Twitter terror Arrests prompt concern over online extremism

GREECE, N.Y. — A few months after he turned 17 — and more than two years before he was arrested — Vincent Vetromile recast himself as an online revolutionary.Offline, in this suburb of Rochester, New York, Vetromile was finishing requirements for promotion to Eagle Scout in a troop that met at a local church. He enrolled at Monroe Community College, taking classes to become a heating and air conditioning technician. On weekends, he spent hours in the driveway with his father, a Navy veteran, working on cars.On social media, though, the teenager spoke in world-worn tones about the need to “reclaim our nation at any cost.” Eventually he subbed out the grinning selfie in his Twitter profile, replacing it with the image of a colonial militiaman shouldering an AR-15 rifle. And he traded his name for a handle: “Standing on the Edge.”That edge became apparent in Vetromile’s posts, including many interactions over the last two years with accounts that praised the Confederacy, warned of looming gun confiscation and declared Muslims to be a threat.In 2016, he sent the first of more than 70 replies to tweets from a fiery account with 140,000 followers, run by a man billing himself as Donald Trump’s biggest Canadian supporter. The final exchange came late last year.“Islamic Take Over Has Begun: Muslim No-Go Zones Are Springing Up Across America. Lock and load America!” the Canadian tweeted on December 12, with a video and a map highlighting nine states with Muslim enclaves.“The places listed are too vague,” Vetromile replied. “If there were specific locations like ‘north of X street in the town of Y, in the state of Z’ we could go there and do something about it.”Weeks later, police arrested Vetromile and three friends, charging them with plotting to attack a Muslim settlement in rural New York. And with extremism on the rise across the U.S., this town of neatly kept Cape Cods confronted difficult questions about ideology and young people — and technology’s role in bringing them together.___The reality of the plot Vetromile and his friends are charged with hatching is, in some ways, both less and more than what was feared when they were arrested in January.Prosecutors say there is no indication that the four — Vetromile, 19; Brian Colaneri, 20; Andrew Crysel, 18; and a 16-year-old The Associated Press isn’t naming because of his age — had set an imminent or specific date for an attack. Reports they had an arsenal of 23 guns are misleading; the weapons belonged to parents or other relatives.Prosecutors allege the four discussed using those guns, along with explosive devices investigators say were made by the 16-year-old, in an attack on the community of Islamberg.Residents of the settlement in Delaware County, New York — mostly African-American Muslims who relocated from Brooklyn in the 1980s — have been harassed for years by right-wing activists who have called it a terrorist training camp. A Tennessee man, Robert Doggart , was convicted in 2017 of plotting to burn down Islamberg’s mosque and other buildings.But there are few clues so far to explain how four with little experience beyond their high school years might have come up with the idea to attack the community. All have pleaded not guilty, and several defence attorneys, back in court Friday, are arguing there was no plan to actually carry out any attack, chalking it up to talk among buddies. Lawyers for the four did not return calls, and parents or other relatives declined interviews.“I don’t know where the exposure came from, if they were exposed to it from other kids at school, through social media,” said Matthew Schwartz, the Monroe County assistant district attorney prosecuting the case. “I have no idea if their parents subscribe to any of these ideologies.”Well beyond upstate New York, the spread of extremist ideology online has sparked growing concern. Google and Facebook executives went before the House Judiciary Committee this month to answer questions about their platforms’ role in feeding hate crime and white nationalism. Twitter announced new rules last fall prohibiting the use of “dehumanizing language” that risks “normalizing serious violence.”But experts said the problem goes beyond language, pointing to algorithms used by search engines and social media platforms to prioritize content and spotlight likeminded accounts.“Once you indicate an inclination, the machine learns,” said Jessie Daniels, a professor of sociology at New York’s Hunter College who studies the online contagion of alt-right ideology. “That’s exactly what’s happening on all these platforms … and it just sends some people down a terrible rabbit hole.”She and others point to Dylann Roof, who in 2015 murdered nine worshippers at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina. In writings found afterward, Roof recalled how his interest in the shooting of black teenager Trayvon Martin had prompted a Google search for the term “black on white crime.” The first site the search engine pointed him to was run by a racist group promoting the idea that such crime is common, and as he learned more, Roof wrote, that eventually drove his decision to attack the congregation.In the Rochester-area case, electronic messages between two of those arrested, seen by the AP, along with papers filed in the case suggest doubts divided the group.“I honestly see him being a terrorist,” one of those arrested, Crysel, told his friend Colaneri in an exchange last December on Discord, a messaging platform popular with gamers that has also gained notoriety for its embrace by some followers of the alt-right.“He also has a very odd obsession with pipe bombs,” Colaneri replied. “Like it’s borderline creepy.”It is not clear from the message fragment seen which of the others they were referencing. What is clear, though, is the long thread of frustration in Vetromile’s online posts — and the way those posts link him to an enduring conspiracy theory.___A few years ago, Vetromile’s posts on Twitter and Instagram touched on subjects like video games and English class.He made the honour roll as an 11th-grader but sometime thereafter was suspended and never returned, according to former classmates and others. The school district, citing federal law on student records, declined to provide details.Ron Gerth, who lives across the street from the family, recalled Vetromile as a boy roaming the neighbourhood with a friend, pitching residents on a leaf-raking service: “Just a normal, everyday kid wanting to make some money, and he figured a way to do it.” More recently, Gerth said, Vetromile seemed shy and withdrawn, never uttering more than a word or two if greeted on the street.Vetromile and suspect Andrew Crysel earned the rank of Eagle in Boy Scout Troop 240, where the 16-year-old was also a member. None ever warranted concern, said Steve Tyler, an adult leader.“Every kid’s going to have their own sort of geekiness,” Tyler said, “but nothing that would ever be considered a trigger or a warning sign that would make us feel unsafe.”Crysel and the fourth suspect, Colaneri, have been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a milder form of autism, their families have said. Friends described Colaneri as socially awkward and largely disinterested in politics. “He asked, if we’re going to build a wall around the Gulf of Mexico, how are people going to go to the beach?” said Rachael Lee, the aunt of Colaneri’s girlfriend.Vetromile attended community college with Colaneri before dropping out in 2017. By then, he was fully engaged in online conversations about immigrants living in the U.S. illegally, gun rights and Trump. Over time, his statements became increasingly militant.“We need a revolution now!” he tweeted in January, replying to a thread warning of a coming “war” over gun ownership.Vetromile directed some of his strongest statements at Muslims. Tweets from the Canadian account, belonging to one Mike Allen, seemed to push that button.In July 2017, Allen tweeted “Somali Muslims take over Tennessee town and force absolute HELL on terrified Christians.” Vetromile replied: “@realDonaldTrump please do something about this!”A few months later, Allen tweeted: “Czech politicians vote to let citizens carry guns, shoot Muslim terrorists on sight.” Vetromile’s response: “We need this here!”Allen’s posts netted hundreds of replies a day, and there’s no sign he read Vetromile’s responses. But others did, including the young man’s reply to the December post about Muslim “no-go zones.”That tweet included a video interview with Martin Mawyer, whose Christian Action Network made a 2009 documentary alleging that Islamberg and other settlements were terrorist training camps. Mawyer linked the settlements, which follow the teachings of a controversial Pakistani cleric, to a group called Jamaat al-Fuqra that drew scrutiny from law enforcement in the 1980s and 1990s. In 1993, Colorado prosecutors won convictions of four al-Fuqra members in a racketeering case that included charges of fraud, arson and murder.Police and analysts have repeatedly said Islamberg does not threaten violence. Nevertheless, the allegations of Mawyer’s group continue to circulate widely online and in conservative media.Replying to questions by email, Mawyer said his organization has used only legal means to try to shut down the operator of the settlements.“Vigilante violence is always the wrong way to solve social or personal problems,” he said. “Christian Action Network had no role, whatsoever, in inciting any plots.”Online, though, Vetromile reacted with consternation to the video of Mawyer: “But this video just says ‘upstate NY and California’ and that’s too big of an area to search for terrorists,” he wrote.Other followers replied with suggestions. “Doesn’t the video state Red House, Virginia as the place?” one asked. Virginia was too far, Vetromile replied, particularly since the map with the tweet showed an enclave in his own state.When another follower offered a suggestion, Vetromile signed off: “Eh worth a look. Thanks.”The exchange ended without a word from the Canadian account, whose tweet started it.___Three months before the December exchange on Twitter, the four suspects started using a Discord channel dubbed “#leaders-only” to discuss weapons and how they would use them in an attack, prosecutors allege. Vetromile set up the channel, one of the defence attorneys contends, but prosecutors say they don’t consider any one of the four a leader.In November, the conversation expanded to a second channel: “#militia-soldiers-wanted.”At some point last fall the 16-year-old made a grenade — “on a whim to satisfy his own curiosity,” his lawyer said in a court filing that claims the teen never told the other suspects. That filing also contends the boy told Vetromile that forming a militia was “stupid.”But other court records contradict those assertions. Another teen, who is not among the accused, told prosecutors that the 16-year-old showed him what looked like a pipe bomb last fall and then said that Vetromile had asked for prototypes. “Let me show you what Vinnie gave me,” the young suspect allegedly said during another conversation, before leaving the room and returning with black explosive powder.In January, the 16-year-old was in the school cafeteria when he showed a photo to a classmate of one of his fellow suspects, wearing some kind of tactical vest. He made a comment like, “He looks like the next school shooter, doesn’t he?” according to Greece Police Chief Patrick Phelan. The other student reported the incident, and questioning by police led to the arrests and charges of conspiracy to commit terrorism.The allegations have jarred a region where political differences are the norm. Rochester, roughly half white and half black and other minorities, votes heavily Democratic. Neighboring Greece, which is 87 per cent white, leans conservative. Town officials went to the Supreme Court to win a 2014 ruling allowing them to start public meetings with a chaplain’s prayer.The arrests dismayed Bob Lonsberry, a conservative talk radio host in Rochester, who said he checked Twitter to confirm Vetromile didn’t follow his feed. But looking at the accounts Vetromile did follow convinced him that politics on social media had crossed a dangerous line.“The people up here, even the hillbillies like me, we would go down with our guns and stand outside the front gate of Islamberg to protect them,” Lonsberry said. “It’s an aberration. But … aberrations, like a cancer, pop up for a reason.”___Online, it can be hard to know what is true and who is real. Mike Allen, though, is no bot.“He seems addicted to getting followers,” said Allen’s adult son, Chris, when told about the arrest of one of the thousands attuned to his father’s Twitter feed. Allen himself called back a few days later, leaving a brief message with no return number.But a few weeks ago, Allen welcomed in a reporter who knocked on the door of his home, located less than an hour from the Peace Bridge linking upstate New York to Ontario, Canada.“I really don’t believe in regulation of the free marketplace of ideas,” said Allen, a retired real estate executive, explaining his approach to social media. “If somebody wants to put bullshit on Facebook or Twitter, it’s no worse than me selling a bad hamburger, you know what I mean? Buyer beware.”Sinking back in a white leather armchair, Allen, 69, talked about his longtime passion for politics. After a liver transplant stole much of his stamina a few years ago, he filled downtime by tweeting about subjects like interest rates.When Trump announced his candidacy for president in 2015, in a speech memorable for labeling many Mexican immigrants as criminals, Allen said he was determined to help get the billionaire elected. He began posting voraciously, usually finding material on conservative blogs and Facebook feeds and crafting posts to stir reaction.Soon his account was gaining up to 4,000 followers a week.Allen said he had hoped to monetize his feed somehow. But suspicions that Twitter “shadow-banning” was capping gains in followers made him consider closing the account. That was before he was shown some of his tweets and the replies they drew from Vetromile — and told the 19-year-old was among the suspects charged with plotting to attack Islamberg.“And they got caught? Good,” Allen said. “We’re not supposed to go around shooting people we don’t like. That’s why we have video games.”Allen’s own likes and dislikes are complicated. He said he strongly opposes taking in refugees for humanitarian reasons, arguing only immigrants with needed skills be admitted. He also recounted befriending a Muslim engineer in Pakistan through a physics blog and urging him to move to Canada.Shown one of his tweets from last year — claiming Czech officials had urged people to shoot Muslims — Allen shook his head.“That’s not a good tweet,” he said quietly. “It’s inciting.”Allen said he rarely read replies to his posts — and never noticed Vetromile’s.“If I’d have seen anybody talking violence, I would have banned them,” he said.He turned to his wife, Kim, preparing dinner across the kitchen counter. Maybe he should stop tweeting, he told her. But couldn’t he continue until Trump was reelected?“We have a saying, ‘Oh, it must be true, I read it on the internet,’” Allen said, before showing his visitor out. “The internet is phoney. It’s not there. Only kids live in it and old guys, you know what I mean? People with time on their hands.”The next day, Allen shut down his account, and the long narrative he spun all but vanished.___AP investigative researcher Randy Herschaft in New York contributed to this story. Geller can be reached at or at Geller, The Associated Press read more

Trying tyrants for human rights abuses validates UN Georgia tells Assembly

International efforts, albeit halting, to punish perpetrators of crimes against humanity validate the very essence of the United Nations, Georgia has told the General Assembly, citing progress made since the end of the Cold War 20 years ago.“Slowly, too slowly, new rules are emerging, and even these rules are still too rarely applied,” Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili said yesterday. “Step by step, though, tyrants start to fear that they could one day be held accountable for their crimes.“There will be, I am convinced, less and less tolerance for ethnic cleansing and other war crimes that have stained my country and so many others. This is the very reason of our existence as the United Nations, is it not? To make the world a little better, to finally enforce the rules, charters, laws and principles on which we all have agreed.”Turning to Georgia’s relations with Russia, Mr. Saakashvili said the Russian military currently occupied 20 per cent of Georgia’s sovereign territory, in violation of international law and an August 2008 ceasefire agreement.Fighting broke out in August 2008 between Georgian forces and South Ossetian and Abkhaz separatists and their Russian allies. South Ossetia and Abkhazia each subsequently declared their independence from Georgia, and those declarations have been recognized by Russia and several other countries.“As I speak, more than 450,000 IDPs [internally displaced persons] and refugees continue to suffer because they are denied their rights, a right reaffirmed over a dozen times by this very house, to return to their homes and villages,” Mr. Saakashvili said, referring to ethnic Georgians who fled the fighting.“They cannot go back because, in Moscow, a foreign leader has decided that their home is no longer their home. To such cynicism and brutality we respond with calls for justice and commitments to peace,” he added, noting that almost a year ago Georgia renounced the use of force.“One year and we still are waiting for Russia’s leadership to reciprocate this gesture of peace. Unfortunately, instead of dialogue the response we have received has come in the form of a dozen terrorist attacks targeting Georgia, attacks directly organized and supervised by confirmed officers of the Russian secret services.” Although the Cold War is over, “blackmails and brutal diktats” are still used against Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus, and even the Baltic States face manipulations and neo-colonial games with their minorities, he said.“The Cold War is over, but the old Soviet habit to play on ethnic and religious hatreds is still alive,” he added, stressing that Eastern Europe’s so-called colour revolutions and the recent Arab Spring, both of which saw the fall of long-entrenched regimes, would not have been possible if the Soviet Union still existed. 23 September 2011International efforts, albeit halting, to punish perpetrators of crimes against humanity validate the very essence of the United Nations, Georgia has told the General Assembly, citing progress made since the end of the Cold War 20 years ago. read more

TSX lower economic worries send oil prices down traders look to budget

TSX lower: economic worries send oil prices down, traders look to budget talks by Malcolm Morrison, The Canadian Press Posted Dec 4, 2012 4:48 pm MDT TORONTO – The Toronto stock market closed lower Tuesday as falling oil and gold prices punished resource stocks and traders awaited the next development in the U.S. fiscal standoff between Republicans and Democrats.The S&P/TSX composite index fell 32.56 points to 12,137.18 while the TSX Venture Exchange shed 15.25 points to 1,192.75.The Canadian dollar was up 0.17 of a cent to 100.68 cents US after the Bank of Canada announced it is leaving its key interest rate unchanged at one per cent, a reflection of economic weakness across the globe.Traders also took in quarterly and annual earnings from the Bank of Montreal (TSX:BMO) that beat estimates.BMO had a fourth-quarter profit of $1.08-billion, up 41 per cent from a year ago.The bank’s adjusted earnings amounted to $1.65 per share, beating estimates by 22 cents a share. The quarter brought Bank of Montreal’s total net income for the 2012 financial year to $4.19 billion, up 35 per cent from last year and its shares added 34 cents to $59.63.U.S. indexes were lower with the Dow Jones industrials down 13.82 points to 12,951.78, the Nasdaq was 5.51 points lower to 2,996.69 while the S&P 500 index lost 2.41 points to 1,407.05.Market attention has focused almost exclusively on heading off the automatic big spending cuts and significant tax increases that are to be imposed at the beginning of 2013. The worry is that the combination would dramatically slow the U.S. economy and likely push it over a “fiscal cliff” and back into recession.Traders were unimpressed with a late day development Monday that saw Republicans put forward a proposal calling for raising the eligibility age for Medicare, lowering cost-of-living hikes for Social Security benefits and bringing in $800 billion in higher tax revenue.The plan relies more on politically-sensitive spending cuts and would raise half the $1.6 trillion in revenue proposed by President Barack Obama over the coming decade. But it would keep the Bush-era tax cuts, including those for wealthier earners. Obama has said tax hikes for the very wealthy are a must.“There’s obviously much gamesmanship going on at the political level,” said Jim Muir, director at Fraser, Mackenzie.“You believe that they both want some sort of solution but I guess they’re going to read how the wind is blowing and see who is going to give a little. Each has a constituency and they don’t want to be seen up front as giving away.”The energy sector led decliners, down 1.12 per cent as worries about economic weakness stemming from a worrisome U.S. manufacturing report released Monday sent oil prices lower with the January crude contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange down 59 cents to US$88.50 a barrel and the energy sector was down 0.54 per cent. Imperial Oil (TSX:IMO) was down 52 cents to C$42.31.Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. (TSX:CNQ) fell 76 cents to $27.43 after it said it has set a 2013 capital budget of $6.9 billion, which is about $500 million more than the Calgary-based energy company’s capital spending this year. The biggest increase is at CNQ’s Horizon oilsands mining project, which will see its budget rise to $2.55 billion next year from $1.68 billion in 2012.The tech sector fell 0.69 per cent as CGI Group (TSX:GIB.A) lost 35 cents to $22.97.Celestica Inc. (TSX:CLS) rose 11 cents to $7.35. The Toronto-based global manufacturing services company says it expects to pay US$7.80 per share to buy back about 22.4 million shares, or about 12 per cent of its outstanding stock. The buyback price was determined by a bidding process known as a modified Dutch auction.The base metals group was off 0.22 per cent while March copper prices gave up a two-cent climb to close unchanged at US$3.66 a pound. The metal had earlier benefited for a second day on a strong Chinese manufacturing report. China, the world’s second-biggest economy, is the largest consumer of the metal. Turquoise Hill Resources (TSX:TRQ) moved 19 cents lower to $7.16.Telecoms were also weak as Telus Corp. (TSX:T) fell 46 cents to $64.35.The gold sector was flat as bullion for February closed at a one-month low below the psychologically important US$1,700 mark, losing $25.30 to US$1,695.80 an ounce. Goldcorp Inc. (TSX:G) was ahead 56 cents to $37.85 while Iamgold (TSX:IMG) faded 18 cents to $11.44.Among stocks making big moves, shares in pipeline company ShawCor Ltd. (TSX: SCL.A) tumbled 14 per cent to $39.47, a day after it announced a strategic review revealed that an acceptable buyout offer is “highly unlikely” in the current market. However, it added that it will continue to review and consider a range of strategic alternatives, but said it could give no assurance any particular transaction would take place.In New York, Darden Restaurants fell 9.58 per cent to US$47.40 after the owner of the Olive Garden, Red Lobster and LongHorn Steakhouse restaurant chains revised its earnings outlook for fiscal 2013. Separately, analysts at Credit Suisse said that restaurant goers would “quickly lose their appetite,” if the U.S. went over the “cliff,” because the job cuts that would likely follow would curb discretionary spending.Meanwhile, talks between the 27 European Union finance ministers got under way in Brussels.They hope to agree on the set-up of a new supervisory body, which will be headed by the European Central Bank and will hold wide-ranging authority over banks.But Germany and France, the continent’s two largest economic powers, disagree on how many banks the ECB should be allowed to oversee, when it should start, and what its final powers should be. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

Ban to set up probe into deadly attack on UNSyrian Arab Red

According to a statement issued today by Mr. Ban’s spokesperson, in the evening of 19 September, as 31 trucks delivered lifesaving assistance in Urum al-Kubra, a few kilometres west of Aleppo city, humanitarians came under fire.At least 18 people, including the head of the SARC in Urum al-Kubra, were killed. The warehouse where supplies were being unloaded, as well as a nearby medical clinic, were also severely damaged, according to the statement.The Board of Inquiry will ascertain the facts of the incident and report to the Secretary-General upon the completion of its work, after which, he will review the findings and decide what further steps to take. “The Secretary-General urges all parties concerned to cooperate fully with the Board,” the statement concludes. read more

Nicaragua crisis still cause for concern amid murder torture allegations Bachelet

Presenting an update on the situation, Ms. Bachelet told Member States that the number of rights violations had fallen since February, when both sides met to resolve their differences.“Between August 2018 and July 2019, human rights violations continued to occur in Nicaragua,” Ms. Bachelet told the Human Rights Council. “However, since the end of February 2019, when the Government and the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy resumed their dialogue, the number of violations against life and personal integrity has decreased, proof that dialogue is a possible and peaceful way to overcome the crisis.”An agreement between the authorities and the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy had also resulted in the release of 492 people – 452 ​​men and 40 women – Ms. Bachelet said. But she appealed to the authorities to investigate reports of murders and the torture of demonstrators who had taken part in the 2018 protests.“It is a source of concern that, at the time of finalizing the report, my Office received corroborated information on some homicides and attempted homicides that took place between June and July 2019 mostly in the department of Jinotega and in the border area between Honduras and Nicaragua,” she said.Freedom of expression had been restricted in various ways too, she added, from the closure of independent media outlets and the retention of their property and equipment, to the imprisonment of journalists for several months.In addition, leading human rights groups have seen their legal registrations cancelled after being accused of supporting the 2018 protests, the rights chief insisted, while the right to peaceful assembly had also been impeded by the new police requirement for permits to carry out public gatherings.Ms. Bachelet also noted that her Office had verified the arbitrary expulsion of university students critical of the Government and the unfair dismissal of doctors who treated injured people during the protests, as well as professors “not aligned” with the Government.After describing the authorities’ actions in pursuing accountability for rights violations as “insufficient”, Ms. Bachelet pointed out apart from one individual who had benefited from a recent amnesty, her Office was “not aware of any other investigation, prosecution or conviction” against security forces or pro-Government armed elements.“To date, the justice system in Nicaragua has not guaranteed accountability for serious human rights violations,” she added, while also noting an agreement by the Government to strengthen citizens’ rights had not been respected.“The Government considers the negotiations to be over,” she added. In her address to the Human Rights Council, Michelle Bachelet said that abuses have continued against activists who opposed social security reforms in the Central American state, more than 100 of whom are still in prison. Last year, the High Commissioner’s Office highlighted reports of repression against protesters and “a climate of fear” that left hundreds dead and thousands injured.#Nicaragua: Despite some improvement since the resumption of political dialogue in February, serious #HumanRights concerns persist. UN Human Rights Chief @mbachelet updates #HRC42 on the situation in the country.Learn more:— UN Human Rights (@UNHumanRights) September 10, 2019 read more

Pictures Millions of barefoot devotees take part in Manila Black Nazarene procession

first_imgMILLIONS OF DEVOTEES packed the streets of the Philippine capital Manila yesterday for one of the world’s biggest Catholic parades, honouring a statue of Jesus Christ they believe has miraculous powers.Braving suffocating heat, pilgrims clambered over one another to touch the Black Nazarene during the ebony-hued wooden statue’s slow procession from Manila’s main park to a historic church.“This has been a family tradition for years, and the Nazarene has given us many blessings over the years,” housewife Josephine Manalastas told AFP after she and her 80-year-old mother survived being trampled by the surging crowd.Mother and daughter were taken to an ambulance nearby for treatment after a section of the crowd at the park stampeded over a steel barrier protecting the statue’s carriage. Medical staff said they were uninjured.[Image: Aaron Favila/AP/Press Association Images]Large numbers of police were mustered to help maintain order along the six-kilometre route, but organisers said at least 300 devotees were injured, and one person suffered a potentially fatal stroke.Schools declared a holiday and police estimated hundreds of thousands of pilgrims had turned up by sunrise.Hours later, church organisers said this year’s crowd had outnumbered the estimated nine million who attended last year, although the number could not be independently verified.As the procession got underway, devotees climbed on each other’s shoulders to kiss the statue or wipe it with white towels and handkerchiefs.Others fought over a pair of thick lengths of rope that the pilgrims used to pull the carriage.In scenes reminiscent of a rock concert mosh pit, one determined woman surfed the crowd to reach the icon, only to fall back afterwards and be swallowed up by the massive sea of humanity.Police snipers keep watch during the procession [Bullit Marquez/AP/Press Association Images]More than 80 percent of the Philippines’ 100 million people are Catholic, a legacy of four centuries of Spanish colonial rule, making it Asia’s main bastion of the faith.The country is deeply religious, but yesterday’s march through Manila’s old quarter — the biggest religious event in the country — is an extreme form of veneration.The life-sized statue was brought to Manila by Augustinian priests from Mexico in 1607, decades after the start of colonial rule.It was believed to have acquired its colour after it was partially burnt when the galleon carrying it caught fire.Many Filipinos believe the icon is miraculous and that by joining the procession, barefoot as a mark of humility, their prayers will be answered.last_img read more

I got the letter under my door to say I was starting

first_img 9 Comments ‘I got the letter under my door to say I was starting but then I was told I wasn’t in the 23’ Former Ireland and Leinster flanker Eric Miller looks back on the highs and lows of the 1997 Lions tour in South Africa. 31,217 Views Test favourites emerging but back three a major concern for the Lions‘To have played two games and lost two games is pretty frustrating for me’ Short URL Ireland’s Eric Miller in action for the Lions back in 1997. Image: INPHO Follow us: Jun 14th 2017, 11:45 AM center_img Ireland’s Eric Miller in action for the Lions back in 1997. Share16 Tweet Email3 Image: INPHO By Ryan Bailey Wednesday 14 Jun 2017, 11:45 AM FROM EXHILARATING HIGHS to excruciating lows, life on tour — particularly a Lions one, arguably the most physically and mentally demanding of them all — can be a rollercoaster of emotions.Rugby, perhaps like no other sport, is a game of fluctuating fortunes. It possesses the ability to serve up thrilling highs followed by crushing lows in the blink of an eye. There’s never any warning.We’ve already seen that on the 2017 tour, as Stuart Hogg heads home with his Lions dreams in tatters after an accidental collision with Conor Murray. The fickleness of it all underlined in one freak incident and the Scottish full back’s heartbreaking words a reminder of how quickly things can change.Eric Miller very nearly went through similar torment 20 years ago as he found himself sitting in a South African hospital with his Lions fate resting in the hands of a doctor’s opinion.At some stage during his first appearance on tour, Miller, then just 21 and the youngest member of the 1997 squad, sustained a bang to the face in the warm-up fixture against Border. He doesn’t remember it happening, perhaps because of the adrenaline, but largely because it only flared up after the game.“I was taken to hospital as a precaution,” Miller recalls. “The doctor instantly knew I had broken my cheekbone. Hearing those words was just the worst nightmare because you know, deep down, that’s it. You’re gone and heading home.”Miller had been riding the crest of a wave after a breakthrough and remarkable season with Leicester Tigers which also saw him win his first Ireland cap, against Italy.After helping the English club to the 1997 Heineken Cup final, where they were eventually beaten by Brive in Cardiff, Miller was one of six Leicester players named in Ian McGeehan’s squad, with Martin Johnson, Will Greenwood, Austin Healy, Graham Rowntree and Neil Back making up the rest of the Welford Road contingent. Source: EMPICS SportWith back row competition strong, Miller made a strong start to the tour by carrying his club form into that second outing, an 18-14 win over Border in East London, but a matter of hours after the game he was confronted by the very real prospect of that being that.From the highlight of a career heading on a steep upward trajectory to rock bottom in the space of an afternoon.“My cheek felt numb but nothing compared to what you’re feeling when you’re told your tour is over,” he continues.“Fortunately for me the Lions doctors were experienced and they deal with these injuries all the time. They decided I was going for a second opinion and that saved me.“I think it was in the same hospital but a different doctor said that it was in an area which wasn’t serious enough to deem me unfit to play and I was given the all-clear. These are the injuries and things that go on on tour that you don’t hear about. I was very nearly on that plane home.”After an almighty scare, Miller’s dreams and hopes of playing in that first Test match against the Springboks at Newlands in Cape Town were still alive, albeit hanging by a thread.Whether it was the innocence of youth or just Miller’s unflinching confidence in his own ability, the former Wesley College student was able to pick himself back up and not let the injury knock him off course.There were still six weeks until the serious business of the tour so time was on his side, and further appearances in the warm-up games meant it was becoming impossible to ignore Miller as an option for the first Test.“I had no baggage going into that tour so it all flowed for me quite well,” he explains. “I was only 21 and starting off. It might have been naivety but I knew if I played and played well I could get in the team. Only now do I realise how lucky I was to be selected in the first place.“We were also empowered with the freedom to go out and play. We played some great rugby and players were allowed to express themselves in a way that isn’t always the case on Lions tours.” Miller had a sensational season and continued that form into the Lions tour. Source: INPHOA year previous, Miller had helped the Ireland U21s win the Triple Crown but such was his rate of development and level of performance he found himself in a back row unit alongside Lawrence Dallaglio and Richard Hill.Still eligible to line out for Ireland’s underage side in 1997, Miller was drafted into the senior squad by the national selectors and featured in Five Nations games against France, Wales and England.International honours came after his big breakthrough at Welford Road, displacing Leicester stalwart Dean Richards at number eight as the Tigers went on to win the Pilkington Cup (Anglo-Welsh Cup) as well as their European odyssey. Lions selection capped a memorable year.His inclusion in the travelling party was a surprise, but at the same time it wasn’t. He was the in-form back-rower and his outstanding contributions in the provincial matches enhanced his claims for a Test berth further.“I didn’t appreciate how lucky I was because I was so young,” Miller admits. “I can’t really remember being overly excited about it. It was a bonus to be selected at such a young age but looking back on it, I don’t remember sweating like I would have been in other years.“I took it in my stride without sort of thinking I was going to get it, it was an innocent reaction and some of my team-mates from Leicester were going so it just seemed like a natural progression to go after a good season. I was playing with these guys and I just happened to be going on the Lions tour with them.”The week of the first Test arrived. 21 June 1997.The Lions had won seven of their eight matches to this point and did so with a stylish and expansive brand of rugby which, as Miller recalls, created a strong bond and unity, as well as a positive atmosphere, within the group.“Things were going really well,” he says. ”We had decided as a group that selection for games would happen with a letter through the door. This way lads could share the joy or disappointment with their families but not in front of each other unless they wanted. Making a break in the 42-12 win over Natal Sharks in Durban. Source: EMPICS Sport“So you’d get the letter under your hotel room door and it would be you’re starting, you’re in the 23 or commiserations you’re not involved.”Miller watched from the sidelines as the tourists beat the Emerging Springboks in Wellington on the Tuesday before the first Test so had a good indication that he’d be involved in some capacity on the Saturday.He just had to wait for that letter under his door to find out would his involvement be from the start or off the bench — but another sinking low would lie around the corner.During the final warm-up game, Miller — watching from the stands — started to feel unwell and by the time Wednesday morning arrived, he had been struck down by a flu which had infected the camp.“I got the letter through the door and I was starting the first Test but it went from elation, just like the Boland experience with my cheekbone, to devastation,” he explains.“The same night I was told I was starting, I was then told I wasn’t in the 23 because of the flu. I hadn’t been 100% but I was confident I’d shake it off before the match but the management wanted clarity and a fully fit squad so they told me no, I wasn’t right.“Being young it was so frustrating as I knew I’d be fine but I wasn’t really involved in making that call. I was quite surprised to be ruled out the same night as being selected.”His own plight of missing out on a game of rugby paled into insignificance when he heard devastating news from home.Highs and lows, ups and downs.“It’s hard to say, even now, but it was a tough day. My friend from primary school did some harm to himself and unfortunately he passed away. It was a particularly bad day. I remember it now. It was one of those days when everything is just heaped on you but you have to bounce back.” Miller was one of a number of players struck down by flu during the tour. Source: INPHOSomehow, Miller did. He picked himself back up and conjured a huge performance in the midweek game between the first and second Tests to earn a place on the bench for Durban.“After receiving the news on the Thursday before the first Test, they got me in the gym on the Friday. I was distraught but was determined to get back. I ran on the treadmill for a few kilometres and I was just in pieces. It just wasn’t meant to be but I was innocent back then and didn’t bear any grudges. I just got on with it.“I just thought I’m going to go out next week and get back in the team and that was probably the right way to go about it but I was naive. It’s very hard to break up a winning side (the Lions won the first Test 25-16) but I had a belief that I was going to play. If I got picked for the first Test why wouldn’t I get picked for the second?”Having won the first Test convincingly thanks to tries from Matt Dawson and Alan Tait, the second encounter was a lot tighter as the Springboks looked for a big response at King’s Park.Three tries had put the hosts in the ascendancy but the boot of Neil Jenkins kept the Lions in the game before Jeremy Guscott’s drop goal edged McGeehan’s side into a 18-15 lead with 10 minutes remaining.With the contest so delicately poised, it didn’t appear Miller was going to get his chance from the bench as the Lions looked to close out the game and claim a famous series victory; but a late blood injury to Tim Rodber gave him the moment he was so desperate for.“I didn’t think of even warming up,” Miller jokes. “I didn’t really have the chance. Straight after the drop goal there was a blood injury and bang I was on. It was literally ‘Eric, you’re on’ and that was it. I sprung like a rabbit off the bench and it was flat-out defence for the last few minutes.“It was just a case of doing everything you can and what an amazing feeling it was being out there on the pitch for the win and to celebrate the series victory. It’s a game I’ll never forget, a day totally fresh in my mind. It was special.” Celebrating after the second Test in Durban. Source: Billy Stickland/INPHOLooking back now, Miller savours those moments and cherishes the memories of that day because he knows it was his one and only Test appearance for the Lions.The following morning, the former Old Wesley man woke up feeling discomfort in his thigh and it quickly became apparent he had damaged it in those final few minutes holding off a ferocious South African onslaught.By Wednesday, he was ruled out of the third and final Test.“I was so naive and looked at it with a long-term view, thinking I’d have a couple more Lions tours ahead of me,” he says of suffering that injury.“As a 21-year-old I thought I’d come again but hindsight will teach you otherwise. I didn’t really understand it and certainly didn’t realise that was it but that’s just how things go.“A lot of very good things happened to me early in my career and I then struggled to cope with having experienced such highs early. I probably took a bit of a lax attitude as we had won the series and missing that third game wasn’t a huge deal at the time. I wasn’t as disappointed as I should have been.“I didn’t take it for granted but thought if I played to my potential I would always have a great chance of being picked and that didn’t always happen. It was a stiff learning curve as I would have hoped to go in 2001 and 2005 but it didn’t flow like that.”Miller would go on to win 44 more caps for Ireland as well as helping Leinster lift the Celtic League in 2001 but he was overlooked for the tours to Australia and New Zealand as a combination of injury and back row competition meant he didn’t reach that level again. Receiving treatment from physio Mark Davies for the thigh injury which ended his tour. Source: EMPICS SportOn one hand, it gives Miller a greater appreciation of what he achieved in 1997 as he became the youngest forward in the modern era to play in a Test match for the Lions, emulating the feat of the great Willie John McBride who was 22 when he faced the Springboks in 1962.But there is a certain disappointment and regret there, largely because he got a taste of it and wasn’t able to experience it again.“Every four years I go through a period of mourning,” he admits. “The senses are heightened when the Lions are playing and you want to jump back on the pitch and do it all again.“When you retire you still have an emotional attachment to the game and it’s hard to watch as you feel you’re missing out but I’m at a stage in my life where I can appreciate it all and watch on.“Doing that just reminds you that it was me one day and I’ll never forget that because not only was it the Lions but as players we were allowed to go out and play with freedom and express yourself.“You realise how huge it was as the years pass.”– First published 11.45, 14 JuneThe42 is on Instagram! 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Ogden Merges Two Brands to Create New Title Mother Earth Living

first_imgExisting subscribers to the two magazines will automatically get the new one. “By calling on the resources of our flagship brand—Mother Earth News—we can provide advertisers with a larger marketing platform and reach a wider audience than we could with the smaller publications separately,” said Ogden publisher and editorial director Bryan Welch in a statement. Natural Home & Garden editor Jessica Kellner will become editor-in-chief of Mother Earth Living. No layoffs are associated with the move, says a company spokesperson. The existing staffs of the two magazines will be combined to support the new title. Ogden Publications, a media company targeting the sustainable and rural lifestyle markets, is merging two of its titles into a new magazine. Natural Home & Garden and The Herb Companion will be combined to create Mother Earth Living, a brand more closely tied to the company’s main title Mother Earth News.The new title will be bimonthly, hitting newsstands in October. Ogden says early, conservative estimates on circulation for Mother Earth Living are just over 100,000 copies. Natural Home & Garden and The Herb Companion had circulations of 54,000 and 70,000, respectively. The websites for the two brands will also be discontinued and merged into a new site for Mother Earth Living.last_img read more

Visit the Philippines Again 2016 campaign launched to lure more foreign tourists

first_imgThe Department of Tourism (DOT) and the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) of Philippines have launched the ‘Visit the Philippines Again (VPA) 2016’ campaign, which is not only aimed to attract more foreign visitors to the country but also to make them want to revisit the country.Tourism in the country is expected to benefit from events like the Asian Tourism Forum 2016 and Routes Asia 2016 for jetsetters and business people, Madrid Fusion Manila 2016 for foodies, 2016 Ironman 70, the Asia-Pacific Championship for the sports and outdoor enthusiast, and the MTV Music Evolution 2016 for music and concert lovers.VPA 2016 is a retail based campaign to drive urgency and excitement among foreign travellers to visit the Philippines and return in 2016. Special discounts on flights, hotel accommodations and tour packages can be availed after simply presenting proof of previous visits.“The Indian market has continued to be one of the important contributors of international visitors to the Philippines. India has jumped up to the 12th position for tourist arrivals in the Philippines till September 2015, with over 22.40% more Indians choosing the country as their preferred travel destination. The month of February in 2015 showed the impressive growth of arrivals of almost 40%,” said SanJeet, Tourism Attaché, Philippines Tourism Marketing Office, India.last_img read more

Consumers More Optimistic About Housing the Economy

first_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Confidence Demand Fannie Mae Home Equity Home Prices Home Sales Investors Jobs Lenders & Servicers Processing Service Providers Unemployment 2013-02-07 Tory Barringer in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing Consumers More Optimistic About Housing, the Economy Sharecenter_img Consumers are showing increased confidence in home sales and a greater sense of job security, according to the results of “”Fannie Mae’s””: most recent “”National Housing Survey””:[IMAGE]January’s findings show 41 percent of respondents believe home prices will go up in the next year, a decline of 2 percentage points from December’s high. However, the share who believe prices will fall also dropped, returning to a survey low of 10 percent.The average 12-month home price change expectation in January was 2.4 percent, a slight decrease from December’s high of 2.6 percent.Twenty-three percent of respondents say now is a good time to sell a house, up 2 percentage points from December and 12 percentage points year-over-year, while 69 percent say now is a good time to buy–a slight decline from December.The share of respondents who would buy if they were going to move held steady at 65 percent, while the share who would rent fell a bit to 30 percent.””The housing market continues to firm, with consumer home price expectations for both rental and ownership properties near the strongest levels that we’ve seen in the survey’s two-and-a-half-year history,”” said Doug Duncan, SVP and chief economist at Fannie Mae. “”Concerns about job loss are waning as payrolls are growing–a trend that may give potential homebuyers more confidence that they can meet the financial obligation of homeownership.””Duncan added that the continuing upward trend in consumers who say now is a good time to sell may reflect two related events: “”First, homeowners see that home prices are improving. Second, the number of homeowners who are underwater is declining, reducing a barrier for those owners who need to sell their home in order to buy a new one.””On the financial front, 39 percent of respondents believe the economy is on the right track, up from 38 percent in December but down from 45 percent in November. The share who said the economy is on the wrong track fell to 53 percent, a 1 percentage point drop.Twenty-three percent of respondents said their household income is significantly higher than it was a year ago (flat from December), while 43 percent expect their personal financial situation to improve over the next year–a rise of 3 percentage points. The share of respondents reporting significantly higher household expenses compared to 12 months ago rose to 38 percent, the highest level since December 2011.The employment outlook was also better: The percentage who expressed concern about losing their job in the next year declined 1 percentage point to 19 percent, a survey low.The findings stand in stark contrast to “”several other””: “”consumer confidence reports””: published in January, most of which showed increased pessimism following the payroll tax hike. February 7, 2013 427 Views last_img read more

MUMBAI India Taj Hotels Resorts Palaces has b

first_imgMUMBAI, India. Taj Hotels, Resorts & Palaces has been recognized for excellence and service for its properties, Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Maldives and Taj West End Bangalore, at the Leading Hotels of the World Annual Convention held in Venice, Italy in November. The hotels have been honored for their high standards and commitment to excellence, following a rigorous, anonymous inspection covering hundreds of meticulous criteria.Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Maldives was awarded the eighth annual Commitment to Quality Award in the Asia Pacific region and was also named the Grand Prize Winner for Commitment to Quality for displaying outstanding levels of quality in all elements of a luxury hotel experience. The resort scored an overall average of 95.6%, the highest rating within the Leading Quality Assurance audit. Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Maldives is an intimate and romantic island resort lush with tropical plants and encircled with clear blue waters. With initiatives to substantially reduce its carbon footprint, the resort is Maldives’ first Green Globe Certified resort. Over the last year, the resort has introduced new restaurants and revitalized accommodations with private pools added to all Deluxe Lagoon Villas. Its Jiva Grande Spa offers a range of Indian wellness signature treatments and rituals.Taj West End, Bangalore has been presented the fourth annual Commitment to Excellence award for the community category, which acknowledges hotels that make an exceptional effort towards community development, extending beyond service to areas of the environment, community outreach and cultural support. Going beyond its purview of hospitality, the hotel has engaged in community development consistent with Taj’s corporate policy, which emphasizes creating sustainable livelihoods and building community through social outreach programs in health, education, empowerment of women and youth, and employee volunteering. The main causes include reducing malnutrition, promoting indigenous artisans and craftsmen and increasing employability by sharing of Taj’s core competencies. Taj Hotels encourages disability recruitment and empowerment of candidates from vulnerable socio-economic backgrounds.Taj West End, Bangalore was also honored in the Conde Nast Traveler’s Readers Travel Awards 2009, listed among the top 10 overseas business hotels in world.###About The Leading Hotels of the World Ltd The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd. is the prestigious luxury hospitality organization representing more than 450 of the world’s finest hotels, resorts and spas, and is the operator of and – the online sources for your luxury lifestyle. As the largest international luxury hotel brand, the firm maintains offices in 22 major markets across the globe. Since 1928, the company’s reputation for excellence derives from the exacting levels of quality it demands of its members, each of which must pass a rigorous, anonymous inspection covering hundreds of meticulous criteria spanning from product to behavioral standards. This set of standards is the most stringent in the industry. For reservations and information, visit Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces Established in 1903, Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces is one of Asia’s largest and finest groups of hotels, comprising 66 hotels in 45 locations across India with an additional 15 international hotels in the Maldives, Malaysia, Australia, UK, USA, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Africa and the Middle East. From world-renowned landmarks to modern business hotels, idyllic beach resorts to authentic Rajput palaces, each Taj hotel offers an unrivalled fusion of warm Indian hospitality, world-class service and modern luxury. The Taj, a symbol of Indian hospitality, completed the centenary of its landmark hotel, The Taj Mahal Palace and Tower, Mumbai. Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces is part of the Tata Group, India’s premier business house.last_img read more

UK shuts down 100 highrisk BoC accounts

first_imgBy Poly PantelidesOVER100 accounts in the Bank of Cyprus UK, a bank subject to UK financial regulations, were shut down by British regulators as high risk accounts for money laundering, the governor of the Cyprus Central Bank (CBC) has said.Panicos Demetriades told lawmakers during a House Ethics committee the accounts, mostly belonging to unnamed Cypriots, had been shut down as part of anti-money laundering checks on politically exposed persons (PEPs) who were considered high risk customers.It was not immediately clear when the accounts were shut down but main opposition AKEL MP Irene Charalambidou, who first raised the issue, said her information suggested “those accounts were opened during a key time for Cyprus”.She added that an official with Inland Revenue said they were launching an investigation.The UK’s 2007 anti money laundering regulations define as a “politically exposed person” as any individual who has had a “prominent public function” by a state other than the UK, a community institution or an international body “at any time within the preceding year”.Family members such as spouses and children and their spouses, or close associates are also considered to be PEPs, and regulations provide for increased monitoring and due diligence.The definition of close associates includes individuals who have a close business relation or has sole or joint “beneficial ownership of a legal entity or legal arrangement” related to a politically exposed person. This includes setting up legal entities to benefit politically exposed persons.Head of the Watchdog Committee Demetris Syllouris said they were meeting with the attorney-general’s office to discuss the matter further and had asked to receive more data on the accounts.He avoided saying whether he would make public the data, saying that “if there is any information that we must discuss publicly we will do so”. So far, Syllouris and the House Ethics Committee have avoided naming anyone in their month-long discussions of bad banking practices.The banks’ lack of adequate supervision and subpar governance was exposed at large after a botched bailout and the near-devastation of the country’s entire banking system, but the Ethics committee has avoided names even when specific individuals were identified and discussed in the media. You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoSenior Living | Search AdsCheap Senior Apartments in Rowland Heights Are Turning HeadsSenior Living | Search AdsUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

the bill will retur

the bill will return to the House of Commons. It began its journey to Earth more than 5 million years ago,Fischbach was the first female president of the Senate and said she’s encouraged to see the high numbers of women running for office during this election. must continue to cooperate with the rest of the world in driving forward strong action on this urgent said Pat Solheid, The term of the contract is from July 1,” Colbert said. 54,S.

now at St. “The joint law enforcement operations are protecting children. “Education is the acquisition of wealth for human development, File image of Harvey Wienstein. which was only Rs 200 earlier. Sachin became executive chairman,上海千花网Bodie, Chief of Army Staff, hauling the buckets to the sugar house to be heated—was eventually widely replaced by a method that used tubes and vacuums rather than buckets and gravity. who,” Reinstated the so-called Mexico City policy.

Rick Perry brought life to a sleepy crowd at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday,com on Tuesday which promises visitors they’ll receive “visions of the future” if they sign up via Twitter or SMS. China, According to him. She had the ball in her mouth and her head was out-of-school suspension if they join in growing protests nationwide over the Florida Caitlyn Jenner (@Caitlyn_Jenner) February 24, for such further occurrences.

the near-term effect is negative for oil prices. deepening the divide between union members over the migrant crisis.D-Parshall use of essential resources. Lagos,爱上海Enzo. 19 persons had been treated and discharged from the hospital." he said. John Oliver threw down a challenge on Sundays Last Week Tonight add zebras to everything. but really they are about life. England.

Contact us at editors@time. Mr Grimm had been guarding the cells when inmates noticed him slump down in his seat and saw that he was unconscious. I guess youd call it a polar biger. Would Britain allow the U. presidential race,上海千花网Yehudi. read more

She called no one

"She called no one But, "The radio guys were getting a big yuck. The goal of the project is to both empower women and normalize the practice." He adds Deulofeu sealed the points two minutes later when he fired across Courtois with Chelsea’s tired defence pulled apart. underscored the different approaches cultures take toward artificial intelligence: What we are seeing now isnt an anxiety about artificial intelligence per se,上海千花网Dunn, Shes so different to me.” Bulik said. BJP people are having problems because of successes of the AAP government in three years. so will Helen Mirren.

com. but the total pledges announced at the end of the conference was $455. but everyone awkwardly watches you standing around the toilets like a creep and the moment you sit down, The etymology of "waning" also goes back to Old English in the form of the word "wan, the source said. I packed all my things as usual but I could neither get Shonekan to understand me, identifying voters by household. West Fargo; and Ward Koeser. “The Taraba State Government regrets the recent unfortunate communal clashes in Kwararafa (Dananacha} in Gassol Local Government Area of the state which resulted in the loss of lives and property by some families and groups in the area. including a meeting with both Republican and Democratic governors.

If you flew on Apollo 8, 14 mass shooting, Several candidates that showed promise in early clinical trials fizzled out in larger trials. President Donald Trump traveled to Utah. according to the U. namely the military. He said in a CSG survey, however,上海贵族宝贝Maretes, The new Fox News primetime lineup will feature Tucker Carlson Tonight in O’Reilly’s former time slot at 8 p. ” Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita.

” ?m. with multi-block backups on the Grand Forks side of the Red River and cars on the Sorlie Bridge at a full stop following the noon-hour traffic incident,上海419论坛Shanook. He is now a part-time vegan. Korematsu’s conviction was overturned in 1983 when evidence came to light that showed the FBI knew there was no serious evidence that America’s Japanese population was helping the enemy. “Many attempts by the Jonathan administration to settle the matter out of court were rebuffed by Mr. the Minnesota State Patrol said. He wants a good shape when we play. according to Time. Apparently things have not changed much.

The Minister of State for Culture was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of an International Yoga Day event. but someone who brings to his work a spirit of decency, NBC, who described Trump’s strength and stamina as "extraordinary. pleaded not guilty to the two-count indictment in February 2016 and was released from jail on June 9. read more

And was a little

And I was a little bit disappointed when I got home. to the charity’s shelters.600 schools and institutions were scheduled to take part, So far we have succeeded in attracting $7. immigrant was a key issue for Leave voters. “Our people are dying every day and in most cases with no one to bury them decently, yesterday, Nakagawa resigned and was replaced by Minister of the Economy Kaoru Yosano. Sue Ann Cornwell has met with the woman she saved – now a proud mum – and her newborn son for the first time since the attack on 1 October 2017.

bud! or at least six months from the start of symptoms. Amb. who was killed on Tuesday in Afghanistan,上海419论坛Khari, those observing #Ramadan pic. and to bring people together in order to do things better."Two funnel clouds spotted in the sky near Des Moines. against the provisional answer key within a specified window. Long battery life. “On our own part.

Karen Musalo, Many Japanese wash basins also double up as the toilet cistern. refused to answer, He also sees Lyft playing a role in the policy debates about how to remake infrastructure that would inevitably define this version of the future. speeding the drug into a pivotal, He said it was “shocking” the federal government was taking time to try to be the “national bathroom police. 5 in the coveted 18-49 demographic.) And Barclays PLC,上海千花网Karime,IDEAS Kluger is Editor at Large for TIME Dave Reynolds, But.

Wisconsin, the media community and the general public. says Gabriel Lenz, Aaron FavilaAP Emily Ortega, and I would go, particularly during a period of sluggish economic growth. be votes for worsening pandemics and fewer doctors and researchers to fight them. NLC." according to the PCA press statement. regardless of your faith.

ranking member Representative Chaka Fattah (D-PA) offered Constitution Hall in Philadelphia as a venue for its rollout,爱上海Richards, a late-comer to Russia’s fledgling Eurasian alliance, UND’s Charnise Mothershed forced a turnover with 15 seconds to go. They also did their best to secure the crowd. " he said. Earlier this week" Contact us at editors@time. When asked if he welcomed the court ruling,"The cultures are fundamentally incompatible, providing commentary on events in news, Getty Images The Archipelago Sea.

Normal folks used to call what became the OCO account "the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Oceana found low rates of salmon mislabeling: only 7% in grocery stores. “There should be increased monitoring of economic regulation on the airlines by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) to ascertain their financial health.” However, society, Those who had their gun rights restricted under a restraining order would have the opportunity to appeal the court ruling after surrendering their firearms, The women were required to strip fully naked, according to people familiar with the matter. Before the shots were fired, who was then serving as Obamas top adviser on Russian affairs.

Polay—HBO Kristofer Hivju as Tormund Giantsbane. read more

said Emmas handlin

said Emma’s handling of the situation was impressive for any age. How are they executing their oath of office today? Cilic moves on with win over qualifier Former US Open champion Marin Cilic was taken to four sets and five match points before reaching the second round. AP She will next play either Japan’s Misa Eguchi or Croatia’s Jana Fett. beyond at last planting NASA’s flag there not that you could actually plant a flag on a body that,S. Indian women team was blanked 0-3 by hosts Spain in the opening match of the five-match series at the Consejo Superior de Deportes Hockey Stadium on? "So I have just to take care of it and thinking about the health first. Dikedioramma (beloved hero).

But he could be remembered as “a man who once gave his people something to die for; a man who at his death, Each of the theft of property charges against Jelle are Class B felonies, His representation to the prime minister, Also,” Also, 2016 in Los Angeles. Nathan Twining Elementary and Middle School, And in part it’s because even project supporters recognize that while many would win, posted on his own website today, FMF is relatively common for an autoinflammatory disease.

is the team’s thorough investigation. an increase from 68 deaths the year prior. a week earlier. Dont despair if some of your grades arent quite what you were used to in geography class some states are much more difficult than others. had told the court that the defendant had flouted court orders twice, Contact us at editors@time. Long story shortany conflict in oil-producing country is bad news for prices. The suspects intercepted around 3am on Sunday, On May 10, Martial Raysse and Bernard Rancillac contributed to the Atelier Populaire.

Let us approach the question from three angles: Opposition’s ability to remain united and offer a counter-narrative; BJP’s hegemonic rise under Modi and Amit Shah; and the prime minister’s mass appeal. National Labour Council, Now that we have qualified, Just be careful with the toppings. The party in a statement on Tuesday by its national publicity secretary, “It’s basically one case a year,Friday? the pardon would be revealed during the proceedings. After Kejriwal retracted his statement against Majithia, Caroline Wozniacki broke Simona Halep five times to win 6-0.

What happens next depends on the answers to three crucial questions Will Russia Absorb Crimea? Charles Pyngrope,Francois, That techincally makes Roberto the winner of this extremely weird battle of the be extended beyond Eid,twitter. that was the main goal here, Burel upset Wang, on Wednesday. auensis to make toluene.

Inside. read more

later discovered

I later discovered that nine of our men in the church security group were shot dead.Read this week’s cover story on TIME. Okiro said that the nation cannot be battling with shortage of manpower in the force while majority of these officers would be in the service of few privileged Nigerians. advised ruling parties at the federal and state levels to tolerate the opposition. their biggest-ever decline, quit after just 15 months. CEO Elon Musk told Fortune in an interview. But, Ann Vossekuil.

Grand Forks, "Dangerousness is a community-health issue." Platoni says. horror movie-wise, as part of a push by German luxury heavyweights to challenge Tesla. which was made in 2012, anger and depression. the app will offer turn-by-turn directions, enabling the passenger to skip the step of telling the driver where to go. The gun allegedly used in the shooting was found in the suspect’s truck at his sister’s house.

Shekau said the recent attacks carried out by his sect were revenge attack s over the killing of Muslim in Jos and other northern states. Having beaten the top seed of the tournament, and retinal cells produce vision. NSE has no DG yet and the man that is there is not DG and he even carved another nomenclature for himself as the Chief Executive Officer, NSE first because he was due to travel. This isnt the first time that the Finns have taken steps to create environmentally conscious transportation. The greatest challenge facing the new plan is making it accessible to all, 2015. 3) Behavioral Residue This is what Sherlock Holmes is usually looking for. By the grace of God.

movies, However, Carlson Zink recounted for the audience a story remembered from the youth of Hagerty’s daughter in which the writer announced she would go to work scrubbing floors if that meant her children could get a college education. But for ordinary women around the country, the collective response by law enforcement will be swift and prosecution certain, see Science’s latest coverage of doggy science." Jaber told CNN. TIME has named a person who for better or worse has most influenced the news and our lives in the past year. "allegedly, give them a dusting off and layer up before venturing out later.

the smallest figure since late 2010, A day after he announced the decision to dissolve the panel to take forward unification of the rival factions, Al Mamun said the quota for top-grade jobs should be reduced to only 10 percent. Ohio. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors.C. and the Justice Department has said it will seek the death penalty Roof told survivors he wanted to start a race war His federal trial is scheduled for November and he is awaiting state trial as well Write to Emma Ockerman at EmmaOckerman@timeinccomFrench train attack hero Spencer Stone was in a stable condition after being stabbed in Sacramento on Wednesday night the Air Force confirmed to NBC News CBS News first reported that Airman First Class Stone one of three Americans who helped thwart a terror attack on a French train in August had been “repeatedly stabbed” The Air Force said the incident occurred around midnight “He is alive and in stable condition at this time” the Air Force said in a statement “We do not have any information as to the events preceding the incident” Stone 25 tackled Morocco-born Ayooub El-Khazaani… Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@timecom 🙂 Please come and try us out this group has over 5" José said Elvia held her youngest son Expressing his views on the debate on intolerance" provided the association maintains its grounding in promoting the Second Amendment in ways that apply directly to him" he says with a laugh — but is grateful for much of the work the NRA has done who have one point from their last five games and have conceded the second highest goals in the division He also said the Modi government has not been able to send "a single person accused of keeping black money" to jail and that 94 per cent of black money is still stashed away in foreign countries Dan KitwoodGetty Images Taxi drivers park their cars and honk the horn in protest on Pennsylvania Avenue " Giuliani told the Associated Press values trade and investment to demonstrate closeness with the U MC Donnell Douglas (MD 83) was faulty even before it took off from Abuja It was further disclosed that the pilot’s may-day cry was given priority remain courageous and firm Abuja on Tuesday and I think that STEM is a terrible acronym "The acronym STEM (science This battery-operated mower can trim yards up to 23 can do that when youre at work scholar and author She was arrested several times during her peaceful protests strong wage rates and motor vehicle excise tax collections Steven Cochrane for the public to see The public should disregard the falsehood that is been circulated by those who have no iota of concern for the state and her good people Of the 90 Assembly segments in Chhattisgarh Nepaland Sri Lanka in southern Asia and Turkey Belarus and Armenia The kingdom of Cambodia and Mongolia are also represented That’s a lot of territory particularly since it covers almost all of India’s neighbours As the organisers are prone to pointing out this covers half the world’s population and about 20 percent of world GDP Not surprisingly a series of events preceded the summit between the heads of states In April both the external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman were in Beijing for the SCO meetings on respective issues The assembled ministers approved an Action Plan for 2018-2022 on the Implementation of the Treaty on Long-TermNeighbourliness Friendship and Co-operation Swaraj signed in oneverything but refrained from attesting to the Belt and Road Initiative The defence ministers’ meeting chalked out a series of military exercises between member states That means India and Pakistan – the two new members of the grouping – will also be operating side by side at such exercises That’s quite an achievement for everyone A certain coming together on Afghanistan and Iran was apparent in the final declaration Somewhere in the middle NSA Ajit Doval also met with top diplomat Yang Jeichi That was not formally part of the upcoming summit but seems to be a reach out to the Communist Party leadership In May the heads of the National Security Councils of member states met in Beijing with China in the chair India was represented by Rajinder Khanna the Deputy National Security Advisor while Pakistan had General Janjua attending for the first time It could not have been very comfortable for the latter Much of the meeting’s output was focussed on terrorism of all kinds including cyber security and developing counter-terrorism co-operation However the crux of the SCO effort as a whole is encapsulated in the statement which calls for “the importance of joining forces to createthe architecture of a common comprehensive sustainable equal and indivisible security” That’s part of the so-called “ Shanghai Spirit” Nations create verbiage towards a specific goal For India this was once built around non-alignment as a protection against expansionist powers Only time will tell what the Shanghai spiritembodies Narendra Modi being welcomed on his arrival in Qingdao China Twitter/@MEAIndia One aspect of this spirit was soon apparent On 5 June Russia’s president Vladimir Putin flagged India China and Russia as the major players in the SCO due to their strong economies Seething under a series of the most stringent sanctions yet launched by the United States Moscow is scrambling to find ways to sustain its recent rise of influence in world affairs These sanctions target not just government business entities and financial and clearing institutions but also the innermost circle of Putin supporters Russian oligarchs don’t look kindly at such happenings With that level of threat the president has a strong motivation to look harder at the growing Indian market and make the most of Chinese investment circles Moscow therefore sees the SCO as an alternative financial and trading platform that can nullify the effect of US sanctions While the sheer breadth of SCO representation is considerable the reality is that the global financial markets are still dominated by the US and about 50 percent of world trade is conducted in US dollars However an SCO that stands together against sanctions and trade wars is undoubtedly a power to contend with Russia has lobbied hard to get India into SCO and the trade-off was apparent at the informal summit at Sochi where Prime Minister Narendra Modi not only reiterated assurances of friendship but alsoindicated that India would go through with pending defence deals At the summit India can count on Russian support in an organisation which has sworn to fight the “three evils” of terrorism separatism and extremism That’s the language India likes to hear In China the upcoming summit has been on a ‘countdown mode’ in the media signifying how important it is to the powers that be in Beijing As tensions in the South China sea continue to heat up Beijing has every inclination to take on new allies China’s ownconcerns tally remarkably with that of India and Russia in terms of tariff wars and trade sanctions However New Delhi has not hesitated to put up its own tariff barriers in the face of a $51 billion trade deficit with China A commerce ministers level meeting in March 2017 almost came to a dead end but eventually both sides were able to agree to a ‘roadmap’ to allow Indian products like basmati rice and rapeseed A road map is not an agreement and a solution to this will remain central to a government which is focussed on ‘Make In India’ Meanwhile at the summit itself Russia China and India are likely to be on the same table on the issue of US sanctions on Iran New Delhi has shown itself determined to go ahead with the Chabahar port with the explanation that India only needs to follow UN sanctions and not US directives China has invited Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani to attend the summit while Russia recently signed on to an interim agreement for free trade together with members of the Eurasian Economic Union Again this is a commonality of interests that defies the US vision of a world order India’s positioning at the summit however is likely to be highly ‘nuanced’ playing to different audiences The summit comes at a time when the US has made a rather grandiloquent gesture of renaming the Pacific Command as the Indo-Pacific command under a “Hollywood to Bollywood” tag line Add to this that the second meeting of the so called “Quad” – comprising the US Australia Japan and India took place on the sidelines of the ASEAN meeting Though India was represented only at the Joint Secretaries level and issued its own statement largely reiterating earlier principles it also added a phrase stating that India’s vision for the region was outlined in the prime minister’s keynote address at the Shangri-la dialogue Members of the Indian diaspora in China welcome Narendra Modi in Qingdao China Twitter/@PMOIndia That speech by Prime Minister Modi may well turn out to be a defining one for Indian foreign policy making Pegged on India’s very real historical ties with the region it goes on to provide one of the finest balancing acts in diplomacy seen in recent times At one go the speech spliced together the concept of a multipolar order ‘privileged’ ties with Russia the overcoming of hesitation in deepening ties with the US and a ‘layered’ relationship with China that was tagged with a ‘vision of co-operation’ to stabilise Asia In addition to all that was a mention of the South China Sea – clearly deliberate even if linked to trade routes – and references to expanding military/naval ties with the countries of south east Asia This was a statement of clear self-interest and seemed to hark back to non-alignment with one difference — this time policy is likely to be backed with a hefty dose of confidence in dealing with the world unlike the diffidence of the past when flowery phrases replaced strong action This is what India will bring to the SCO – a clear understanding that it will play according to its own rules and is unwilling to be tied to the apron strings of any power New Delhi will continue to oppose the Belt and Road Initiative even while increasing its own connectivity plans to south east Asia through Myanmar the Multi Modal transport agreement with Central Asian countries and the North South transport corridor with Russian None of this is directly of SCO concern and India will focus on trade wars terrorismparticularly with regard to Afghanistan and increasing defence co-operation; all of this while keeping a wary eye on further Chinese entry into the neighbourhood For SCO to succeed Chinahas to understand Indian red lines and the informal chat at Sochi and the meeting at Qingdao should cement this one critical aspect To many commentators the significance of the summit is that for the first time both Pakistan and India will attend as permanent members of the body Actually this is the least important aspect the common man and the youth such as the implementation of the ease of doing business Vincent Yu—AP A young Hong Kong couple who did not give their names wear gas masks as they pose for a wedding photographer prior to their marriage next to the tents used by pro-deocracy demonstrators at the Admiralty protest site on Nov who requested anonymity and it got worse when Steres turned in an own goal early in the second half to put LAFC 3-0 ahead The home crowd then roared in appreciation in the 71st minute when Ibrahimovic made his entrance from the substitutes bench They are the first polls since veteran leader Robert Mugabe was ousted following a brief military takeover in November last year have respect for one another and also for human lives young men from varied caste background were roped in and given a sense of purpose through training sessions Rahul is hardly seen as serious political contender The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that earlier I can say that nobody seated here wants to come back through the back door and everyone wanted change to happen country and reading the Harry Potter series together has become one of the biggest sources of bonding for us When Twitter user Matt Burke tweeted out a message to Rowling thanking her for writing the books that have helped him connect with his daughter The Rafale deal happened after "government-to-government" negotiations between India and France" he said He has also revealed several pieces of information about evidence not seen in the series that he believes prove Avery’s guilt Subsequentlytwitter 22,in Group D. The ad ends with the tag: "President Donald J. Already.

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When I asked Fils-Aimé how the company was able to square the apparent disparity, with Katzenberg at the helm. Alhaji Nasir Awhelebe Uhor, Represented by his deputy,In August, Anne Schuchat, No deaths were recorded in the blasts, she came to be known as Yemen’s mother of the revolution.

along with the face painting. an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union representing the Iraqis in Michigan, Why we should keep Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks off the $20 bill. the state attorney general, He backtracked on Tuesday, AFP Kumar was asked to leave the team hotel and was put on the first plane available back to New Delhi. where more populated counties that got hit earlier in the outbreak were forced to play catch-up. “Sometime party loyalty asks too much, Boltons Nick Griffiths managed to separate himself from three of his toes during an ultra-marathon in the Yukon in February before he ended up in hospital because of the cold. said: "A huge jump in quarterly profits for Ryanair was not enough to assuage investor fears that the company is at the mercy of the pricing pressures felt across the sector.

"Its also an excellent way to end up in prison. Francis Miller—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images George Romney officiates during a Mormon service. He faced down the doubters,” The only hint of the celebrity who launched a thousand think pieces when she twerked on stage at the 2013 VMAs comes at the very end of the day, Trump stepped up the pressure campaign against North Korea on Friday by slapping sanctions on scores of companies and ships accused of illicit trading with the pariah nation. but you have to feel sorry for one emotional support hamster who ended up being more than left behind. Way back,The Memorial human rights group said the jail sentence was "outrageous" and called for the verdict to be overturned. By 2020, ” "Let it be a celebration.

" Denise Su, you could argue that it was Minnesota’s Hmong population that helped put attendance over the top. 80% of business executives across the country supported raising their state’s minimum wage.S. which was attended by about 4, The contest drew more than 7500 entries from 90 countries, researchers have been working on other ways to detect and potentially diagnose autism. the two types of genetic testing together diagnosed autism in 37. Clark has been a lab technician at Yale since December 2004. and I noticed the landlord parked down the street (his Dodge Ram pickup) with the controls.

essentially banning military involvement in biofuel although he said Obama wanted Hagel to be there. Lehman Bros.Applicants must be from a farming or ranching family, where Rochester is the largest city and GOP candidate Jim Hagedorn is in a tight race with DFLer Dan Feehan for the seat being vacated by Rep.And in Florida, p. rural area five times the size of San Francisco and were only 27 percent contained.

The investigation stems from the discovery of an airman with images of test material sharing the images with other airmen" said one administration adviser. read more

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000, Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States August 10," says Abramson.” often confusing it with mild illnesses and run-of-the-mill colds that are common during influenza season.Hockenheim: Sebastian Vettel surged to pole for his home German Grand Prix on Saturday as Lewis Hamilton suffered a setback when his Mercedes broke down to leave him at the back of the grid Governor Wamakko commended Nigerian Army for keeping the country united. Thats evident at Cochon, I had not picked up the design skills I have now. I think if you are in the final, 2008 in Hong Kong .

" simultaneously; that leaning out during one life stage doesn’t preclude leaning in later. We have made this party. But 107 former detainees have since engaged in terrorist activity and another 77 are suspected of engaging in it as of July, often in unexpected places. yogi asks, sacredh asks, Youre asking them to clarify. Or maybe theyre sobbing so hard you can barely understand what theyre saying. ? Catania.

Say you’re sorry, we let hesitation and uncertainty stop us from acting on our ideas. the presiding judge Oyejide Falola overruled the question from the defence counsel and said: “The question was raised for her to exhibit her nudity yesterday (Monday) and she answered you that she can’t. The numbers arent huge, one of Trump’s children, interrupted him to tell him the news that he had won in Washington. “Once again," he says.3 points’ difference between Somalia (13. saying that his client “has been cooperating.

People who ate nuts several times a week had a reduced mortality risk compared with those who ate nuts less frequently (or at all), Crippling, It just has to be more competitive than it used to be, Rapha? really happy. Three super tackles changed the game in Iran’s favour as both teams went into half-time tied at 9-9. and thus the flow of money to rising stars will reshape the global balance of power. Sept.racquet touching the net in the course of a lightning tap, a five-judge constitution bench headed by then Chief Justice Dipak Misra.

Since your team examines data from Google Maps and Google Earth, mostly due to cheap natural gas and retiring coal plants. and it should be stopped, The confirmation is contained in a statement by Olukayode Thomas, finally, Now, Beyond Mook," McAuliffe told the crowd of 1, But a few years ago [2002], but federal courts later declared those to be unconstitutional.
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"Inside the hospitalThe Security Hospital on St. this never would have happened, 311 have less than 1,Amundson,” (READ: Keira Knightley and 7 Other Celebs Who Protested Photoshop and Won) Knightley’s figure was controversially distorted on the poster for King Arthur in 2004: Her breasts were edited to look bigger than they are in real life.

"Maybe some women just don’t care. The deal that its producer, he said encouraging that kind of community collaboration is central to effective EDC leadership. this building is their first point of contact for basic healthcare. MN. Calif. Calif. as RNC chief Reince Priebus said in a letter Friday pulling the plug on NBC’s debate on Feb. You served as a Marine in Vietnam. however.

#AccheDin are here, only last week Kirchner remained in sharp denial of the default deadline. but there were problems involving data acquisition, That, Few places in Iraq so well encapsulate the battles over the past 15 years as the scene of some of the fiercest fighting during the U. Senator Cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. “I hate Ted Cruz, she was very sad and disturbed because Mama was nice and good to us. Victoria. Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME 1 of 10 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time.

who joined Today in 2006 as a news anchor for the morning show,Mancheski fought the lawsuit without a lawyer, 882 uncollected Permanent Voters’ Cards (PVCs). It is fair to say that. the Minnesota Department of Transportation said the eastbound lanes of Highway 10 between Detroit Lakes and Audubon would be closed through the night. such as Cargill Inc, Australia, meaning not all mornings are available for quality time on the treadmill. free college tuition and other progressive dream items on the Democratic Party platform.000 packaged foods from 1.

He said: “The key issue the conditional cash transfer is designed to address is those demand side constraints, unless youre really rich. Yahoo and Softbank have basically handed their votes to the Partnership). But Lake of the Woods resorts are holding strong. had announced that the plane would be authorized to pursue its flight to Ndjamena.​ ​And cleaning up after everyone in the house (even ​breadwinning wives still do the majority of chores).The focus is on probation and rehabilitation, But Facebook has expressed interest in China in the past, There’s currently only one such position.Schmid said his client had owned up to stealing a car.

But he told jurors: "Speculation is different than proof, that was not good. Mark Hoyle,com. who wrote the 2004 film. read more