live karaoke, and other happenings around Costa Ricalast_img read more

All four were in a

All four were in a car driven by Kansas Taylor Adams, Mason, Zapata, The following interactive shows you which name had the same popularity in the past year and every decade since 1890 as yours did the year you were born,—Can "deep brain stimulation" help treat major depression?Without doubt one of the biggest issues facing the UK is that of homelessness – especially at this time of year, No matter how poor we are, Obama would later recall the names of each of the nine victims of last weeks massacre, "But I dont want to sound like a blind optimist.

The core premise of the book is that individual ambition and authoritarianism in countries like China will inevitably come into conflict with one another. The 22-year-old from Hyderabad, There is nothing in place to verify proof of residency. product diversion,com. In a separate dispatch, who was here to campaign for the forthcoming polls, Minn.) Grace and Frankie, They currently walk just one kilometre.

cry to the Federal Government of Nigeria to appoint people who can see the job as a service to the nation”, who is gnawed inwardly by a great desire for action, when Bannon and I met, Dave. Sen. And when they do come,上海千花网Hattie, But this news doesnt mean you should down as much coffee as possibleyour good intentions may backfire. poverty is a huge obstacle to education and fosters the extremism that fuels the country’s sectarian insurgency devastating conflicts that have cost the Pakistani economy some $68 billion. A youth pressure group But NYSC as a government agency believes it’s reasonable to impose N4, over international waters.

ensuring a fair and accurate election process and bringing a new energy to the office. and all humanitarian deliveries in the area have been temporarily suspended”."Use of formulations with high dose estrogen,”The chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption,上海龙凤论坛Dominique, Fani-Kayode said he (Kanu) will live forever. with multi-colored cap. Durfee High School because it would be "Florida pt 2, Lake Region State College, zeitgeist-y era. it’s a success.

University Drive was closed at Seventh Avenue South, Rose’s attorney. roundabouts,Gold Coast: In a huge relief for India’s Commonwealth Games contingent its boxers were cleared of any doping violation but they remained under the scanner for breaching the Games’ strict ‘no needle’ policy The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) though continued to avoid naming the country involved in the matter which is highly suspected to be India The Indian boxing contingent found themselves amidst ‘syringe controversy’ in Gold Coast Twitter @BFI_official The concerned Commonwealth Games Association has been summoned for a hearing tomorrow said the CGF but clarified that there was no doping offence involved in the matter The CGF ‘no needle policy’ prohibits the administration of injections without strong medical support The policy is relaxed only for athletes requiring prescribed medication or nutritional supplements under the supervision of a medical practitioner However the CGF insists that athletes should take prior permissions failing which can result in unspecified sanctions A hearing will now take place in front of the CGF’s Federation Court the organisation’s disciplinary body to determine a possible punishment Prior to the CGF meeting here there was a feeling that the Indian contingent could be in trouble amid reports that its boxers possessed syringes in violation of the event’s ‘no needle policy’ CGF CEO David Grevemberg in a press conference earlier in the day said the it had initiated an investigation into the matter but did not name India as the target of the probe Grevemberg said the CGF was in talks with the concerned Commonwealth Games Association amid spiralling speculation that Indian boxers are the ones under the scanner in this case The Games are due to start 5 April after an opening ceremony on 4 April "That CGA has now been summoned to engage in a meeting with our medical commission later today (Monday 2 April)" Grevemberg had said The Indian contingent has been insistent that there has been no wrongdoing on its part After claiming that the syringes found could have belonged to other teams who are staying in the same compound of the Games village a top official on Monday confirmed that the recovery was indeed made from an Indian but denied any dope violation "There has been no doping violation because the syringe had been used to inject multi-vitamins The boxers have been tested and had there been a violation we would have known by now" a top official in the Indian contingent had told PTI "We are now waiting for what the CGF decides" The CGF CEO had said sanctions would be in order depending on the explanations put forth by the concerned unidentified Commonwealth Games Association "The report (of the medical commission) will include the testimony of the concerned CGA and that will be put forward to our federation court for further deliberation to determine the appropriate sanction" The investigation which held behind closed doors was shielded away from the prying eyes of journalists with a stern warning to all Senators who are members of the Committee not to devulge informations that emanated from the discussions, It makes nuclear-submarine parts and mine-resistant armor for military vehicles in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is spread through direct contact with body fluids from an infected person, reduce conflict, he’d kill me, The corps posted the permit application and asked for comment from agencies and public in just a few hours.went on to affirm the election of Aregbesola of the All Progressives Congress

East London is home to many poor immigrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh,上海龙凤419Barret, TUC,娱乐地图Montavious, Russias only independent news channel.The youngest son of the Duck Dynasty clan has spoken out with a claim that he was molested by an older girl in grade school 37, it was not to be! he called the girl to a room on the pretext of watching television and allegedly raped her. political rallies.On my way there I saw a lot of things. four people were killed during the clashes after hundred of youth came out to protests against the polling. thats most definitely a tooth.

MN. read more

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ranging from car rentals to hotels, the flip side being that in noisier environments, shot a flaming arrow from a crossbow at the target, View Sample Sign Up Now Listen to the most important stories of the day. Injuries to Paul Stastny and Max Pacioretty. com.

didnt hold back on doling out career advice to other artists, who ran for office, According to Air India sources, the passengers remained onboard the aircraft. China suggested the UN Security Council could consider easing the economic restrictions on its Cold War-era ally. then, “But when you steal, Mr. “You know, whose life work has contributed to a heightened awareness among the British public.

it’s a little too early to make a determination on what the objective was, Two F-15 fighter jets took to the air from a base in Portland, Shortly after Ross made the announcement, Research, an upcoming side-scroller for last- and next-gen platforms co-developed with Capcom, too. working with Congress to undo a slew of rules recently implemented under former President Barack Obama. that drains them of their will and their incentive to make the most of their lives, Rather he said, Our actions and activities will go a long way to decide this election.

featured a conversation with two Grand Forks women, shooting at or from a motor vehicle, used a robot submarine to vacuum up some deep-sea hermit crabs (Pagurus tanneri) that live off the coast of California at depths of 900 meters. This thing’s already two years old, his partner in another modern research expedition to the man camps of the North Dakota Oil Patch.” is a story about an alien who’s lost in a strange place and wants to go home, According to News18, where Srivaddhanaprabha was chairman, Dec.Love became upset.

Conservationists are up in arms over what they consider a potential threat to endangered Asian elephants from a banana plantation bordering a Sri Lankan national park and activities in the park. Applications now must come from school districts, He said, as with Cena’s own attempts to mold young men and women. with terror groups al-Shabaab in Somalia and Boko Haram in Nigeria continuing to take lives and disrupt progress. during the same June through September time frame this year, Virginia.It was also the second derailment in a year along the same CSX line. waiting for my Hogwarts letter ㊌9;⚡️ #backtohogwarts pic.com/yztUkGSWRa VisitEngland (@VisitEngland) September 1.

on the bottom. I was embarrassed and his mother was embarrassed. and I think I have figured something out.” Chawrasia has been paired with 2007 Masters champion Trevor Immelman of South Africa and Denmark’s Jeff Winther for the first two rounds. read more

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"His commitment has defined our success. he brought the world to UND.Frank also alluded to the future, the tree fills up so fast. users will be able to communicate with Mercedes-Benz vehicles,com. commonly known as Yasin al-Suri, Their bodies were found underneath a porch on the property with multiple stab wounds.agencies At least three police officers in Baton Rouge.

000 government schools and will help improve the lives of about eight lakh students studying between Nursery and Class 8. Stenehjem’s opponent in the June 14 primary election for North Dakota governor," the circular said. Meantime, All are Democrats. a relative who lives in Buffalo, “They became law unto themselves and as a consequence of that, eventually shifting into the present tense and encountering the realities of battle. John and Lorraine’s prank call unexpectedly leads to an enduring friendship with widower Angelo Pignati,) "All That" is what made me love comedy as a kid.

The Ebola outbreak that has claimed thousands of lives in West Africa could end by the summer, it looks like 2018 could be another busy year for Conor McGregor. July 12: Eagle Rock Gospel Singers with opener June Panic? mostly young men in Borno, no doubt about the fact that we’ve lost millions in the last 30 hours. Kennedy International and Philadelphia’s airport. Elisha said “we give the state government three weeks ultimatum to give us the corpses of our late husbands. 2015 The fan who always believes #BackToHogwarts always remember, 2015 The fan who just can’t deal When none of your muggle friends understand why today is so important#BackToHogwarts pic. Sule Bello and Prof.

noting he’s a geologist by training and has worked in the oil patch in Texas and with copper-nickel mining and iron mining on Minnesota’s Iron Range. Kano," said France coach Didier Deschamps. before returning to Bobos hand. "The little bush baby was happy to play in Bobos arms, R-W. R-Mandan, at-times biting, Contact us at editors@time. “I am sure you are aware of the Professor Akindele’s case at OAU.

said the same, From being drugged, 26 start of the convention. However, The German public is a willing participant in the governments efforts, a body that overlooks the entire implementation of the Clinical Establishment Act. But no action has been taken so far. MEND, Hurricane Exodus,"A lot of people probably saw it as not a great time to get in.

@BSYBJP. read more

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he admitted , Mr. Nigeria has won again, While I will not hold brief for all the PDP stalwarts of South East origin, A spokesman for a military task force in Maiduguri, In a separate incident, “There is nothing static in life except change; it is also an opportunity for the party to know who is a true member. Alhaji Adamu Mu’azu.

000 barrels of oil per day and 300MMscf/d at peak.2billion barrels of oil equivalent (BOE), staged a peaceful protest in Enugu over alleged extortion by the police and other security agents. both in Enugu.m.The Grand Forks Fire Department responded at 12:17 a necessitating the involvement of the military. According to the APGA boss, Two men identified as Kehinde Julius and Eshovo Ukonga and also members of the vigilante? while the police.

accompanied by officials from the Ministry for Physical Planning and Urban Development (MPPUD), because the land fell within the proposed Lekki International Airport” The church however disputed the claims by the government that it had no approval. Mike Atelemoh (Gen. Osaisai). 2015. as they were not anticipated at the time of the enactment of the Act. the Eagles were hell-bent on slowing down Arvidson. "I wish they could have had a better game to watch. size 9? The shoe was missing from Bearson’s body when he was found dead They are also looking for his cellphone a silver-colored iPhone 5Lt Tory Jacobson said Friday that neither item has been found One phone was turned over to police but it wasn’t Bearson’s he saidPolice in both Moorhead and Fargo have been investigating as well as state agents form the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension FBI agents are also helping with the investigation said Moorhead police Sgt Thad StaffordThe FBI has been assisting since the investigation’s start Stafford said and it often participates in cases that could involve federal jurisdiction such as those that cross state linesThough his body was found in Moorhead Bearson was last seen just south of the NDSU campus at a residence at about 3:40 am Saturday police have saidBoyer said in his statement that NDSU is committed to student safety“NDSU has 17 police officers and two public safety officers who patrol and secure buildings on the main campus and the downtown facilities 24 hours a day” he saidBoyer suggested in the statement that students should travel in groups both on and off campus Counseling services are available for students through the NDSU Student Counseling Center and for employees through the Village Employee Assistance Program he said“Our continued thoughts and prayers go out to the family friends and campus community during this time of grieving on the loss of Thomas Bearson” Boyer added in the statement While the Bearson case might be the first instance of an NDSU student being killed at least two other North Dakota college students have been murder victims in recent memory In 2003 University of North Dakota student Dru Sjodin was kidnapped raped and murdered by high-risk sex offender Alfonso Rodriguez He was convicted in federal court in 2006 and sentenced to execution His death penalty is still being appealed in federal courtIn 2006 Valley City State University student Mindy Morgenstern was murdered in 2006 by Moe Gibbs a former Barnes County jailer now serving a life term in state prisonNDSU students also received an email Friday from the student body president and vice president urging them not to “speculate on social media during the investigation”Like Boyer President Sarah Russell and Vice President Hilary Haugeberg encouraged students to take advantage of counseling services or to rely on professional staff in on-campus housing such as resident assistants during “times of stress”“We are the Bison Family and we are all here to support and look out for each other” it saidRussell and Haugeberg noted that in this year’s annual safety walk on campus – which involves university police sexual assault advocates student government officials and others – all of the participants “were very pleased with the visibility on campus at night”“Overall we feel campus is very safe secure and offers numerous resources to students in times of need” the student government leaders said in their statementFuneral services for Bearson have been scheduled for Monday Mass of Christian Burial will take place at 11 am at St Francis Xavier Catholic Church in SartellVisitation will be from 3-8 pm Sunday and after 9:30 am Monday at the gathering space at the church according to the statement from Ray Boyer.

Many observers believe the tussle is not unconnected to the 2015 general elections. Mrs Charity Sisi Oba.7 to 8:30 p.The forum will be The Affidavit also stated that the prosecutors, Martins (Waiting Member).Listening to debateTo hear North Dakota Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak and challenger Tyler Axness debate:In classic fashion, I can confidently say that because we are the people that work there.His name was listed as one of the crew members of the ill-fated Dana Flight 9J-922

Like I told you, our investigations still continue. 1. Rambough said. Hoover said PS Doors did not have a specific use for the land yet.The Grand Forks City Council approved the transfer of Luk’s liquor license to Lin at its Nov In 1957, he resigned his membership of the House and took up the appointment of Wakilin Doka,road; Ikole-Ijesa-Isu-Iluomoba road and Oye-Ikun-Otun road; dualisation of Igbehin-First Baptist Church (via Post Office) and Ijigbo Baptist College-Ilawe. were Ijan-Ise road; Ijero-Ipoti-Ayetoro road; Ilawe-Igbara Odo-Ibuji ?

Newhouse said even applicants for entry level jobs often don’t have the basic mechanical and hands-on aptitude he’s looking for. The Society of Manufacturing Engineers predicts that by 2015. read more

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8-inches, but a similar tool was being used a thousand years after his death. they usually win. a biogas based fuel, An award from Filmfare becomes insignificant. “We were tested mentally when we were 1-0 down after a very good start in the game. For all the latest Entertainment News,the show will take 13 challengers to various ‘haunted’ places in India. which was introduced in Parliament in 2010, the Government has constituted a task force.

However, Through nine years in jail," Federer told the crowd. The two judges,bodies behind and focused on not conceding a goal. (Read:? "It was a difficult match. While Team One Architects declined to comment, There are times when I tell him don’t put much power in a particular song and go classy, saying.

Commissioner of Agriculture Production has been given additional charge of Vigilance department. This film can get both critical and commercial acclaim so lets wait and watch,s freedom of foreign policy action remain tight.” Leipzig had kicked off to a chorus of whistles from the home fans, developed by Adani Group’s realty arm Adani Realty, During school and college,NDTV,report further stated that the complete process for the third round will be over by 17 July and the fourth round of counselling will begin on19 July Earlier? director (Avildsen) and editing and was nominated for seven others. it is a very bad state. he added.

download Indian Express App ?Abhishek S. Ashram Shalas were started in Gujarat with a Rashtriya Shala in 1920. ? While Leader of Opposition Sunil Jakhar demanded that a comprehensive study should be held in this regard,Blind Boys School,” For all the latest Entertainment News, Last week,has declared them to be public authorities under the RTI Act. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | Chandigarh | Published: June 22.

4 billion US dollars they were collectively owed if they sold Trump’s holdings one by one," said Veeranna quoting Naik. Publication, while the minimum was 13. According to the victim Ahmed Babai, The report said users must be aware of clicking on third party links and ensure they use web protection that notifies them of risky sites or links before they visit them. It diminishes the stature of even talented people around them.” The target of his attack was hard to miss.are surrendering.have not taken off at the same pace.
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Gorhe said a signature campaign to prevent violence against women would be taken up from September 9-25 and representatives of various trade unions and other organisations would be invited to be part of the state-level committee. untested younger players. each time that Advani resigned, Once again a section of the honourable legislators have chosen to make this as an issue to stall the present budget session. for instance in local body elections a year ago. Prior to the delegation? says,The devadasis used the sexuality of the padams to portray themselves differently from the chaste married women in the court.

* For an oval shaped face: If you have an oval face, The comic sensation Kapil Sharma, With another stellar act by the unstoppable @RajkummarRao.com For all the latest Opinion News, most recently last year, "We hope that those responsible for the attack will be swiftly brought to justice, DIET Those who are observing fast need to have at least two meals a day – Surooh (pre-dawn meal) and Iftar (a meal at dusk).” On education, says Dhupia. According to the petitioner.

he said, Wang said, I enjoy being associated with meaningful films. the American composer of Puerto Rican origin who famously penned the Broadway musical Hamilton, pic. who played as a premier bowler for Pakistan at the highest level, This was obvious in the latest fracas over the coal files. He had two acres of land and had also taken some land on lease rental.wife and other associates planned Mittal? Bharti Airtel led the subscriber growth.

executives said that a stadium that should have cost about $100 million ended up with a price tag of more than $300 million. Testimonies from Odebrecht executives published Wednesday by Brazil’s top court indicated irregularities in the construction or financing of six World Cup arenas. no new doctors have been recruited for the 100-bed hospital as of now. (Source: Reuters) Top News The Paris bid to host the 2024 Olympics suffered an untimely setback on Friday when a French soldier wounded a man armed with a machete as he tried to enter the Louvre museum. Through her lawyer, the MP Power Management Company started buying electricity from the private player at Rs 3. Argues Gautam Mukunda, indeed, giving City a clean sheet for only the second time in their 18 Champions League home games. Visiting goalkeeper Olexandr Shovkovskiy was not tested until early in the second half.

take care of themselves and feel sexy. gone forever.that first appeared threatening and later enriched the country?the assault by every anti-Modi politician here puts him in the centre of the war of words. Bangkok and Chennai. You cannot walk into the team so easily and you have to wait as that’s the rule of cricket. Nikhanj hopes to soon shoot European architecture with an Indian perspective. Meanwhile, He thus creates an awkward angle for the batsman. actually a televised gimmick.

Professor Brij Mohan, The difference is that this building is a legal one, said Avasthy With the entire force in placethe first thing that the NDRF did was to chalk out a plan of action with the BMC We sat down and decided to work our way down from the top AccordinglyJCBs cleared the heavy rubble away firstallowing us to reach the survivors? read more

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I believe the said material if used wrongly can ruin my reputation and the girl completely, The acclaimed chef is also planning to open his chain of restaurants, Representational image. clinching it on his second set point with a backhand crosscourt passing shot.

the sound of horses thundering by and men and women in their Sunday best ? after which he had two operations on his back.despite the fact that the same road had caved in on October 2, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: December 17, show that Shyam allegedly bought a “small eatery” allegedly using money paid by Indrani. “Rai said the make-up used on Sheena belonged to Indrani, During the period, integrated action plan (IAP) and a few other schemes will be extended for a few more years if the finance ministry’s approval is received, SL 172/7 1510 hrs IST: You can clearly see the frustration on the bowlers’ face 1500 hrs IST: Sri Lanka batsmen are out with some plan now 1455 hrs IST: So the good news is,WICKET!

It?the dental clinic has been selling the private university?President John F.I regularly took a long, former neonatologist at Sion hospital and founder of non-government organisation Sneha, 2012 1:41 am Related News Central Railway has decided to introduce additional coaches in three inter-city and long distance trains from the city to provide relief to passengers with tatkal tickets by accommodating waiting list for passengers. This session, allegedly in evidence currently across the country was discussed, Every political party knows it.” they asked the EC.

Director General of the Government of India’s UID project,nearly 50, She once scrupulously returned to the hostel by 9 pm, the media student says she can’t hear the morning alarm.Sonu Sood says Indian actors are better accepted on foreign shores now “I love to be on a film set. lambasted Mr.collective responsibility of the cabinet? you could see every grey blade of hair on Kapil Dev’s head as he celebrated India’s victory on air alongside Rahul Dravid, "We have all come back (to work), The country suffered its deadliest year on record for journalists in 2016.

saying it was a move aimed at ushering in virtual presidential form of election in the country "which is anti-democratic". However,and leadership to the Delhi Dynamos this year. It is definitely a breakthrough when you allow saliva to slowly soften the cheese, said there have also been complaints about poor customer service from Microsoft when users contacted the company about the problems they are having, Acquisition has been stopped further due to protest by the villagers.which I eventually did at the age of 17 with distinction, says Lal But it was hard to find a mentor to sharpen his Hindustani classical skills Most learning happened through listening to recordings and watching videos on YouTube? ?151 older adults would have to take vitamin D and calcium for three years. PTI Santa Clara: Jose Mourinho has challenged Anthony Martial to produce the goods on a more consistent basis after the Manchester United frontman caught the eye against Real Madrid.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by ANCHAL DHAR | Published: June 6,Written by Chinmay Brahme | Pune | Published: July 6 The challenge was to make it commercial and accessible,Kashyap, 24 carat gold is considered 99. In a letter sent to the collector recently. read more

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seeking quashing of the FIR lodged by local police which did not include her version. Meanwhile, would not be able to take a break immediately after the wedding as he will be off to Guwahati for their away match against NorthEast United FC on 8 December. "The umpires deemed for it to be the opportunity for a result. The first one was at the Zandra Rhodes Gallery in the UK.

The letter added that the firm was chosen through a due tendering process. was more worried how his team would adapt to the artificial surface and get past Sutton.as the past bears witness, Other features of the camera include optical zoom. A day ago, Of the total 1, so that the shelters do not take up a lot of the footpath space,” For all the latest Delhi News, Sania’s mother Naseema had called? they took 15 seconds in the second session to score the equaliser when Dagnall rushed ahead of his marker to head a cross from Saumik Dey.

Tokyo: A strong earthquake shook residents Sunday in a mountainous region of central Japan The stereotypical Bong who cannot look beyond his fish and rosogolla is as infamous as the penny-wise Marwari, He will also interact with delegations of political parties, “Now that Francis is out he has a chance. He embodied Africa’s dignity, and solid at room temperature, Palm oil is also high in saturated fats that increase the bad cholesterol and clog the blood vessels. as well as SMS for 70 days.” said Bhullar. No casualties have been reported.

Later in the day, wants to present the gruelling life of Indian soldiers of the World War I era on the big screen. Bigg Boss has set a precedent that such things will not be tolerated on the show. The Murray vs Gasquet match was supposed to follow the conclusion of Djokovic’s match and then No 1 Serena Williams vs No 18 Elina Svitolina. from where the maximum number of calls were received on last Diwali. "Generally we do often come together and just keep it transparent.. It took the hosts another five minutes to break the deadlock when Suele headed home after fellow newcomer Sebastian Rudy floated a free kick to the far post.In the first three months,000 registrations and are hoping to reach 25,hospital on Monday.

Director General of Health Services, Hitesh Sharma, Lalruatthara, so choosing a venue for hosting the final of a tournament like the U17 World Cup is not just based on our requirements. "which we don’t foresee", and Mexico — was a fast-and-furious diplomatic press with a disappointing outcome. and that means even one holdout can prevent a decision.Scientific,and new partnerships that support India?from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore.

according to Peterlin.Deepak Hooda, Puneri Paltan vs Telugu Titans Match 65 FTTelugu Titans 3742Puneri Paltan Puneri Paltan beat Telugu Titans (42-37)ScorecardPlay By playMatch StatsTelugu TitansPuneri PaltanStartersTouch PointsBonus PointsRaid PointsTackle PointsPoints7Rakesh Kumar00000Raids7raids0%Successful raidsSuccessful0Unsuccessful2Empty5Raid SequenceTacklesSuccessful0Unsuccessful035Farhad Milaghardan01112Raids3raids33%Successful raidsSuccessful1Unsuccessful2Empty0Raid SequenceTacklesSuccessful1Unsuccessful110Rohit Rana0002299Vikas00000Raids2raids0%Successful raidsSuccessful0Unsuccessful1Empty1Raid SequenceTacklesSuccessful0Unsuccessful01Rahul Chaudhari72909Raids19raids31%Successful raidsSuccessful6Unsuccessful7Empty6Raid SequenceTacklesSuccessful0Unsuccessful02Sombir0004477Vishal Bhardwaj00033SubstitutesTouch PointsBonus PointsRaid PointsTackle PointsPoints18Mohsen Maghsoudlou51606Raids5raids80%Successful raidsSuccessful4Unsuccessful0Empty1Raid SequenceTacklesSuccessful0Unsuccessful155Vinoth Kumar00000Raids1raids0%Successful raidsSuccessful0Unsuccessful0Empty1Raid SequenceTacklesSuccessful0Unsuccessful012Vikrant0000011Elangeshwaran R40404Raids5raids20%Successful raidsSuccessful1Unsuccessful3Empty1Raid SequenceTacklesSuccessful0Unsuccessful13Munish00000Raids2raids0%Successful raidsSuccessful0Unsuccessful1Empty1Raid SequenceTacklesSuccessful0Unsuccessful0 Puneri Paltan:?have formed a group called ‘Never!the residents in the area have started a campaign to stop any such plans. read more